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In a Mar 2018 interview, Horn said: "I've been playing bass a lot lately. I've been doing less producing. There's not much around I'm prepared to spend the time on really. An interesting-sounding record takes a long time, y'know? Listen to a regular mic stuck in front of a regular drum kit. Then listen to Queen. Y'know? It's a lot of work. You have to believe in the material, and the people." In a Dec 2017 interview, Horn said, "I've had 30 years in a recording studio [...] Now I'm getting a bit older and I've had enough, y'know? Unless I find a song really worth doing, I don't want to do it [produce] any more. So... I like to play."

Horn continues to work on projects with Geoff Downes, including more from The Buggles.

Reimagines the Eighties
Trevor Horn Reimagines the Eighties saw Horn re-visit classic '80s pop songs, mostly that he wasn't involved in, with the 65-piece Sarm Orchestra (including ~45 strings, 15 brass, 6 percussion), a rhythm section and various guest singers. The album was produced by Horn, with arrangements and conducting by Julian Hinton (works with Numa Palmer, worked with Seal). The original idea for the album came from Horn's manager. It was mixed by Joel Peters, and engineered by Peters, Tim Weidner (worked with Yes) and Cameron Gower Poole (worked with Dua Lipa, Anne-Marie). The album was released 25 Jan 2019 on BMG. There is a Japanese 2CD version (UMA-1114) in 'mini-LP' format, out 30 Jan, with a second disc of instrumental versions. This also includes a bonus track of "Cry". A vinyl release later in 2019 was under consideration. The album entered the UK chart at #11 (1 Feb 2019; #5 in Downloads), having been at #6 in the UK midweek chart (28 Jan 2019). Details on Yescography. Tracks:

  1. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (4:16; originally by Tears for Fears) with Robbie Williams (ex-Take That, worked with Horn previously); Ash Soan (ex-Producers, Sinéad O'Connor, Adele, Will Young, Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, worked with Seal, Robbie Williams) on drums
  2. "Dancing in the Dark" (4:23; originally by Bruce Springsteen) with Gabrielle Aplin (worked with Horn previously); a version with Guy Garvey (Elbow) singing was recorded, but Garvey didn't like it
  3. "Ashes to Ashes" (4:17; originally by David Bowie) with Seal (worked with Horn previously); originally sung by Steve Hogarth, who suggested the song, but Seal wished to do it and so Hogarth did "It's Different for Girls"
  4. "The Power of Love" (4:27; originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and produced by Horn) with Matt Cardle (former The X Factor winner; worked with Horn previously); with Soan
  5. "It's Different for Girls" (originally by Joe Jackson) with Steve Hogarth (Marillion, worked with Horn previously); with Soan; originally was going to be sung by Seal; song choice suggested by Garvey; on YouTube
  6. "Slave to the Rhythm" (originally by Grace Jones and produced by Horn) with Rumer (worked with Burt Bacharach); with Soan; based on an existing arrangement Hinton had done for a prior project
  7. "Brothers in Arms" (originally by Dire Straits) with Simple Minds (worked with Horn previously); with Soan and done in 6/8; on YouTube
  8. "Girls on Film" (originally by Duran Duran) with All Saints; with Soan; on YouTube
  9. "What's Love Got to Do With It" (originally by Tina Turner) with Tony Hadley (ex-Spandau Ballet, worked with Horn previously); on YouTube
  10. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (originally by Yes and produced by Horn), with Horn singing; with Soan; Horn originally wanted Paolo Nutini; had originally going to be the album opener; the song is sung two tones lower than Yes's original; on YouTube
  11. "Take on Me" (originally by A-ha), with Horn singing; Horn originally wanted Il Divo, but they pulled out; he tried various singers, including Lol Creme and having 4 opera singers, but eventually decided to use his original arrangement demo recording
  12. "Blue Monday" (originally by New Order) with Rev. Jimmie Wood (The Imperial Crowns; worked on "Transformers" and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"); on YouTube
  13. "Cry" (originally by Godley & Creme and co-produced by Horn) with Jamie Squire (worked with Horn previously, works with The 1975); with Soan; Japanese bonus track, recorded live in Tokyo on the Trevor Horn Band's 2017 tour



Japanese CD2:

  1. "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
  2. "Girls on Film"
  3. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
  4. "Dancing in the Dark"
  5. "Ashes to Ashes"
  6. "It's Different for Girls"
  7. "Slave to the Rhythm"
  8. "Brothers in Arms"
  9. "Take on Me"
  10. "Blue Monday"

In the rest of the world, that disc as Reimagines the Eighties (Instrumentals) was released digitally 5 Apr 2019, with "Take on Me" available early.

Horn and Hinton came up with an initial list of 20 songs. Hinton did the string arrangements, but in close cooperation with and with input from Horn. Much of the work was done in Los Angeles. The tracks were mostly recorded before the vocalists were picked. Further songs (~10) were developed for the album, and possibly partially recorded, including "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurhythmics. Horn said in a 28 Jan 2019 Facebook Q&A that he wished he had done The Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me" for the album.

