Where are they now? - Others associated with Yes

Where are they now? - Others associated with Yes
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Mabel Greer's Toyshop - Facebook

News on the main page.

Damion Anderson - Jon's son. SoundCloud; MySpace page

Damion is part of KLU MUS1K, a London-based trio formed in 2013. Their debut single, "Find the Love", can be heard on YouTube. They have also remixed Rudimental's single "Baby".

Damion has several songs available on his SoundCloud account. He did the music for sister Deborah's documentary "Aroused: The Lost Sensuality of a Woman": see below. A digital release is expected, with a CD version to follow.

In a Jun 2011 interview, Jon said he was writing material with Damion: see under Jon Anderson for details.

Deborah Anderson - Jon's daughter; backing vocals on ABWH. MySpace page; Deborah Anderson Photography; Somis Sound page; Twitter; Facebook

Deborah's latest project is "Aroused: The Lost Sensuality of a Woman" (Twitter), a feature documentary (directed and co-produced by Deborah) and limited edition photography art book about 16 adult industry performers: Jesse Jane, Belladonna, Katsuni, Allie Haze, Kayden Kross, April O'Neil, Francesca Lé, Lisa Ann, Brooklyn Lee, Alexis Texas, Asphyxia Noir, Teagan Presley, Ash Hollywood, Tanya Tate, Lexi Belle and Misty Stone. The documentary's music was by brother Damion.

Her next project is to shoot a "lost city" in Africa.

In Nov 2015, Anderson became one of the two clients for The Dog Ate My Homework, a new photographers' agency launched by Rihanna and part of her styling agency Fr8me. Deborah has also been doing other photographic work, including continuing to work with P!nk (she shot the album cover for Funhouse and further work). She is Art Director for the Gansevoort Hotel Group and has set up LILACREATIVE Inc. to cover her creative output.

A photo of Deborah's of her father is used on the Anderson Ponty Band release, Better Late Than Never.

Buy the book from Amazon (UK):

Jade Anderson - Jon's daughter. MySpace page; YouTube page; Twitter; Official website (Japan)

Jade was working on her second solo album in Los Angeles, which has been expected for some years. She can be heard singing "Stars" on a promotional video for a calendar she co-produced with sister Deborah. In May 2011, she uploaded a set of video performances to YouTube.

She had been writing material with Future Cut (Darren Lewis and Tunde Babalola; worked with Lily Allen, Natasha Beddingfield, Kelis), Paul Statham (worked with Shelly Poole, Sophie Ellis-Bextor) and others. One of Jade's song with Statham, "Chasing Butterflies", was to be heard on streaming audio on her MySpace page. Also available there were demos entitled "How Many Days", "'Life'", "Give It Up" and "Love Without Gold". A 2007 demo entitled "Tell Me" is now there. At the end of 2007, she began working with Leo Z (MySpace page; Leonardo De Bernadini; worked with Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli) on an album. (I am unclear whether this will build on the earlier work with Statham and Future Cut or is a fresh start.) Her MySpace page reported that she is also writing material for other artists. The MySpace page has featured "On the Run", "Your Name", "Tell Me", "Laughing", "Before It Starts Again...", "Life", "Come and Get Me...", "Love Without Gold", "Love" and "Time...".

Jade also works as an actress and model. She has a new documentary project entitled "The Divine9 Project".

Jeff Berlin - bass on An Evening of Yes Music Plus. Homepage; Facebook

Berlin is seeking to crowdsource a Jack Bruce tribute album, Songs for a Wailer, with Allan Holdsworth (ex-UK, ex-Bruford) due to appear. Berlin describes the project: "I've arranged every song with fresh interpretations making sure that each song retained the original spirit that Jack included in every tune he wrote."

Berlin runs The Players School of Music in Florida.

Tom Brislin - keys on Yessymphonic tour. Twitter

Brislin continues to tour with Renaissance and to release solo material. Brislin was with Renaissance when they return to the US with 8 dates in Oct 2015, including two Newark, NJ dates with Patrick Moraz. The band have also suggested there could be more European dates in 2016.

He appears on The Syn's Live Rosfest album: see under Francis Dunnery for details.

Alex "Al" Bruford - Bill's son

Al was druming in Infadels (MySpace page). However, they disbanded in Sep 2012. Alex is now a partner in artist booking agency ATC Live.

Nina Carter (formerly Wakeman) - Rick's ex-wife. Official website

Nina runs her training company, Nina's People Limited. She is working on her autobiography, saying in Jun 2007 that, "I've written three chapters and am looking for a publisher."

Matt Clifford - additional keys on ABWH

Clifford continues to work with the Rolling Stones.

Julian Colbeck - additional keys live with ABWH

Colbeck is CEO of Keyfax music production company.

Roger Dean - cover artist. Homepage

Dean has continued to do cover art for Yes (including Progeny and Like It Is—Yes at the Mesa Arts Center) and Asia. He's also done the cover for Steve Hackett's Premonitions box set and for Black Moth's Condemned to Hope. New sketches by and an interview with Dean appear in the new deluxe edition of Gentle Giant's Octopus, for which Dean originally did the cover: see under Steven Wilson for details.

He continues to work on his film project, "Floating Islands"—details on main page. Dean is designing landscapes based on his art for a virtual reality project from new company Virtual Space Entertainment. He describes the project in a Mar 2008 interview for YesFANZ.

In terms of architectural work, in the Mar 2008 interview, Dean described plans for 3 or 4 houses in Hawaii and for other projects, including possibly a hotel.

In June 2013, Dean launched a lawsuit against James Cameron, 20th Century Fox and others, seeking more than $50 million in damages over imagery in the film "Avatar". Dean's suit is here: it claims Cameron et al. were guilty of "willful and deliberate copying, dissemination, and exploitation of the original images created by Plaintiff [Dean] [...] without a license [...] without any work credited to and/or compensation to Plaintiff." The complaint goes on to note that, "it has been admitted by the persons involved with the production of the film that they had studied and referenced Plaintiff's art during the preparation of the film." The key imagery cited is noted as follows: "The two Signature Landforms of Pandora ("floating mountains" and "stone arches")", claimed as recurring themes in Dean's work; "the two key tree forms in the Na'vi homeland [...] and other features of the Na'vi homeland", claimed as being copied from Dean's paintings "Pathways" (i.e. the cover to Yessongs), "Floating Jungles" and other works; "three of the Pandora features", claimed as coming from "Pathways"; markings of "The native inhabitants of Pandora"; and "antennae and markings of the various flying creatures on Pandora". The complaint also mentions Dean's "Floating Islands" film plans. Dean previously contacted the defendants without resolution. The defendants filed a motion to dismiss the case on 14 Nov 2013 (further details in this blog post). However, the judge dismissed Dean's claim in Sep 2014. The ruling is critical of Dean's case for taking images from the film out of their context and "he also manipulates the images (not to mention his own images) by cropping them, rotating them, and the like. Such tactics cannot be used to bolster an infringement claim." The judge dismisses various articles by third parties noting similarities as having no legal validity in the case. He goes on:

whether Avatar is “ultimately derivative and unoriginal in an artistic sense,” [...] is both “something which the Court has neither the expertise nor inclination to pronounce upon” and “beside the point.” [...] Instead, the question is whether, within the meaning of copyright law and considering the works as a whole, “a substantial similarity exists between the defendant’s work and the protectible elements of plaintiff’s.”

