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Where are they now?
Current news on Yes, Yes members and others associated with the band

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These pages provide coverage of the current activities of Yes and of Yes members outside of the band and of the many people who have been associated with the band. External links are only given to official sites, occasional exceptions aside.

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The Table below summarises recent collaborations involving multiple Yesmen and/or some other regular collaborators:

Project Billy Sherwood Tony Kaye Alan White Geoff Downes Steve Howe Dylan Howe
Jon Davison
Patrick Moraz
Jay Schellen
Chris Squire
Oliver Wakeman
Rick Wakeman Jon Anderson Trevor Rabin Trevor Horn
Tom Brislin
Lee Pomeroy
Roger Dean
notable others

on shows in 2018 + 2019

played on Yestival tour

guested on 2 shows in 2018; planned to guest on 2019 touring
on 2016-8 touring; on Topographic Drama

guested live & on Fly from Here - Return Trip

Cruise to the Edge 2019

Steve Hackett

New Steve Howe Trio album

Possibly uses material by Bill Bruford
The Buggles

may guest

Downes Braide Association's Skyscraper Souls


Tony Levin

Pete Banks' Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky... The Anthology guests guests


Peter Banks
Billy Sherwood's A Life in Yes: The Chris Squire Tribute


guests guests
tribute to + includes some previously released material with

Hackett, Francis Dunnery, Steve Porcaro
Dave Kerzner & Sonic Elements' Yesterday & Today tribute album
guests guests



Edison's Lab
uses previously released material with uses previously released material with

working with


More Sonic Elements/Dave Kerzner projects

guested live


co-written material

Hackett, Dunnery
United Progressive Fraternity's Loss Part 1 Planetary Overload


Igor Khoroshev
John Vehadija albums

John Holden's Capture Light


Rodney Matthews' Trinity


John Payne
Jon Anderson's 1000 Hands



Anderson/Stolt's Invention of Knowledge

The Sea Within


Yes feat. Anderson Rabin Wakeman

Lou Molino
ELO and Take That live bands

Milton McDonald; Iain Hornal (ELO)

Any additions/corrections, please e-mail Henry Potts.
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