The Sarm Orchestra isn't a specific collection of musicians, but a name for the project. All the strings were recorded in one 12-hour session; other orchestral parts were recorded at other times. There are no performance credits on the album, other than the singers. Credited as Simple Minds, this was actually Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill from the current line-up of the band, plus former member Mick MacNeil. Soan appeared on the album, as above. Lol Creme (Trevor Horn Band, ex-Art of Noise, ex-10cc, worked with Yes, Seal) provided backing vocals on "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", while the guitar solo was by Stephen Lipson, taken from an earlier Producers recording of the song. Simon Bloor (Trevor Horn Band) played guitar on "Owner of a Lonely Heart", while Alan Clark (Dire Straits Legacy, Eric Clapton, ex-Dire Straits) played the Hammond for the solo in the song. Izzy Chase (backing vocals) also appears. 29 Jun, Hinton tweeted a short clip of percussionist Joby Burgess (Powerplant, worked with Peter Gabriel, Murray Gold, Stewart Copeland, Nitin Sawhney) recording tympani for "Owner of a Lonely Heart"; he also played tympani and percussion on "Dancing in the Dark", "Ashes to Ashes" and "The Power of Love".


The album was recorded over a year, at Sarm Music Village, Sarm Steeles Road studios, Angel Recording Studios, and Air Edel in London, and Sarm West Coast in Bel Air. Horn first described the project in two Mar 2018 radio interviews.
Four tracks had an early release. Out 24 Oct 2018 was "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (official YouTube), with Robbie Williams singing. A second single, "The Power of Love" with Cardle, followed 23 Nov. Spotify and YouTube have a 3:36 edit. On 25 Oct 2018, the album was as high as #71 at Amazon UK, while "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" was at #49 (#21 in Pop Songs) on 24 Oct. "The Power of Love" was as high as #30 in Songs on UK Amazon (#11 in Pop Songs) on 23 Nov. (Another cover of "The Power of Love", by X-Factor winner Dalton Harris with James Arthur, peaked at #4 in the UK single chart on 7 Dec.) Next came "Ashes to Ashes" with Seal on 8 Jan, and then "Dancing in the Dark" with Aplin on 22 Jan. On 22 Jan, "Ashes to Ashes" was as high as #48 (#20 in Pop Songs) at Amazon UK, with "Dancing in the Dark" reaching #6 (#4 in Pop Songs). The next day, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" was as high as #37 (#16 in Pop Songs). On 26 Jan, the album was as high as #2 (#2 in Pop, #7 in Digital and #2 in Digital Pop). "Dancing in the Dark" was used for a skating routing on ITV's Dancing on Ice on 10 Feb 2019.

He played a sold out show (capacity 916) in London on 2 Nov 2018. Performing were Horn (bass, vocals), Clark (Hammond, keys), Steve Ferrone (Dire Straits Legacy, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, worked with Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Duran Duran; drums), Gower Poole (samples, percussion), Kate Holmes-Smith (vocals), Izzy Chase (worked with Ellie Goulding, Kim Wilde, Boy George; vocals), Phil Palmer (Dire Straits Legacy, Eric Clapton; lead guitar), Creme (guitar, bass, vocals, keys), Bloor (lead guitar, keys), Hinton (keys, conductor, string arrangements) and an 8-piece string section (which I think was with Q Strings, Paloma Deike, Jess Cox (worked with ELO), Amy Stanford, Laura Stanford, Miriam Wakeling), with various further guests. Front of house sound was by Weidner, and organisation by Peters. Support was by Nathan Ball. Read my review here. Set:
  1. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Reimagined intro, string section only
  2. "Two Tribes", Ryan Molloy (ex-Frankie Goes to Hollywood, worked with Producers) lead vocals
  3. "Video Killed the Radio Star" (with "Check It Out" insert), Horn lead vocals
  4. "Dancing in the Dark", Holmes lead vocals
  5. "Different for Girls", Steve Hogarth (Marillion) lead vocals
  6. "Ashes to Ashes", Hogarth lead vocals
  7. "Rubber Bullets", Creme lead vocals, no strings
  8. "All the Things She Said", Chase/Holmes lead vocals, Creme second bass, no strings
  9. "Slave to the Rhythm", Chase/Cardle lead vocals
  10. "The Power of Love", Cardle lead vocals
  11. "Living in the Plastic Age", Horn lead vocals
  12. "What's Love Got to Do With It?", Molloy lead vocals
  13. "Take on Me", Horn/Molloy/Cardle lead vocals
  14. "Cry", Molloy lead vocals, no strings
  15. "Blue Monday", Jimmie Wood lead vocals & harmonica
  16. "Brothers in Arms", Horn lead vocals, Mick MacNeil (ex-Simple Minds) accordion
  17. "Girls on Film", Chase/Holmes lead vocals
  18. "I'm Not in Love", Cardle lead vocals, Creme keys
  19. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", Molloy lead vocals
  20. "Owner of a Lonely Heart", Horn lead vocals, Creme bass, Cardle additional backing vocals
  21. "Relax", Molloy lead vocals
  22. "Money for Nothing", Molloy lead vocals, Wood harmonica

The show was filmed: in the Jan 2019 Facebook Q&A, Horn said that they are "still editing at the moment" and then that he will "figure out what to do with it".

The Trevor Horn Band were play the three Rewind festivals in 2020—all of these have been re-scheduled to 2021. They now play Rewind Scotland on 24 Jul 2021; Rewind North, 7 Aug; and Rewind South, 21 Aug. They were then to play Copredy 2020: this has also been re-scheduled to 2021, with the Band due to play on 12 Aug 2020. They were also to open for Nile Rodgers & Chic on 31 Jul 2020 in Swansea: this show has been re-scheduled to 30 Jul 2021.