The judge takes Dean's "most compelling argument" to be over the floating islands in "Avatar", which he agrees are "indisputably similar insofar as they present the natural world in a fantastical way by depicting airborne land masses." But he then says the general idea of floating land masses is long-standing, going back at least to "Gulliver's Travels". "Suspending a landmass is a predictable — if not common — way to make a vista more sweeping, breathtaking, and fantastical, and is plainly subject to both the principle that ideas are not protected and the doctrine of scènes à faire [see here]." The judge does note additional similarities, "including the shapes of some of the land masses and features such foliage and waterfalls. To the extent that those elements appear in nature, however, they are in the public domain and "free for the taking."" He also notes many differences in the works: "[the floating mountains in "Avatar"] are depicted, in photorealistic detail, as massive floating islands of different shapes and sizes densely blanketed with plants, trees, and other vegetation. By contrast, Plaintiff's works are more stylized and fantastical, featuring smaller, egg-shaped islands — more akin to large boulders than mountains — with little or no vegetation other than a prominent, solitary tree almost as large as the island itself". He dismisses the other arguments along similar lines: they are covered by scènes à faire and the differences outweigh the similarities. He concludes: "The commentators cited by Plaintiff may well be correct that Defendants — wittingly or unwittingly — took some inspiration from Plaintiff, or even copied elements of his works in making their film. But many Hollywood movies take their inspiration from other movies or works — or go even further — without running afoul of the Copyright Act."

Francis Dunnery - backing vocals on ABWH. Official website

Francis Dunnery continues to record and tour as a solo artist. Dunnery is also working with Dave Kerzner (Sonic Reality, working with Simon Collins, Billy Sherwood, Steve Hackett, worked with Steven Wilson, Jon Anderson, ex-Giraffe) on the Sonic Elements projects—see details on the main page.

The Syn's Live Rosfest album (Nova Sales & Distribution (UK) Ltd) is out in the UK; tracks: "14 Hour Technicolour Dream", "Milo", "Running Out of Time", "New Reality", "Devils & Demons", "Grounded", "Madonna and Child", "Flowerman", "Universal Witness", "Kings Clowns Cardinals", "The Reason", "Big Sky". The album comes with a bonus DVD consisting of "The Making of Big Sky" (23 min.) and "The Syn in the 21st Century" (20 min.). Recorded 1 May 2009, the line-up consisted of Steve Nardelli (vocals), Dunnery (guitar, acoustic guitar), Tom Brislin (keys), Brett Kull (echolyn, worked with Francis Dunnery; guitar, banjo), Paul Ramsey (echolyn, worked with Francis Dunnery; drums), Dorie Jackson (worked with Francis Dunnery; backing vocals), Jamie Bishop (worked with Francis Dunnery; bass), Erica Brilhart (Dunnery's partner; live sampling). This was the final date on the band's abbreviated tour in support of Big Sky before the remainder of the tour was cancelled because of poor ticket sales and the disintegration of the band.

Jonathan Elias - producer, composer, additional keyboards and vocals on Union. EliasArts; EliasArts profile; MySpace page; MySpace page for EliasArts

Elias and Jon Anderson have been working together further: see under Anderson. In a Feb 2010 interview, Elias comments on Yes and Anderson:

Q: What exactly went wrong on the Yes-album Union that you produced in 1991? [...]

A: I didn’t realize how dark the baggage was within that band and how much they hated each other... I knew they had broken up many times and shuffled members in and out, I didn’t realize the reason that that happened was because of their egos and personal feelings for each other. I honestly believe I was the central focus of hatred for Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe, who couldn’t stand each other. Even though Jon Anderson was the co-producer of the record, and was constantly urging me to work with other players, which we subsequently did, he took none of the heat because they were so scared of him. I also urged Rick to play a Hammond and not his cheezy midi synthesizers. He didn’t realize the best work they had done was done 20 years earlier. [...] I also find it interesting that 20 years later that Jon is on my new Prayer Cycle follow up record and has nothing to do with the band anymore. I think that speaks volumes.

Elias is also working on an album with Yungchen Lhamo (who appeard on his Prayer Cycle: Path to Zero).

Elias runs Elias Arts with his brother Scott and Alex Lasarenko, supplying music for film and television. The company also employs Michael Sherwood and Jimmy Haun, among others. Haun and Elias were working with singer Lindsey Haun (MySpace page; Jimmy's daughter). Elias continues to do music for various adverts and films.

David Foster - additional guitar on Time and a Word. Official website

Foster's autobiography, "Yours is No Disgrace", is expected at some point from his webpage.

Bruce Gowdy - guitar with a Yes of Squire/Sherwood/White/Kaye before Union. MySpace page

Unruly Child—Gowdy, Guy Allison (ex-World Trade, ex-Lodgic) and Marcie Free (ex-King Kobra)—released what they are calling "side one" of Down the Rabbit Hole in 2014 through CDBaby and iTunes. One song was written by Free, with the rest by Allison/Gowdy. The release was performed by Free (lead & backing vocals), Allison (keys, bass, drums, backing vocals) and Gowdy (guitars, keys, bass, drums). It was produced/mixed/mastered by Allison/Gowdy, with vocal production and engineering by the band.

Gowdy, Allison, Billy Sherwood and Mark T Williams announced a World Trade reunion in Feb 2015: see under Sherwood for details.

Larry Groupé - orchestral arrangements/conducting on Magnification/YesSymphonic. Official website; Current projects

Groupé writes music for film, TV, CD-ROMs etc.

Jimmy Haun - guitar on the ABWH component of Union. MySpace page; EliasArts profile; Webpage

Haun was writing for and performing on a solo project by Jon Anderson, also working with long-time collaborators Jonathan Elias and Michael Sherwood: see under Anderson for details. Haun works for Elias Artsdetails under Elias. Haun and M Sherwood are also working on a Steve Porcaro solo album: see under Porcaro.

Haun and David Wittman did the score for "Boulevard", starring the late Robin Williams, now out in the US. Michael Sherwood wrote and sang a song in a scene in the film too.

Jimmy's daughter, Lindsey Haun (MySpace page) is a singer and actress (True Blood, "Village of the Damned"). Her current band is The Haun Solo Project (Twitter): Lindsey Haun—vocals, Sara Carter—guitar, Nicole "Nikki G" Grant—drums, Mike Payne—bass, Scarlet "Scar" Newman-Thomas—drums. (L Haun, Grant and Payne previously worked together in 7th Fall.) Jimmy recorded their debut album, Neon Gods, now available from the band's website. Jimmy's contributions included writing additional music for their song, "Addicted" (video on YouTube). The song was largely written by Lindsey and features cello by Cameron Stone (worked with Jonathan Elias, Robert Downey Jr). Jimmy has also played live with the band.

Aaron Horn, a.k.a. Aaron Audio - Trevor's son. Website; MySpace page; Twitter; Tumblr

Aaron started a new venture, the Oat Milk café (Twitter; Facebook) in Camden Town, north London, in Aug 2015. A creative hub with its own recording space, the vegetarian café is decorated with vintage equipment from Sarm Studios, which Aaron also helps to run. The café has regular creatives-in-residence, including at some point in 2015/6, Virgil Howe.

Aaron co-wrote some songs and contributed programming to Seal's 7, co-produced by his father: see under Trevor Horn for details.

Aaron was a member of Sam and the Womp (MySpace; SoundCloud), in which he played keys along side Sam Ritchie (trumpet, vocals, keys) and Bloem de Wilde de Lingy (a.k.a. Lady Oo; vocals, additional keys). Their single "Bom Bom" (Stiff Records) was produced by Raz Olsher, co-produced by Horn/Ritchie, and written by Ritchie/Horn/de Lingy/Olsher. YouTube video here. The 5-track digital single Bom Bom (Remixes) (Stiff Records) made #1 in the UK on 26 Aug 2012, selling 107,461 copies in its debut week. It also made #6 in Ireland, #4 in Australia, #2 in Israel, #16 in Finland, #43 in Belgium, #44 in the Netherlands and #54 in the Czech Rep. Worldwide sales are now over 1.1 million.