Horn, with Alan Clark, performed at the 2020 Sunday for Sammy charity show in Newcastle at the beginning of the year. A DVD of the night was released 6 Aug.

They played a live show in Italy in Sep 2019, following a British tour with 5 dates 27 Jul-3 Aug 2019, with Matt Cardle (on 3 dates, 28-31 Jul) and further guests. The tour was promoted by SENBLA. The band were Horn (bass, vocals), Clark (keys), Steve Ferrone (drums), Roberto Angrisani (a.k.a. Kalon Rae, ex-The Voice; vocals), Katie Holmes-Smith (vocals), Izzy Chase (vocals, cowbell), Phil Palmer (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Lol Creme (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, keys, bass), Simon Bloor (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys), Julian Hinton (conducting, keys), Callum (tambourine, shaker, cowbell), Sam (computers, shaker, tambourine) and a string section from The Music Agency, led by Jamie Hutchinson on violin, with 3 other violins (including John Dickinson), 2 violas, and 2 celli (including Miriam Wakeling). On the second night, the guests were Cardle, Steve Hogarth, Danny Cummings, Mick MacNeil and Russ Ballard (ex-Argent). All apart from Cardle were at the first night. Second night set:

  1. "Two Tribes", with Cardle on lead vocals
  2. "Video Killed the Radio Star", with Horn on lead vocals
  3. "Cry", with Roberto on lead vocals
  4. "Rubber Bullets", with Creme on lead vocals
  5. "Different for Girls", with Hogarth on lead vocals
  6. "Ashes to Ashes", with Hogarth on lead vocals
  7. "All the Things She Said", with Holmes and Chase on lead vocals
  8. "Slave to the Rhythm", with Chase and Cardle on lead vocals
  9. "The Power of Love", with Cardle on lead vocals
  10. "Living in the Plastic Age", with Horn on lead vocals
  11. "I'm Not in Love", with Cardle on lead vocals and Creme on keys
  12. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", with Hogarth on lead vocals; followed by an intermission
  13. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (including string intro), with Horn on lead vocals, Creme on bass
  14. "Brothers in Arms", with Cummings on lead vocals, MacNeil on accordion; on the first night, this had an instrumental intro of "Belfast Child"
  15. "Rhythm of My Heart", with Roberto on lead vocals, MacNeil on accordion; with bagpipes on the first night
  16. "Dancing in the Dark", with Holmes on lead vocals, just Chase on backing vocals
  17. Ballard guitar solo (Scottish reel)/"Since You've Been Gone", with Ballard on lead vocals and electric guitar, Chase on cowbell
  18. "God Gave Rock and Roll to You", with Ballard on lead vocals and electric guitar
  19. "Girls on Film", with Holmes and Chase on lead vocals
  20. "Kiss from a Rose", with Hogarth on lead vocals
  21. "Blue Monday", with Hogarth on lead vocals, without Roberto/Holmes/Chase
  22. "Relax", with Cardle on lead vocals
  23. "Money for Nothing", with Cummings on lead vocals

On the first night, they also played "Take on Me" before "Money for Nothing". Roberto appears to have sung the songs Cardle did on the second night. My review of the second night, in London, is here. Ryan Molloy guested at the Nottingham show. (In a Mar 2019 interview, Horn had described an orchestral section of 8 strings and 3 horns.) The Trevor Horn Band played Cornbury Festival on 5 Jul, with a line-up including Ash Soan (drums), Ryan Molloy and Creme, and a set including "Slave to the Rhythm". Then they played Hampton on 12 Jul, with Cardle. They had also played the 2019 Roundhouse Gala (see below).

Horn performed "Video Killed the Radio Star" on an episode of German TV show Gottschalks Große 80er-Show (ZDF), broadcast 26 Oct 2019. He was backed by the house band.

In a May 2018 interview, Cardle had said the Trevor Horn Band would play live summer 2018. He said, "I'm definitely doing more shows over the summer with Trevor, and his band are incredible. The songs of his I get to sing are monumental - Owner Of A Lonely Heart, The Power Of Love, Relax." However, the only other show there's been in 2018 was a private performance to celebrate the opening of Sarm Music Bank's new facility at Old Oak Common in London, on 19 Jul 2018. The line-up included Horn (bass, vocals), Creme (guitar, vocals), Hinton, Clark, Palmer (guitar), Jamie Squire (no relation; worked with Dire Straits Legacy, Joe McElderry; vocals, guitar), Luis Jardim (worked with Yes, Grace Jones; percussion), Ferrone (drums), Chase (vocals) and Hayley Sanderson (worked with Rick Wakeman; vocals). I think Gower Poole and Bloor also performed. An Oct 2018 article described this as Horn's "regular 13-piece band", with the live mix/engineering team being Kevo Moran, Peters and, doing the front-of-house mix, either Weidner or Colin Walker. Clark described the show as having an 11-piece band playing along with a pre-recorded orchestra. Hogarth and Cardle were guest vocalists. Set: "Two Tribes" (originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood), "Video Killed the Radio Star" (originally by The Buggles), "Cry" (originally by Godley & Creme), "Rubber Bullets" (originally by 10cc), "Ashes to Ashes" (originally by David Bowie; Hogarth lead vocals), "Slave to the Rhythm" (originally by Grace Jones; Chase lead vocals), "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (originally by Yes; Horn lead vocals), "The Power of Love" (originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood; Cardle lead vocals), "All the Things Said" (originally by t.A.T.u.; Chase/Sanderson lead vocals), "It's Different for Girls" (originally by Joe Jackson; Hogarth lead vocals), "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (originally by Tears for Fears), "Money for Nothing" (originally by Dire Straits, and performed by Horn/Palmer in Dire Straits Legacy), "Relax" (originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood; Squire lead vocals). This YouTube video appears to be an official summary of the event.

Earlier Trevor Horn Band activity
The Trevor Horn Band toured the UK summer 2017, based around a core of Horn (bass, vocals) and Creme (guitar, vocals, keys). They played various festivals, with Cardle as guest vocalist, including the Rewind Festivals. Rewind Scotland (Jul) saw a ~20,000 audience: the Trevor Horn Band were a 10-piece, including 3 singers, and their set opened with their instrumental version of "Two Tribes", while the set also included "Waterfront" with guest vocalist Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), "Slave to the Rhythm", "Owner of a Lonely Heart", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "Rubber Bullets" and "Relax" (sung by Cardle). Horn had described the expected set beforehand as "Two Tribes", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "Living in the Plastic Age", "Slave to the Rhythm", "Owner of a Lonely Heart", "Relax". The set at Rewind North (Aug) included "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (sung by Cardle). They then played Fairport's Cropredy Convention, Aug 2017, with a band including J Squire (vocals, keys, guitar), Simon Bloor (worked with Yes, Seal, Blackfield; lead guitar, lead piano), Cameron Gower Poole (worked with Anne-Marie, Robbie Williams, Seal, Billy Idol; samples), Hinton (musical director, keys), Jonah Summerfield (drums), Chase (vocals), Sanderson (vocals) and a further guest of Russ Ballard (ex-Argent). The set was: "Two Tribes" (with some vocals), "Video Killed the Radio Star" with "Check It Out" insert (Horn on lead vocals), "All the Things She Said", "Rubber Bullets" (Creme on lead vocals), "Cry" (originally by Goldey & Creme; live première; Squire on lead vocals), "Country Dancing" extract (guitar solo by Ballard, with some percussion backing)/"Since You've Been Gone" (Ballard on lead vocals), "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" (originally by Argent; Ballard on lead vocals), "Slave to the Rhythm" (Chase on lead vocals), "Living in the Plastic Age" (Horn on lead vocals), "I'm Not in Love" (Creme on piano, Squire on lead vocals), "Kiss from a Rose", "The Power of Love" (Cardle on lead vocals), "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Cardle on lead vocals; with the original guitar solo as opposed to a keyboard solo the band has sometimes done previously), "Relax".

The band then played Japan in Aug 2017, including at the Summer Sonic Tokyo festival on 20 Aug, and 2 nights each on 22-3 Aug in Tokyo. At least 2 of the Tokyo shows sold out. The band line-up was similar, with Horn, Creme, Bloor, Gower Poole, Chase, Sanderson and Squire, but Ash Soan (Sinéad O'Connor, Adele, Will Young, Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, ex-Del Amitri, ex-Squeeze, worked with Seal, Robbie Williams) was back on drums. The 20 Aug set list was: "Two Tribes", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "All the Things She Said" (Chase/Sanderson on lead vocals), "Rubber Bullets", "Cry", "Living in the Plastic Age", "Slave to the Rhythm", "The Power of Love" (Squire on lead vocals), "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Squire on lead vocals), "I'm Not in Love", "Sky Show" (this and the next are from Horn's soundtrack for The Reflection), "SunSunSunrise" (with 9nine), "Relax" (Squire on lead vocals). The 22 Aug second show went: "Two Tribes" (Squire on lead vocals), "Video Killed the Radio Star", "All the Things She Said", "Rubber Bullets", "Cry", "Living in the Plastic Age", "Slave to the Rhythm", "The Power of Love", "Can't Fight the Moonlight", "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Rick Astley on vocals), "Kiss from a Rose" (planned, but not played), "I'm Not in Love", "Sky Show", "Future Boyfriends" (English-language version of "SunSunSunshine"), "Relax"; encore: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (Squire on lead vocals). The 23 Aug second show went: "Two Tribes", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "All the Things She Said", "Cry", "The Dean and I" (Creme on lead vocals), "Living in the Plastic Age", "Slave to the Rhythm", "Rubber Bullets", "Can't Fight the Moonlight", "The Power of Love", "Owner of a Lonely Heart", "I'm Not in Love", "Kiss from a Rose" (planned, but not played), "Sky Show", "Future Boyfriends", "Relax"; encore: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "Message in a Bottle" (planned, but not played). The planned set for the first show was similar, but with "I'm Not in Love" planned as the first encore instead of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".

2 tracks ("Man on the Moon" and "Every Single Night in Jamaica") from the Producers album, Made in Basing Street, are included on 10cc's 3CD Before During After (and the 2CD version, During After), which also covers projects by the band members from before and after 10cc. There are also two Art of Noise tracks and Godley & Creme's "Cry" that Horn co-produced. The collection came out in the UK in Jul 2017.

In a Dec 2018 interview, Horn said, "I keep saying we should get the Producers together and do a mini-tour".

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The Buggles
The Buggles have intermittently reunited. In an Oct 2020 interview, Downes was asked about the possibility of a new Buggles album. He replied, "I was due to go see Trevor a couple of week ago [but he didn't because of pandemic restrictions] [...] But we’ve had a few things in the past where we've assembled some ideas, so it's just really a question of when, when we can actually get together again."