Aaron, Daniel Cross (Record-Play music consultancy) and Jo Maeva set up record label TAPE in early 2009, which is administrated through Stiff Records (sister label to dad Trevor's ZTT). Aaron is CEO of Mai Plues music publishing company, which is administered by Unforgettable Songs.

Ally (Alexandra) Horn - Trevor's daughter. Twitter

Ally Horn is managing director of SPZ.

Dylan Howe - Steve's son. Official Website; Dylan Howe Quintet MySpace page; Dylan Howe session work MySpace page; Twitter; Blog; Facebook; Bandcamp

Dylan Howe's Subterranean: New Designs on Bowie's Berlin (Motorik Recordings), now out with a supporting 11-date England tour 5 Sep-18 Oct, consists of interpretations of instrumentals from David Bowie's albums Low and "Heroes" (and also influenced by Phillip Glass's adaptations of the same source material). Tracks:
  1. "Subterraneans"
  2. "Weeping Wall"
  3. "All Saints"
  4. "Some Are"
  5. "Neukoln—Night"
  6. "Art Decade"
  7. "Warszawa"
  8. "Neukoln—Day"
  9. "Moss Garden"
There is an electronic press kit on YouTube. Performing on the album are Dylan (drums, synths), Ross Stanley (Steve Howe Trio, Dylan Howe Qu4rtet, Brandon Allen Trio, ex-Jamie Cullum; piano, synths), Mark Hodgson (Dylan Howe Qu4rtet; double bass), Brandon Allen (Dylan Howe Qu4rtet; tenor sax), Julian Siegel (tenor sax) and Nick Pini (double bass; instead of Hodgson on "NeuKoln—Night" and "NeuKoln—Day"), plus guests dad Steve (koto on "Moss Garden") and Adrian Utley (Portishead; guitar). See details in Yescography. Arrangements by Howe/Stanley. There was a successful Kickstarter project to fund the mastering, manufacture, release and promotion of the album, with various pledge levels, including for a CD (MR1004) and a limited edition 175g vinyl (MR1005). The album is now available on Bandcamp and on general release (Motorik). The tour features Dylan Howe (drums), Dave Whitford (double bass; or Percy Pursglove for 4 shows), Ross Stanley (piano), Steve Lodder (synths) and Andy Sheppard (sax), with the band performing the album live in order. Dad Steve attended the 29 Sep 2014 London show. 3 dates were announced in 2015: 29 Jan (Dorking), 8 Feb (London) and 2 Apr (Paris), with possibly more dates in 2016. However, there was then also an 8 Nov 2015 show as part of the Berlin Jazz Festival including new material.
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The project dates back to 2007. As Dylan Howe and the Subterreaneans, demos of four pieces ("Art Decade", "Warszawa", "V2 Schneider", "Some Are") were recorded in Mar/Apr 2007 and could be heard online. "Warszawa" was also included on Howe's Translations 2. Produced by Dylan, these recordings featured a quintet of D Howe/Stanley/Allen/Chris Hill (ex-Dylan Howe Quintet; double bass)/Quentin Collins (worked with Basement Jaxx; trumpet), with Adrian Utley (Portishead), Gilad Atzmon (alto sax), Ben Davis (cello), Nalyd Ewoh (vocals on "Some Are"). There was a "work in progress" launch in Nov 2007 in London with a line-up of D Howe, Stanley, Hill, Robbie Robson (trumpet), Sam Crockatt (sax) with Utley, Atzmon, The Solid Strings (Sonia Slany—violin, Stuart Hall—violin, Steve Tees—viola, Nick Cooper—cello), Tim Dickinson (vocals), plus Hugh Cornwell (ex-The Stranglers) as featured guest vocalist.

Dylan Howe leads a number of related line-ups. He has been working with pianist Will Butterworth (MySpace page) as Stravinsky Duo playing arrangements of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" and "The Firebird". In a Nov 2009 article, Butterworth described the shows as "50 per cent scored arrangement and 50 per cent improvisation". They played in the UK live and their debut album, The Rite of Spring Part 1 (Motorik Recordings), is out in the US and UK; it can also be heard through their MySpace page on streaming audio. Tracks: "Introduction 1", "Introduction 2", "The Augurs of Spring 1", "The Augurs of Spring 2", "Mock Abduction 1", "Mock Abduction 2", "Spring Round Dances", "Games of the Rival Tribes", "Procession of the Wise Elders", "Dance of the Earth". A Part 2 covering "The Firebird" has been expected, as has a DVD covering a specially filmed performance of "The Rite of Spring". At a Feb 2013 show, they were augmented by Julian Siegel (sax) and Nick Pini (double bass). In an interview c. Jul 2011, Howe had said:

I first heard Stravinsky at a very young age because the finale of the Firebird Suite was Yes' intro music and I had wanted to do something with it at some point. I started playing with [...] Will Butterworth and we often played duo together to practice so it felt right to see if we could adapt The Rite Of Spring and Firebird together.

We spent a year on it using the original orchestra score, the Two Hands reduction score and Leonard Bernstein’s 1950's recording as a definitive version. I really like where we went with it and I think the new DVD will show how it has evolved even from our recent 2010 recording. We're also working on expanding it with a quartet or quintet this year [2011] so it's quite an organic thing

There was an Apr 2014 show with Howe, Butterworth and Shane Allessio in London.

In a 2011 interview, Howe said: "My next moves are to finish an album of my David Bowie (Berlin period) adaptations [...] and to complete writing an album of original material." Dylan Howe and Ross Stanley also continue in the Steve Howe Trio with Dylan's father, Steve. They toured the UK in Sep 2013 and have an album expected 2014: see under Steve Howe for details.

Dylan plays with Wilko Johnson's trio; Johnson was formerly in Dr. Feelgood and The Blockheads, and the trio is rounded out by bassist Norman Watt-Roy, still currently in The Blockheads. Johnson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the trio played a 'farewell' world tour; however, Johnson has happily recovered following major surgery. They had a sold out leg of 10 dates in Japan in early 2014 and played Japan again Jul 2015. They supported Status Quo on UK dates 2-13 Dec 2015. Johnson has also recorded an album with Roger Daltrey (The Who); Howe recorded drums for the project in Dec 2013. Entitled Going Back Home, released 2014. Wife Zoë Street Howe has co-written an autobiography by Johnson—see below. Howe also continues in The Blockheads.

Dylan did a cover of "Perpetual Change" with July Valls (guitar, bass, keys), viewable on YouTube, and another of "Awaken", on Facebook, with Valls (guitar), Matt Irizar and Andrew Katter.

Several tracks with Dylan appear on Steve Howe's 2015 compilation Anthology: see under Howe for details.
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Jen Howe - Steve's daughter-in-law; Virgil's wife; official website; official blog; MySpace page; Twitter

Jen Howe, née Dawson, is a model and singer/songwriter. She has a set of demos on her MySpace page, some produced by her husband Virgil Howe, for whom she sometimes sings (e.g. this YouTube video for "Elektron").

As a model, she's done work for Agent Provocateur, including promo work for their perfume "Strip", and she was the face of The Body Shop's "Love Etc..." fragrance. Recent work included for Specsavers.

Virgil Howe - Steve's son; Facebook; Twitter; MySpace page; MySpace (as Sparo); MySpace (as The Verge); SoundCloud; YouTube; Instagram; MixCloud

Virgil drums and sings in London-based guitar trio Little Barrie (Japanese site; MySpace; Facebook; Twitter). The others in the band are Barrie Cadogan (worked with Primal Scream, Morrissey, Paul Weller, St Etienne, The Chemical Brothers; vocals, guitar) and Lewis Wharton (bass, vocals). Their latest album is Shadow, released in Japan (Sony Japan, with 3 bonus tracks), the UK and US. Tracks: "Bonneville Ride", "Fuzz Bomb", "Sworn In", "Stop or Die", "Deselekt", "Pauline", "It Don't Count", "Everything You Want will be Yours Tonight", "Realise", "Eyes were Young", "Black Mind" (Japanese bonus track), "Shadow", "Clone 24" (Japanese bonus track), "Fuzz No.6" (Japanese bonus track). The band have played live in the UK, France, Spain and US.