In the Jan 2019 Facebook Q&A, Horn said, "I'm gonna do another Buggles track with Geoff. I don't know what. [...] We were thinking of trying to get Seal to sing on it [...] The problem is with Seal." In a 2 Feb 2019 interview, Horn said, "Geoffrey and I are meeting up next month". He explained they are considering doing a new Buggles song for the 40th anniversary of "Video Killed the Radio Star" in autumn 2019. When someone tweeted about this news, saying Horn and Downes will be recording in Mar 2019, Downes re-tweeted them. Nothing emerged in late 2019 however.

In a Nov 2019 interview, Downes said, "I've been doing some stuff with Trevor... not a lot of stuff [...] but we've been touching on a few bits and pieces". Downes tweeted 7 Oct 2019:

Very nice to have my old Buggles chum, Trevor H at my studio down here in S. Wales today working on some new stuff together. 40 years ago we had just entered the UK chart at #10 with our debut Video Killed... 👍🏻 Let’s have some more of that folks, eh? 😃

In 2016, there were plans for re-issues and  possibly live work, although the Sep 2016 issue of Prog quoted their management as saying, "Nothing is set in stone." A new album also appeared to be in the works, as well as a musical based on "Video Killed the Radio Star" (see next subsection). In Feb 2016, Geoff Downes tweeted, "heading out to LA to do some work with my old chum, Trevor Horn. #thebuggles". Later that month came this: "Been really great working this week with my old Buggles buddy, Trevor H. Got some new tunes on the go! More news to follow..." In a late Mar 2016 interview with BBC Radio Oxford, after the interviewer talked about Yes, Asia and The Buggles, Downes, "I'm still involved with all three bands today. […] I was working with Trevor Horn a couple of weeks ago in L.A." And in this Apr 2016 interview: "I've been doing some more stuff with Trevor and the Buggles recently". In a Sep 2016 interview, Horn said, "We might be going out touring with The Buggles, me and Geoffrey, just the first two albums". A tweet in Dec 2016 from Downes said: "Down The Docklands this week working with my old Buggles chum, Trevor H. Expect to see some "shake-up" stuff coming your way!" In a Feb 2017 interview, Downes said, "I think Trevor and I may want to do something with The Buggles in the future." Asked on Twitter that month whether they were any closer to some Buggles gigs, he replied, "Not yet [...] but watch this space!" In an Apr 2017 interview, Downes said, "We still do stuff together as The Buggles. [...] We've been doing a bit of writing this last year [2016]." In a Jul 2017 interview, Horn said he is, "Currently [...] getting together another version of Video Killed the Radio Star, so that should be fun." In a Nov 2017 radio interview (The Magic Bus, Marlow FM, UK radio), Downes said, "I'm going to be working with Trevor Horn next week on a small project" that they have been working on for the "last year or so". He tweeted later in Nov 2017, "Great two days in the studio with my oldest and amazing chum, @Trevor_Horn_ CBE. Some killer songs and ideas in the mix. Says muchly that The Buggles still working together 40 years on!" Asked about keyboards, he followed this up with: "All very early vintage in our world. Rhodes, Solina, Minimoog, Clavinet, Polymoog, Prophet V, etc #thebuggles". To the Feb 2018 issue of Prog, Downes said, "I've been working with Trevor Horn on some stuff and we're thinking that maybe we might do some one-off shows with Buggles." In an early Mar 2018 interview, Downes said, "myself and Trevor Horn are trying to carry on with Buggles. We're kicking around a few ideas and we hope to release something." Asked about new Buggles material in Apr 2018 on Twitter, Downes replied, "There are a few things in the pipeline...that's all I can tell you right now". However, asked by a fan after his Nov 2018 show whether they were doing a third Buggles album, Horn said no, but then said he keeps calling Downes about doing something, implying live shows that could, he said, also include some Yes material. In a Jul 2019 interview, Downes said of Horn, "We've done a lit bit of writing here and there. Nothing major, but, er, I think that we're looking at re-visiting some of the ideas that we had, er, even going back to the '70s [...] it's always on his mind, it's always on my mind, that one day we will do something. [...] We've talked about maybe going out later this year [2019] [...] doing a few one-offs here and there [...] we do get together sometimes and put some bits and bobs together."

A Mar 2016 article quoted Downes as saying, "We're looking at releasing some of the old Buggles stuff at some point and we worked on another couple songs fairly recently[.] There's the option of maybe putting some more stuff out. [...] next year [2017] we might do some gigs. We'll take it as it comes, really." Although one of those prior quotes refers to "new tunes", Prog describes 2016 sessions as "to work up demos from around the making of [...] Adventures in Modern Recording"; they also say there will be further sessions in the autumn. Downes is quoted: "Trevor and I were in Los Angeles working for a week on some stuff, such as our old track Dion." While Horn says he wants to re-make "Vermillion Sands" as "a duet with a [...] jazz singer." Downes was described as saying an album of new material "can't be ruled out".

Prog also described a "more extensive concert schedule" than recent one-off live shows, and Steve Howe is strongly implied to be on the tour, as well maybe as additional Yes members. The article reads: "It is also believed that members of Yes are likely to be involved. "Especially certain guitar players," Horn told Prog, possibly hinting at [...] Howe." A report in Sep 2016 had that Howe will appear on some of the album too, but that he will probably only guest on selected tour dates. Horn also did Fly from Here - Return Trip, which was of course built around demos from around the making of Adventures in Modern Recording and before: see under Yes for details.

Horn has also been working with "Video Killed the Radio Star" co-writer Bruce Woolley on a project. Woolley also released two new versions of "Video Killed the Radio Star": see below. The original song was used in the 2018 miniseries Patrick Melrose.

Horn sat in with Steve Hogarth (Marillion) at Hogarth's 10 Dec 2017 solo show in Paris, to perform "Video Killed the Radio Star", as captured on YouTube. Horn also performed "Video Killed the Radio Star" at the Sunday for Sammy charity concert, Newcastle, UK in Feb 2018. A DVD of the show was released 13 Apr 2018, along with a one-off cinema screening on 15 Apr in North Shields.

(Dire Straits) Legacy
DSL* Dire Straits Legacy is a band created by former Dire Straits guitarist Phil Palmer (Trevor Horn Band, Eric Clapton, worked with Cher). Several other former members of Dire Straits are or were involved in the project. Trevor Horn has now joined the band on bass and backing vocals. The rest of the band are currently Palmer (guitar, vocals, musical director), Alan Clark (Eric Clapton, ex-Dire Straits, ex-Tina Turner; keys), Mel Collins (King Crimson, worked with Dire Straits, Chris Squire, Eric Clapton; sax), Jack Sonni (worked with Dire Straits), Marco Caviglia (vocals, guitar), Primiano Di Biase (keys), Danny Cummings (ex-Dire Straits, ex-Mark Knopfler, ex-Tina Turner; percussion, vocals, replacing Steve Ferrone). The band toured in 2019, beginning with a South American leg of 8 dates Mar/Apr, covering Brazil (6 shows), Chile and Argentina. They played 2 Italian dates in Sep 2019, still with Horn, and with Andy Hamilton (worked with Duran Duran, David Bowie, Radiohead; sax) sitting in for Collins, and Andy Treacey on drums. The band started touring in 2020 with a one-off show in Rome on 1 Mar 2020, with Collins back, Treacey on drums, but without Sonni; the set included a new song, "My Curly Mate", plus "Money for Nothing", "So Far Away", "Sultans of Swing", "Walk of Life" and material from 3 Chord Trick. The band played 3 Florida dates (4-7 Mar; a fourth date went on sale but was cancelled). The set included "Owner of a Lonely Heart" sung by Horn. They were due to play the sold-out The 80s Cruise in Mar 2020, but that was cancelled because of COVID-19. Likewise, also off were 7 Brazil dates 18 Mar-3 Apr, followed by 4 Russian dates 8-12 Apr.

Horn debuted live with the band on their 6-date Brazilian tour in Jan 2018, when the band was without Sonni, but with Danny Cummings (ex-Dire Straits, ex-Mark Knopfler, ex-Tina Turner; percussion, vocals). The band played various 2018 dates with a set mainly of Dire Straits material, plus (according to a press release) "one or two songs from our new album 3 CHORD TRICK, and a couple of other tunes we've been involved with." Sets included "Owner of a Lonely Heart" with Horn on lead vocals and "Money for Nothing" with Horn on backing vocals. An acoustic set in Milan towards the end of the year was to consist of "Walk of Life", "Romeo and Juliet", "3 Chords Trick", "Sultans of Swing" and possibly "Owner of a Lonely Heart". More generally, the Italian Nov/Dec tour leg set was expected to include "Telegraph Road", "Money for Nothing", "Sultans of Swing", "Walk of Life" and "Video Killed the Radio Star". Sets have included "Romeo and Juliet", "Tunnel of Love", "Owner of a Lonely Heart", "Learning to Fly" (originally by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and material from 3 Chord Trick.

Horn, Clark and Palmer all worked on Renato Zero's Zero il Folle, described below, and Rod Stewart's You're in My Heart, also described below.

Musicals & soundtracks
Horn and "Video Killed the Radio Star" co-writer Bruce Woolley have, for a long time, been developing a musical, provisionally called The Robot Sings; Mar 2017 reports described it as in "early initial development", although in an Oct 2018 interview, Horn said that the pair had been working on the material much longer, explaining that the track "The Happy Worker", used on 1992's "Toys" soundtrack, comes from this project. This appears to be the project that the Sep 2016 issue of Prog called Mirrors on the Sea and indeed probably the project that Horn mentioned in a Yahoo chat in Oct 1999 ("I'm writing a musical [...] about Robots.") 2017 reporting had that the musical will feature "Video Killed the Radio Star" (which was by Woolley, Horn and Downes) and original music. Geoff Downes was contributing additional music, the script is by Jack Woolley, with graphic designer and illustrator Paul Sizer also involved. The story is loosely based on Shakespeare's The Tempest: it entails a world where robots obediently serve humans and reflects the work of Brain Aldiss, JG Ballard and Isaac Asimov. An orphan, Jay, see his robot guardian shut down: his attempts to save her could lead to reconciliation between robots and humans, or to war. The 2018 interview was in Italian and has Horn saying:
Sono anni che tento di scriverlo, ma credo di non essere portato e porta via troppo tempo. A questo punto credo che non lo faremo più e che io e Bruce pubblicheremo un album con le canzoni che abbiamo composto. Uscirà a nome nostro… o qualcosa del genere.
That is, Horn has been trying to write the musical for years and, at this point, he thinks that they will not do it as a musical, but that he and Woolley will do an album of the songs that have been composed.