He works with The Amorphous Androgynous, including on their remixes for Syd Arthur, released on vinyl as A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble.

Virgil Howe has been working with a number of other acts. The Dirty Feel (Facebook) consisted of Virgil (drums, vocals), Kerim 'Kez' Gunes (worked with Amorphous Androgynous; bass, vocals) and Nick Hirsch (guitar, vocals), until Hirsch passed away in 2012. The Killer Meters consisted of Karime Kendra (daughter of Ty Karim and Kent Harris; vocals), Henry Broadbent (keys) and Stephen Wilcox (sax) and all three members of The Dirty Feel.

Virgil Howe also works as a DJ/producer/remixer (sometimes under the name Sparo) and has a radio show at Soho Radio, entitled Hidden Level.
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Several tracks with Virgil appear on Steve Howe's 2015 compilation Anthology: see under Howe for details.

Zoë Howe - Steve's daughter-in-law; Dylan's wife; Homepage; Blog; MySpace, Twitter

Zoë Howe works as a music journalist, author, radio DJ and drummer. Her latest book is "Lee Brilleaux: Rock'n'roll Gentleman", a biography of the Dr Feelgood frontman, published Nov 2015. Before that was a biography of Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, "Stevie Nicks: Visions Dreams & Rumours" (Omnibus Press), published Oct 2014.

Her books include a co-written autobiography by Wilko Johnson (ex-Dr. Feelgood, ex-The Blockheads, working with Dylan Howe) for Cadiz Music Ltd. Released May 2014 was "Barbed Wire Kisses: The Jesus and Mary Chain Story" (Polygon), the authorised biography of the Jesus and Mary Chain.

She is also working on her debut novel.

J. J. Jeczalik- programming on 90125

Jeczalik has retired from the music business, although he reportedly said that the original Art of Noise line-up did meet in 2014 to discuss a reunion: see under Horn.

Eddie Jobson - briefly joined Yes before the release of 90125. Homepage; Official Facebook fan page; Zealots Lounge

Jobson's recent work has involved a number of linked projects, including UKZ, U-Z (Ultimate Zero) and a reunion of UK. His return to progressive rock was in the band UKZ, who released an EP; further new material was written, but has yet to appear. As an adjunct to UKZ, Jobson formed what he described as an "offshoot 'solo' project" called the Ultimate Zero Project or U-Z. U-Z, with a rotating line-up, toured live with a set list mainly based on UK material. With the involvement of John Wetton (Asia, ex-King Crimson, worked with Billy Sherwood), U-Z spawned a UK reunion.

Around Aug 2012, Jobson said on his Zealots Lounge website that, "after some ten solid months of putting the U.K. reunion tour together, I am ready to make some new music and implement some new ideas for UKZ. That will be my focus for a while as I continue to make solo/UKZ touring plans for the Summer of 2013." Jobson then announced in an autumn 2012 update that:
mainly to do with time and the availability of others, it has become clear that I will be unable to produce any new music for UKZ before the scheduled tours; so I have decided instead to focus on creating the first of three compilation albums under a new title of "Retro."  I am aiming to complete the first of these - "Retro 1972-1979" - in time for the tours in late March.
Neither new UKZ music or the Retro series have yet to appear. A Dec 2013 Facebook update talked of Jobson's plans for 2014 including "an eye toward creating new music."

A 14-date solo tour of North America in Apr 2013 was announced with a line-up of Jobson, Billy Sherwood (bass, vocals), Marc Bonilla (works with Keith Emerson; guitar, vocals), Alex Machacek (UK/UKZ, works with Marco Minnemann, Terry Bozzio; guitar) and Virgil Donati (Planet X, worked with Eric Norlander; drums), to be preceded by a few UK dates, described below. The band rehearsed in Mar 2013. However, due to poor ticket sales, the 5 West Coast tour dates (7-13 Apr) were cancelled and the East Coast dates (16-27 Apr) converted to UK shows with Jobson, Wetton, Machacek and Donati (again see below) or cancelled (17 & 18 Apr), with one of the previously planned UK shows also cancelled (Atlanta, 4 Apr). The solo band still appeared at the Baja Prog Festival on 6 Apr 2013. The title for the solo tour was "Eddie Jobson - Four Decades". In a Feb 2013 Facebook post, Jobson talked of "the first-time-ever performances of the 'Green Album' material [...] There will be tracks from Curved Air, Roxy Music, and Zappa; [his solo album] Theme of Secrets; [UKZ EP] Radiation; U.K. and more, a full 40 years of recording squeezed into 2 hours." The Baja show included UK material and "Resident" (from Zinc, with Sherwood singing).

Three "Four Decades" shows followed in Japan in Nov 2013 (preceded by one UK show) with Jobson, Machacek, drummer Marco Minnemann (Levin Minnemann Rudess, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally; replacing the originally announced Shane Gaalaas), bassist Riccardo "Ric" Fierabracci (U-Z, worked with Billy Cobham) and vocalist Aaron Lippert. Lippert, Machacek and Minnemann were all in UKZ with Jobson. The Tokyo shows also saw John Wetton (Asia, UK, ex-King Crimson) and Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) guest. A live release of one of these shows is out, entitled Four Decades (Ward Records), paired with the UK live release Curtain Call (details below). Initial release for both is as limited edition (500 copies) box sets, out in Japan only; available for pre-order. These include a Blu-ray or DVD (with Surround Sound by Jobson), Platinum SHM 2CDs, a video interview with Masa Ito (part 1 on Four Decades, part 2 on Curtain Call), an original T-shirt, photo booklet and liner notes by Jobson. Four Decades will also include a replica tour program, while Curtain Call will also include a replica VIP pass. General release will follow later, including as DVD, Blu-Ray, standard 2CD and Platinum SHM 2CD. Track list for Four Decades: "Intro", "Armin", "It Happened Today", "U.H.F.", "Elfin Boy", "Metamorphosis", "Out of the Blue", "Läther", "Presto Vivace", "In the Dead of Night", "By the Light of Day", "Presto Vivace & Reprise", "Rendezvous 6:02", "Carrying No Cross", "Alaska", "Resident", "Who My Friends…", "Prelude", "Nostalgia", "Spheres of Influence", "Inner Secrets", "Radiation", "Houston", "Tu-95", "Through the Glass"; encore: "Young Mother", "Caesar's Palace Blues", "Forever Until Sunday". Performed by Jobson (keys, electric violin, vocals), Machacek (guitar; not on "Elfin Boy", "Rendezvous 6:02", "Carrying No Cross", "Prelude"-"Inner Secrets"), Ric Fierabracci (bass; not on "In the Dead of Night"-"Carrying No Cross", "Prelude"-"Inner Secrets", "Caesar's Palace Blues"), Marco Minnemann (drums, acoustic guitar; not on "Elfin Boy", "Prelude"-"Inner Secrets", "Houston"), Kristina (vocals, acoustic guitar; only on "Armin"-"Metamorphosis", "Young Mother"), Wetton (vocals, bass; only on "In the Dead of Night"-"Carrying No Cross", "Caesar's Palace Blues"), Lippert (vocals; only on "Out of the Blue", "Who My Friends...", "Radiation", "Houston", "Caesar's Palace Blues").

In an Apr 2011 interview for Progression magazine, Jobson suggests doing further tours with other prog names, mentioning Jon Anderson and Kristina among others. In an Aug 2011 interview, he described talking to Kristina "about working together in the future because [Curved Air's] Darryl [Way] isn't doing it anymore and we talked about the possibility to play some Curved Air music with the U-Z project with Sonja as a guest at some point in the future." In that interview, Jobson also talked more broadly about his plans. He described how, "I still don't consider myself in a group, what I'm doing today are my solo projects so I can say definitively that my days in a band, like a democratic band, are over." He goes on, describing his recent live work, saying, "I decide what we play and how we play it, where we play and, you know, that suits me better." He also said, "I'm not out of retail completely, but I'm not sure if I will record a full album again, because I doubt if the album is a viable tool anymore."

Ultimate Zero Project
Jobson explained in the Aug 2011 interview his view of the U-Z group:

we play music that influenced me, music I wrote, and other music [...] give people a chance to hear that music once again.  It satiates the need of the progressive rock public to hear the tunes they never got the chance to hear played live before.  At the same time it takes the old songs off the table for any of the future projects I might want to do.  If I wanted to do something wild with UKZ in concert for instance, I wouldn’t feel the need to play Alaska or Nothing To Lose [...] my goal is to find the right balance between what people want from me and what I want for myself, and it’s particularly hard at the moment to find that balance [...] the promoters always want to use the brand names like “UK,” or they want “Eddie Jobson from UK, playing UK”, so with a new project like UKZ, playing live is a much harder thing to do.

The group played a few dates in 2010/1. There is a 2-disc compilation of live U-Z material from 2009, Ultimate Zero Tour - Live. Tracks come from 4 shows: Bydgoszcz and Krakow, Poland—with John Wetton (Asia, UK, ex-King Crimson), Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Levin Minnemann Rudess); Boston, USA—with Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson, worked with Marco Minnemann), Simon Phillips (ex-Asia, ex-Mike Oldfield, worked with Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, John Wetton; drums); and Perm, Russia—with Riccardo "Ric" Fierabracci (bass). All tracks are with Jobson, Minnemann and Greg Howe (ex-Michael Jackson, Victor Wooten; guitar). remixed re-release has been expected. In the Aug 2011 interview, Jobson explained what he would be doing with the album:

When I mixed the album at the end of last year [2010] [...] I wanted to recreate that live hall experience [...] What I didn’t realize is that nobody else does it that way. So when the record went out, a lot of the people’s reactions were ‘oh it sounds like a bootleg’. It doesn’t sound like a bootleg at all, but I did have a lot of hall ambiance [...] I didn’t make it a “produced” studio-sounding album. I didn’t realize people are so used to live albums sounding like studio albums

[...] I decided that maybe it was a bad choice on my part to mix it that way [...] It will be hard for me to make it a studio-sounding album and still capture that emotional content and the excitement of live, but that’s what I’m working on right now. By the way, the album has only been available on the Zealotslounge website and maybe one or two other websites, for instance the King Crimson website. So as far as I’m concerned the album hasn’t actually been released outside of Japan [...] as I don’t consider that the album has been fully released, I am taking some license to remix it, along with creating a ‘deluxe’ packaging version.

In Aug 2012, Jobson described still working on this "'deluxe' version" of "Ultimate Zero Tour - Live".

UKZ consisted of Jobson (keys, Hammond, violin), Aaron Lippert (involved with Legacy; vocals), Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson, worked with Marco Minnemann; 10-string Warr touch guitar), Alex Machacek (worked with Marco Minnemann, Terry Bozzio; guitar) and Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally, Levin Minnemann Rudess; drums). The band released a debut, 4-track EP "Radiation". They were working on further new material. They played live in 2009; first night set: "Night After Night", "Alaska", "The Only Thing She Needs", "Houston", Jobson solo ("Theme of Secrets"/"Prelude"/"Nostalgia"), Gunn/Minnemann duet ("Jacaranda"), "Legend"/"Austin Powers" (performed by Machacek, Gunn and Minnemann), Minnemann solo, "TU-95", "Rendevouz 6:02", "Carrying No Cross", "Radiation", "In the Dead of Night"; encore: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part 2"; second encore: "Caesar's Palace Blues", "The Sahara of Snow Part 2".

Buy from Amazon (UK):

Jobson is releasing the 16-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition boxset, to be available through his site and more generally on 15 Apr 2016. It is based around using the original multitracks of UK's 3 albums. It will include an additional 50 minutes of material from the multi-track tapes used for Night After Night, taken from the 1979 Japanese concerts, which will be exclusive to this release. The set will also include the band's 2011 Reunion live recording, and cleaned-up and remastered versions of three radio broadcasts from 1978/9 in Boston (previously released as Concert Classics, Vol. 4, Live in Boston and Live in America), Cleveland and the final show 1979 show by the band in Nijmegen, plus the 1978 Penn's Landing, Philadelphia live broadcast (the final show of the original quartet). This gives:
  • UK (1CD remastered + 1 Blu-ray with high-resolution audio thereof)
  • Danger Money (1CD remastered + 1 Blu-ray with high-resolution audio thereof)
  • Night After Night (remastered and extended to 2 discs + 1 Blu-ray with high-resolution audio thereof)
  • Reunion (2CD remastered + 1 Blu-ray with high-resolution audio thereof)
  • Boston - Paradise Theatre (1CD)
  • Cleveland - Agora Ballroom (1CD)
  • Philadelphia - Penn's Landing (1CD)
  • Nijmegen - Vereeniging (1CD)
  • Interviews: 2 interview tapes from 1978 with Wetton and Jobson about UK and Danger Money (in London and New Tork), respectively (1CD)
  • Extras: outtakes and extras, with material including Jobson/Bozzio recording the drum parts for Danger Money, an instrumental version of UK, a 3-minute version of "In the Dead of Night", the b-side "When will You Realize?"
A 64-page book about the history of the band by Jobson using his personal photo archive will also be included. He also mooted doing 5.1 Surround mixes of the band's 3 albums at some later date.
Buy from Amazon (US):

The band completed their "Final Tour" in 2015. It began with a 5-date European leg Feb/Mar 2015 (2 in Poland, then Norway, the Netherlands and 2 in the UK), with Eddie Jobson, John Wetton (Asia, ex-King Crimson), Alex Machacek (worked with Marco Minnemann, Terry Bozzio; guitar) and Virgil Donati (Planet X, worked with Eric Norlander; drums). There were then 3 US dates 21-4 Apr and 2 in Japan, 27 & 30 Apr, with Jobson, Wetton, Machacek and Mike Mangini (Dream Theater; drums). (Chad Wackerman (ex-Allan Holdsworth, ex-Frank Zappa, ex-Steven Wilson) was planned as a second drummer, but had to pull out at short notice due to a family health issue.) The final date on 30 Apr was in Tokyo. Set on 24 Apr: "Thirty Years", "Nevermore", "Carrying No Cross", "Alaska", "Time to Kill", "Night After Night", "Disturbance in Vienna" (Jobson solo), Mangini drum solo, "Rendezvous 6:02", "In the Dead of Night/By the Light of Day/Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Forever Until Sunday" (Bruford cover); encore: "Caesar's Palace Blues", "The Only Thing She Needs", "Carrying No Cross" (reprise).

With Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally, Levin Minnemann Rudess) on drums instead, they played a one-off show on 8 Nov 2013 in Japan. Set list: "In the Dead of Night", "By the Light of Day", "Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Thirty Years", "Alaska", "Time to Kill", "Nevermore", "Mental Medication", Minnemann solo, "Danger Money", "Rendezvous 6:02", "The Only Thing She Needs", "Caesar's Palace Blues", "Nothing to Lose", "Carrying No Cross"; encore: "Waiting for You", "Night After Night", "As Long as You Want Me Here". I.e., this was all of UK and Danger Money in order, with the encore consisting of the two additional songs on Night After Night and "Waiting for You", another song from the 1979 tour that was never released. (So, the only UK piece they did not perform was the non-album b-side "When will You Realize?".) A live release is due, entitled Curtain Call (Ward Records), now out in Japan as a limited edition box set, with release elsewhere and in other formats to follow: see above for details. (Jobson, Machacek and Minnemann then played two Jobson solo shows in Japan, 9-10 Nov.) UK then next returned for Cruise to the Edge 2014 with Jobson, Wetton, Machacek and Donati.

UK with Jobson, Wetton, Bozzio and Machacek played the "Azure Seas" tour in Mar/Apr 2013, a short tour consisting of the Cruise to the Edge 2013 (see main page for set details) and 2 further dates, one each in the US (30 Mar) and Panama (2 Apr). A 4 Apr show was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, which also led to Jobson's subsequent North American solo tour being largely cancelled. Some East Coast dates on that tour (spanning 16-27 Apr) were converted to UK shows with a line-up of Jobson, Wetton, Machacek and Donati. (Machacek and Donati were to be in the line-up for the solo shows.) Montreal set: "In the Dead of Night", "By the Light of Day", "Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Nevermore", "Thirty Years", "Starless", "Carrying No Cross", Jobson solo (including material from Theme of Secrets), "Caesar's Palace Blues", "The Only Thing She Needs"; encore: "Red", "Rendezvous 6:02" (Jobson/Wetton only).

A reunion tour of the Danger Money/Night After Night trio of Wetton, Jobson and Bozzio took place in 2012. They played 14 North American dates (8 of which sold out), 5 European dates in May and 5 Japanese dates in Jun (3 sold out). Finally, they headlined NEARfest on 22 Jun 2012. The 2 May show had an attendance of ~1000. Opening night set in the US (1 hour 50 minutes): "Alaska", "Night After Night", "Thirty Years", "Rendezvous 6:02", "Carrying No Cross", Jobson solo (violin/keys), Bozzio drum solo, "Fallen Angel" (originally by King Crimson; Jobson: piano, backing vocals; Wetton: vocals), "Danger Money", "In the Dead of Night", "By the Light of Day", "Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Caesar's Palace Blues", "The Only Thing She Needs". The set changed somewhat from night to night, either in the order or what pieces were played (e.g. "Fallen Angel" was omitted in Seattle, WA). A DVD of the tour was being considered.

European dates and the NEARfest show were with a different line-up of Wetton, Jobson, Machacek and Gary Husband (John McLaughlin, worked with Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce, Gongzilla, Level 42; drums). The set list at the first European show (London, 24 May) was: "Alaska", "In the Dead of Night/By the Light of Day/Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Thirty Years", "Carrying No Cross", "Starless", Jobson solo ("Prelude"/"Theme of Secrets"/"Nostalgia"/violin solo), "Book of Saturday" (Wetton solo on acoustic guitar/vocals), "Danger Money", "Nevermore"; encore: "Caesar's Palace Blues", "The Only Thing She Needs"; 2nd encore: "Rendezvous 6:02" (Wetton—vocals, Jobson—keys).

Wetton first joined Jobson's U-Z project for Polish dates in Nov 2009 with a set mostly of UK material, and material from these shows is included on Ultimate Zero Tour - Live (see above). Wetton and Jobson (keys, violin) then formally re-formed UK for a tour in Apr 2011. The band played 15-16 Apr in Tokyo, Japan (dates sold out) and three US dates, 8-23 Apr. The band was rounded out by Machacek and Minnemann; the set list included material by UK and King Crimson. About 300-350 people attended the opening night, and around 400+ attended the 23 Apr show. A live CD/DVD, Live in Tokyo 2011, from the Apr 2011 date in Kawasaki, was released in Japan on Avalon (MIZF-70017; DVD is NTSC, Region 2); tracks: "In the Dead of Night", "By the Light of Day", "Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Danger Money", "Thirty Years", "Alaska" (DVD only), "Time to Kill" (DVD only), "Starless", "Carrying No Cross", "Drum Solo" (DVD only), "Violin Solo" (DVD only), "Nevermore", "One More Red Nightmare" (DVD only), "Caesar's Palace Blues", "The Only Thing She Needs", "Rendezvous 6:02". A version of the DVD entitled "Reunion" is available through his Zealots Lounge website. A remastered version of the audio has since become available digitally through Jobson's Zealots Lounge. iTunes in Japan is also carrying a digital version of the audio, but it is unclear whether this is the remaster or original.

In an Aug 2011 interview, Jobson said of the project: "I don't intend to do any new music with John [Wetton] [...] John's priority is Asia and I recognize that. Besides, I wouldn't want to spend the whole time reenacting UK, it's a double-edged sword." An interview in the Jun 2011 issue of Classic Rock Presents... Prog with Wetton has this:

"It's definitely one step at a time [...] It's not driven by me; it's Eddie Jobson's baby. I don't feel like a 50 per cent partner, but that's okay. [...]"

There are no plans for a new UK studio album. "I don't think there's any future beyond the nostalgia and having a great time on stage. I see it as a joyous celebration of music which still stands up. [...]"

Wetton also described his involvement in the project to his Guestbook in Apr 2011:

For anyone who is confused, let me clarify my understanding for the UK Reunion.
I do care passionately about the band [...]and the material [...]
I was not responsible for putting this whole show together, Eddie is very much driving this bus----it's his career. Therefore I keep a low profile --- of my own volition, I might add---I do no interviews, attend no  Zealot functions, and my on-stage banter is minimal. This is all absolutely ok by me [...]
I very much enjoy our celebratory evening of  progressive rock classics, I am proud of what we created

Wetton and Jobson had not played together since circa 1999 and the abortive UK reunion project Legacy. This project began life under the UK name, but then became a Jobson solo project, before being abandoned. Bill Bruford (percussion), Tony Levin (bass), Francis Dunnery, Steve Hackett and others, guested on 1999 recording sessions. While initially involved, Wetton ceased to be part of the project early on, with Aaron Lippert (UKZ) planned to replace him on vocals. Jobson described the concept: "We have taken on the daunting subject of the aftermath of Communism, or of any despotic regime, and the will of the people to survive." In Nov 2006, Jobson had this to say:
an album does need to be an expression of where you are musically, sonically, socially, politically etc. at the time. 'Legacy' was started in 1995 and much of it was conceived then; unfortunately, the sonic choices I would make in 2007 are quite different from the ones I made in 1995. Furthermore, a solo album would be a different animal than a UK album - even if I did compose all of it myself. Songs were written with John in mind, not to mention possible guitar parts for Holdsworth, Fripp and others.

There is also an ownership issue with some of the recordings which will render some performances unusable.

It is clear to me that any usable compositional ideas and performances that, legally, I still have full rights to should be reviewed and probably reworked to reflect twelve years of further technical and musical growth.


But, truth be told... I ran out of steam. At some point, I'll see what I can retrieve.

Let me take this time to apologize to those who did support the project (for whatever length of time), for the disappointment of those anticipating its release, and even to John for my aiming too high and taking too long.

Asked in an Aug 2009 interview about whether we will ever see or hear the project, Jobson said:

I don’t know is the answer to that. I don’t just do things to get it out there and to try and sell records. I do things [...] to continue developing, exploring, learning and growing and trying to be an artist. [...] it gets to the point where I have to ask myself how cost effective is it for me to sit, for even just two months, and pull all this stuff together to try and make something out of it when the music is fifteen or twenty years old and I've kind of moved on to other things. Even though it's interesting how many people are going to bother to buy it? Shouldn't my time be more focused on moving forward? So that’s where I get to a lot.