Horn is working on another musical, with the Sep 2016 Prog suggesting both would only come after the Buggles reunion (above). The other is set in a recording studio: A Day in the Life of a Recording Studio is written with Lol Creme (Producers, Art of Noise, ex-10cc, worked with Yes, Seal). A Jan 2014 interview with Horn described him as currently writing the project, while one the following month said the pair had "just finished writing a musical about a day in the studio." An Aug 2013 interview had more, describing "a stage production set appropriately enough in a recording studio", with Horn saying, "I've nearly finished it[.] I'm a big fan of musicals."

Production work etc.
Horn produced two new recordings by Clannad, "A Celtic Dream" and "Who Knows Where the Time Goes", which are to be released on their career-spanning collection In a Lifetime (BMG), due 13 Mar 2020. "A Celtic Dream" (video) is available digitally before the rest of the album. The collection is available in multiple formats: deluxe box set, 2LP, 2CD or 2CD media book; tracks:

  1. "Thíos Cois na Trá Domh", CD only
  2. "An Mhaighdean Mhara"
  3. "Eleanor Plunkett"
  4. "Coinleach Ghlas an Fhómhair", CD only
  5. "Dúlamán"
  6. "Two Sisters", CD only
  7. "dTigeas a Damhsa", CD only
  8. "The Last Rose of Summer"
  9. "Ar a Ghabháil 'n a 'Chuain Damh", CD only
  10. "Crann Úl"
  11. "Mheall Sí Lena Glórthaí Mé", beginning of side B on LP version
  12. "Mhórag's na Horo Gheallaidh", CD only
  13. "Theme From Harry's Game"
  14. "Newgrange", CD only
  15. "Robin (The Hooded Man)"
  16. "Strange Land", CD only
  17. "Closer to Your Heart", CD only
  18. "In a Lifetime" (with Bono)
  19. "Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)", CD only
  20. "White Fool", CD only
  21. "Something to Believe in", CD only
  22. "Second Nature", LP only




  1. "Atlantic Realm"
  2. "Voyager", CD only
  3. "A Dream in the Night (The Angel & the Soldier Boy)", beginning of side C on LP version
  4. "Hourglass"
  5. "Rí na Cruinne", CD only
  6. "Poison Glen", CD only
  7. "Na Laethe Bhí", CD only
  8. "I will Find You (Theme from "The Last of the Mohicans")"
  9. "Croí Cróga", CD only
  10. "A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)", beginning of side D on LP version
  11. "A Mhuirnín Ó"
  12. "The Bridge of Tears", CD only
  13. "Vellum", CD only
  14. "Brave Enough", CD only
  15. "Rhapsody na gCrann", LP only
  16. "A Celtic Dream"
  17. "Who Knows (Where the Time Goes)"

The deluxe box set includes the 2LP version and a third LP, plus a 7" single ("Dhéanainn Súgradh" b/w "Eleanor Plunkett"), and 4 CDs, encompassing everything on the 2CD version and more.

Horn has produced/co-produced You're in My Heart (Rhino) by Rod Stewart with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, available as a 1 or 2CD release. He also plays bass on 2 tracks. The album was largely recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Julian Hinton conducted. Others involved include Palmer, Soan, Bloor, Peters, Clark, Ferrone, Chase and Weidner. Release was 22 Nov. Details in Yescography. Tracks—1CD version:

  1. "Maggie May", video
  2. "It Takes Two", with Robbie Williams, streaming audio
  3. "Sailing", video
  4. "Reason to Believe"
  5. "Handbags and Gladrags"
  6. "Tonight's the Night (Gonna be Alright)"
  7. "I Don't Want to Talk About It", video
  8. "The First Cut is the Deepest"
  9. "You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)"
  10. "I was Only Joking"
  11. "Young Turks"
  12. "Forever Young"
  13. "Rhythm of My Heart"
  14. "Have I Told You Lately"
  15. "Stop Loving Her Today", new song by Stewart
2CD edition:

1CD edition:

2CD version—CD1:
  1. "Maggie May"
  2. "Reason to Believe"
  3. "Handbags & Gladrags"
  4. "Sailing"
  5. "Tonight's the Night (Gonna be Alright)"
  6. "The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II)"
  7. "I Don't Want to Talk About It"
  8. "The First Cut is the Deepest"
  9. "You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)"
  10. "I was Only Joking"
  1. "It Takes Two", with Williams
  2. "Stay with Me", with Faces
  3. "Young Turks"
  4. "What am I Gonna Do (I'm So in Love with You)"
  5. "Every Beat of My Heart
  6. "Forever Young"
  7. "Downtown Train"
  8. "Rhythm of My Heart"
  9. "Have I Told You Lately"
  10. "Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)"
  11. "If We Fall in Love Tonight"
  12. "Stop Loving Her Today"
"Maggie May", "It Takes Two", "Sailing" and "I Don't Want to Talk About It" were released early to Spotify and YouTube. The album made #1 in the UK (13 Dec 2019) and went Gold in Dec 2019 (>100,000 sales). It also made #1 in Ireland, #3 in Australia, #23 in Germany, #25 in Hungary, #29 in Portugal, #35 in New Zealand, #44 in Austria, #48 in Switzerland, #65 in Spain, #99 in Italy, #54 in Flanders and #139 in Wallonia (Belgium). It was also #1 on the UK iTunes chart. On other iTunes charts, it made #3 in Brazil, #4 in Australia, #5 in Germany, #12 in the US, #17 in Canada, #20 in Italy, #25 in Spain, and #43 in France. The album was the 10th best-selling of 2019 in the UK, and the 33rd best selling in Ireland.