Having said that some of this footage should probably come out at some point because it's really cool [laughs].

He also said, "I've also got tons of film footage of everybody recording as well. Stuff nobody has even seen. I've got Tony Levin, Bruford, the choir and everybody." To a fan after the 23 Apr 2011 UK show, Jobson said the Legacy material would not be released as an album, but that he is likely to use bits from it, commenting that he had some interesting pieces with Bruford and Hackett. In an Aug 2011 interview, he said:

The process of creating is where my passion is; it is not necessary for me to actually have other people hear it. [...] I worked on the “Legacy” album for years, on and off, and at some point I felt I had got out what I needed to get out of it and I didn’t feel the need anymore to finish it. I had learnt a lot, I had some wonderful experiences, and that had been quite enough for me: going around the world to make it, conducting the Prague Philharmonic, working with the “Bulgarian Women” in a cathedral, singing my music; working in New York with Tony Levin; working in Peter Gabriel’s studio with Steve Hackett and Bill Bruford, filming everything as well – so I had even been learning about video and documentary making. [...]

I’d even written some Bulgarian poems in the archaic style of Bulgarian folk poetry. It led to me working with a professor of Balkan poetry from the university of Boston to create the poems for the Bulgarian choir to sing. People keep asking me ‘why don’t you release it’ or ‘will you ever release it’? The answer is NO, I won’t release it because I never took it to the final stage, the mechanical stage: sequencing the album, mixing everything, making a design for the album cover and getting it all manufactured, making deals with distributors, publishing companies, getting the albums in the shops, you know, that kind of stuff for me is fairly tedious.

Three tracks from Legacy did appear on Voices of Life (Globe Music, GLMMA-2000-2), the Bulgarian Women's Choir's compilation—details in Yescography. Globe Music is Jobson's own label.

Universal Music Japan remastered and re-released the three UK album and The Green Album as SHM-CDs and Platinum SHM-CDs in Japan, including as a box set of all 4. Each comes with bonus material: U.K. adds "In the Dead of Night (Single Version)" and "Mental Medication" (Single Edit); Danger Money adds "Rendezvous 6:02 (Single Version)"; Night After Night adds b-side "When will You Realize?"; and The Green Album adds "Turn It Over (Single Edit)".

In the 1980s, Jobson worked on a follow-up to his 1983 The Green Album, to be called The Pink Album, but the project was never finished. To a fan after an Apr 2011 UK show, Jobson said he had plans to release the album. Further bits and bobs from Jobson's career have been released through the Zealots Lounge.

Sidonie Jordan - Peter Banks' ex-wife, a.k.a. Sydney Foxx

Jordan is still performing. She also appears on The Mars Tapes, a release of a 1979 Empire recording: see under Banks.

Gary Langan - engineer on 90125

Langan continues to work with Trevor Horn on various projects, including Producers and Seal's Soul 2see under Horn. The second Buggles album, Adventures in Modern Recording, which Langan largely engineered, was re-released on CD with multiple bonus tracks, and Langan did front of house sound for the one-off Buggles show in Sep 2010: see under Horn.

Alex Lasarenko - additional keyboards on Union

Lasarenko creative director (New York) at Elias Associates, leading the company with brothers Scott and Jonathan Elias. He continues to work doing music for films and commercials.

Levin - bass with ABWH and on Union. Homepage; MySpace page

One of Levin's main project is Stick Men, with Levin (Chapman Stick), Pat Mastelotto (KTU, ex-King Crimson, The Flower Kings; acoustic and electronic drums and percussion) and Markus Reuter (works with Mastelotto; U8 Touch Guitar, live looping). They tour regularly, with 2 Japanese dates in Apr 2015, a Latin American tour 14 May-3 Jun, then European dates 29 Sep-22 Oct 2015. They were joined by David Cross (ex-King Crimson; violin, keys) in Japan, with a live album of a show available digitally from Bandcamp and entitled Midori - Live in Tokyo 2015 - First Show (recording engineer: Robert Frazza, mixed by Benni Schäfer/Reuter, produced by Reuter). The album will also be released on CD, but in Japan only. The band are working towards a new studio album; Levin and Reuter spent time writing together for the group in Berlin in Feb 2015.

Their album Supercollider (Iapetus), out 21 Oct 2014, is a 2CD release. Disc one (Collider: Best of 2010-2014) is a compilation of their preceding albums; tracks: "SOUP", "Concussion", "Smudge", "Sepia (Edit)", "Nude Ascending Staircase", "Breathless (Live)", "Horatio", "Pomegranate", "Crack in the Sky", "Absalom", "OPEN, Pt. 3", "Cusp", "Firebird (Live)", "Whale Watch". The second disc (Unleashed: Live Improvs 2013) consists of 13 tracks recorded live by Frazza, mixed by Schäfer/Reuter, and produced by Reuter; tracks: "Cincinnati", "Norfolk", "Chicago" (3:05), "Cambridge" (6:18), "Montreal I", "Niagara Falls", "Bearsville I" (5:31), "Bearsville II", "Detroit" (3:05), "Sellersville", "Annapolis", "New York" (6:24), "Montreal II". "OPEN, Pt. 3" is also included on the digital-only Iapetus Media compilation, Iapetus Compilation 2014, and another Stick Men piece is on the digital-only compilation, Touch Guitars Compilation 2014, both compiled by Reuter and Fletcher.

2011 saw a collaborative instrumental album by a trio of Tony Levin (bass, Stick), Alan White (drums, percussion) and David Torn (worked with Bill Bruford, Terry Bozzio, David Bowie; guitar, textural events), produced by Scott Schorr. See details on main page. A follow-up project is now out: Levin Minnemann Rudess (YouTube preview; Lazy Bones), produced by Schorr and Levin. The album sees Levin (basses, Stick, cello) joined by Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally, ex-UK; drums, guitar) and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater; keys). A deluxe edition (with additional DVD including audio and video material) is also available (the first 1000 only were signed and have now sold out). Samples are here. The album was #1 in US Amazon's Hard Rock category. Tracks:
  1. "Marcopolis"
  2. "Twitch"
  3. "Frumious Banderfunk"
  4. "The Blizzard"
  5. "Mew"
  6. "Afa Vulu"
  7. "Descent"
  8. "Scrod"
  9. "Orbiter"
  10. "Enter the Core"
  11. "Ignorant Elephant"
  12. "Lakeshore Lights"
  13. "Dancing Feet"
  14. "Service Engine" (with vocals by Minnemann)

In the Apr 2014 issue of Prog, Rudess mooted doing a follow-up album.

The Levin Brothers are Tony Levin (bass, cello) and his brother, Pete Levin (worked with Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter, Annie Lennox, Chuck Mangione; piano, organ). They have made an album in the style of '50s jazz, Levin Brothers (Lazy Bones Recording), due Sep 2014. The 16 tracks on the CD (14 basic + 2 bonus tracks) were written by the two Levins, save for a cover of King Crimson's "Matte Kudasai"; a limited edition vinyl has 12 tracks and comes with a download of the 14 basic CD tracks. Those pre-ordering through Lazy Bones Recording get an additional download track, "Azalea". Also performing are David Spinozza (L'Image, ex-Saturday Night Live, worked with Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Billy Joel; guitar), Erik Lawrence (Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble Band; tenor sax), Jeff "Siege" Siegel (worked with Roland Hanna, Kenny Burrell, Jack DeJohnette, Helen Merrill; drums) and Steve Gadd (worked with Peter Gabriel, Chick Corea, Chuck Mangione, Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, James Taylor; drums on "Bassics" and "Fishy Takes a Walk"). The album was produced by the Levin Brothers and Scott Schorr, engineered and mixed by Scott Petito (ex-The Fugs), and mastered by Larry DeVivo; liner notes were by journalist (and long-time friend to this website) Anil Prasad. As a trio, the band performed one show in New York state on 31 Jan 2014 as a warm-up, with album recording in Jan/Feb 2014. Material was written and prepared late 2013 and into Jan 2014.