Horn produced and arranged Renato Zero's Zero il Folle (55:38 duration), having previously worked with him on 2013's Amo. He also played bass and keys. The album was recorded in the first half of 2019. Also returning is Phil Palmer (Dire Straits Legacy, Trevor Horn Band). He and Alan Clark (Dire Straits Legacy, Trevor Horn Band) performed and co-produced. Released digitally 17 May 2019, the lead single from the album was "Mai Più da Soli" (3:56; video). It was as high as #4 on the Italian iTunes chart. The second single was "La Vetrina", released digitally 11 Sep. The album was released 4 Oct 2019. It made #1 in Italy and #86 in Switzerland. It was the 31st best-selling album of the year in Italy. Details in Yescography. Tracks:
  1. "Mai Più da Soli" [Zero/Palmer]
  2. "Viaggia" [Zero/Clark/Palmer]
  3. "La Culla è Vuota" [Zero/Clark]
  4. "Un Uomo è..." [Zero/Clark]
  5. "Tutti Sospesi" [Zero/Madonia]
  6. "Quanto ti Amo" [Zero/Vizzini]
  7. "Che Fretta c'Ѐ" [Zero/Madonia]
  8. "Ufficio Reclami" [Zero/Incenzo/Madonia]
  9. "Questi Anni Miei" [Zero/Clark/Palmer]
  10. "Figli Tuoi" [Zero/Saggese/Palmer]
  11. "La Vetrina" [Zero/Saggese/Palmer]
  12. "Quattro Passi Nel Blu" [Zero/Clark/Palmer]
  13. "Zero il Folle" [Zero/Madonia]


In a joint Mar 2019 interview on ITV's Lorraine with Horn and Seal, the pair said they would work together again, although they gave no details.

In a Jan 2019 interview, Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout) said he had "a new project, a bunch of songs, that I plan to send to Trevor Horn." It is unknown whether Horn is expecting these.

In a Prog magazine podcast (Jun 2014), Chris Squire said, "I was actually with Trevor Horn yesterday, doing a little bit of work in his studio", but it is not known for what project this was.

Work was continuing on the debut album from opera singer Olivia Safe (La Mia Bocca, worked with Robbie Williams, The Squad), produced by Graham Archer (worked with Robbie Williams, John Legend, Olly Murs) and Julian Hinton (works with Horn, Producers, worked with The Buggles, Seal, The Squad) and with Horn as executive producer. The album was to be on SONYArista. It is described as a collection of covers, including of pieces by Damien Rice, Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright and Tim Buckley. Hinton described "putting the finishing touches to [...] Olivia Safe's debut album" on his website. However, I've not seen any news on it lately.

Art of Noise
In the Apr 2008 interview for Future Music, asked about whether the Art of Noise will be doing anything new, Horn said, "We keep talking about it." He also describes how they worked on a "visual sampler" before The Seduction of Claude Debussy: "So when you hit a note, you get a picture as well as sound. [...] there's about a 20 minute video that Lol Creme did, and I'm going to put it on DVD." JJ Jeczalik told a source that the original band line-up met up in 2014 to discuss a reunion. Art of Noise's "Moments in Love" is sampled on "Good in Bed (Zach Witness and Gen Hoshino Remixes)" on the remix album Club Future Nostalgia (Warner; YouTube album video) by Dua Lipa and The Blessed Madonna, out 28 Aug 2020. The album made #13 in Canada and #28 in US (#1 on the Dance/Electronic chart). It also made several iTunes album charts: #5 in Brazil and Spain, #7 in Italy and Australia, #9 in the UK, #11 in France, #12 in Canada, #16 in the US, #33 in Germany.


Other news
Horn produced and performed on about half of Dollar's 1982 The Dollar Album. The 6CD+1DVD Ultimate Dollar 1 (Cherry Pop) was released Nov 2019, collating nearly their entire output. CDs 3 and 4 cover The Dollar Album, with various alternative versions, including what are described as "newly commissioned 12" versions of all five top 40 hits contained on the album, mixed from the original multi track tapes", i.e. "Hand Held in Black and White", "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)", "Give Me Back My Heart", "Videotheque" and "Give Me Some Kinda Magic", all but the last of which originally involved Horn. CDs 3 and 4 additionally include ""backing tracks, B-sides and instrumentals of many songs" from The Dollar Album. The collection was overseen by Thereza Bazar of the band, and also approved by the other half of Dollar, David Van Day.

Horn has headed up the SPZ Group, the entertainment business which included two record labels, ZTT and Stiff Records; Perfect Songs (music publishing company); Music Bank (backline hire and rehearsal studio facilities); and The Workplace (a London business centre). However, ZTT, Stiff Records and Perfect Songs were sold to Universal Music Group in Dec 2017 (although some of Stiff Records' back catalogue is exempt from the deal). Horn is managed by Sandy Dworniak.

On BBC Radio 2's The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on 24 Oct 2018 (hosted by Sara Cox), Horn said, "I was thinking about" writing an autobiography.

Horn and Alan Clark appeared in episode 1 of Stewart Copeland's Adventures in Music,  broadcast Jan 2020 on BBC4. The trio rehearsed and discussed "Relax", as can be seen in this clip.

Horn is supporting the #WeMakeEvents Red Alert campaign highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the live events industry. He spoke at their 11 Aug 2020 event held on board a boat cruising the Thames.

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