They played live dates early 2015 and returned with 2 New York states shows 12-13 Jun.

King Crimson, Crimson ProjeKct and other related projects YouTube
In Sep 2013, Robert Fripp announced a new 7-man King Crimson of himself (guitar), Levin (bass, Stick, upright electric bass, backing vocals), Pat Mastelotto (KTU, ex-King Crimson, The Flower Kings; drums), Gavin Harrison (ex-Porcupine Tree; drums), Mel Collins (ex-21st Century Schizoid Band, worked with Chris Squire; saxes, flutes) and, new to King Crimson, Jakko M Jakszyk (ex-21st Century Schizoid Band, worked with Dave Stewart; as "primary vocalist and secondary guitarist", in Fripp's words to him) and Bill Rieflin (ex-Ministry, ex-R.E.M., worked with Fripp, Nine Inch Nails; drums, Mellotron, synth, vocals). Levin and Harrison previously played on an album by Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins, billed as a King Crimson ProjeKct and detailed below.

The new Crimson toured the US with 18 dates in Sep/Oct 2014; 3 New York shows sold out. An article in the Sep 2014 issue of Uncut confirmed that all the shows were to be recorded for possible release. Sid Smith explained: "A lot of folks have been asking about the availability of downloads from the last tour. [...] there are no downloads of the 2014 tour envisaged at this stage. Jakko Jakszyk is currently listening through all the recordings of the concerts assessing what might be made available for release in the spring of 2015." A 40-minute 'mini-album' from the tour was released 13-27 Jan 2015, entitled Live at the Orpheum (recorded 30 Sep-1 Oct), mixed/engineered by Harrison/Jakszyk/Fripp/Mark Vreeken. The album is available as a CD, DVD-A in Hi-Res stereo, vinyl and download. Tracks:

  1. "Walk On: Monk Morph Chamber Music"
  2. "One More Red Nightmare"
  3. "Banshee Legs Bell Hassle"
  4. "The ConstruKction of Light"
  5. "The Letters"
  6. "Sailor's Tale"
  7. "Starless"

A Sep 2013 article in Uncut reported Fripp saying there were no plans for the new line-up to enter the studio and that they would play "reconfigured" versions of existing Crimson material. The 2014 Uncut article then said that "Fripp has made a start" on new material, but quotes him: "we don't have the time for me to continue that process at the moment." In the Sep 2014 issue of Prog, Mastelotto says, "I'd love to see this line-up in the studio. [...] Can I control that? No way. But I know we'd make a great record." Jakszyk says: "We're all of a mind where we are more than happy to continue doing this into the foreseeable future[.] As well as the older material being completely re-evaluated and reconstructed, there's some material that's been written and recorded with five of the current members post-A Scarcity of Miracles, which has yet to be played live and has never been released. I've been writing new material, as has Robert, and we've been discussing that." A 13-date north-west European tour 31 Aug-25 Sep 2015 followed, then a 10-date Canadian tour 13-29 Nov and 7 Japanese dates, 7-21 Dec. A 3 Nov 2014 DGM update then described Fripp and Jakszyk as "busy working on new material this week" (although it does not say whether this new material is for King Crimson). A later report had the band working on new Crimson material and a full live album from the early 2015 tour. Band rehearsals for this latest round of touring took place in mid-Jul 2015 (following drummer-only rehearsals) in Suffolk, as documented by Levin on his website (and note Jakszyk playing flute). Rehearsals resumed at a different studio in England on 16 Aug prior to the tour. Levin described the band "trying to approach the 'classic' material as if it's new, trying to fashion approaches that haven't been used before, and, with so many talented players in one place, trying to find ways to have a musical slot for everyone." He also said "we do a few new pieces with extended sections of drums only". An Aug 2015 interview talked with Jakszyk said, "He and Robert Fripp have also been working on new material, which may or may not form the basis for a new King Crimson record." The 3 new pieces that have been developed are called "Radical Action (To Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind)", which is an intro to "Meltdown", and "Suitable Grounds for the Blues". On the opening night of the European tour, they played: [SPOILERS—highlight to read] "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One", "Pictures of a City", "Suitable Grounds for the Blues", "One More Red Nightmare", "Radical Action"/"Meltdown", "Hell Hounds", "Easy Money", "The ConstruKction of Light", "Banshee Bells", "Epitaph", "The Letters", "Sailor's Tale", "Interlude", "Red", "Starless", "Devil Dogs", "The Court of the Crimson King", "21st Century Schizoid Man". Shows varied somewhat from night to night, with the second having the following set: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One", "One More Red Nightmare", "VROOOM", "Suitable Grounds for the Blues", "Radical Action"/"Meltdown", "Hell Hounds", "Easy Money", "The ConstruKction of Light", "Level 5", "Epitaph", "Interlude", "The Talking Drum", "The Letters", "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two", "Starless", "Devil Dogs", "Red", "The Court of the Crimson King", "21st Century Schizoid Man". After which Levin said on his website, "And we have a few more pieces ready, that we haven't fit into a set yet." Jakszyk has said they have rehearsed about 3 hours of material. Fripp does Soundscapes for the walk-on music. On the opening night of the Japanese leg, the set was: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One", "Pictures of a City", "Epitaph", "Radical Action I/Meltdown/Radical Action II", "Level Five", "Peace—An End", "Hell Hounds", "The ConstruKction of Light", "The Letters", "Banshee Bells", "Easy Money", "The Talking Drum", "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two", "Starless"; encore: "Devil Dogs", "The Court of the Crimson King", "21st Century Schizoid Man". Shortly before the Japanese leg of touring, the band said they were considering live audio and video from this line-up's touring, with a 2017 release date mooted.

A Sep 2016 northern European tour has now also been announced, with dates in the UK (2), Germany (2), Czech Rep. (1), Poland (4, all sold out), Denmark (1) and Norway (3). The first 2 Norwegian dates sold out in hours and a third has now been added.

Band rehearsals for the first US tour began in England in Jun 2014, as described by Levin here:

June 2
Once again, we've travelled to Jakko's home studio in England to rehearse (as we did last February.)

But this time it'll be the full band... well, next week it will. We started off today with just Jakko, Robert and myself, while Pat, Gavin and Bill are rehearsing the drum parts elsewhere. Mel will join us tomorrow, and next week we'll all be together for the first run throughs of music with the full band.

Rehearsals resumed for a week in Elstree in late Jul 2014. Further rehearsals were near Woodstock, NY from 25 Aug. Around early Jul 2014, Mastelotto said to a fan after a show that they were currently learning 16-18 songs spanning many albums, and that they hope to vary the set from night to night. A 1:15 clip of Fripp, Levin, Harrison, Mastelotto and Rieflin jamming in rehearsals was released as a free download on DGM Live, entitled "Venturing Unto Joy Pt 1", while the band's new YouTube channel has a video of a piece performed by the three drummers. There was a private warm-up show on 8 Sep; set: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One" (from Larks' Tongues in Aspic), "Pictures of a City" (In the Wake of Poseidon), "A Scarcity of Miracles" (A Scarcity of Miracles by Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins), "The ConstruKction of Light" (The ConstruKction of Light, as an instrumental), "One More Red Nightmare" (Red), new piece (performed by Jakszyk/Levin/Collins, the latter on flute)/"The Hell-Hounds of Krim" (as per the video on on the band's YouTube channel), "Red" (Red), "The Letters" (Islands), "Level 5" (The Power to Believe), "Hell's Bells" (a new percussion piece), "Sailor's Tale" (Islands), "The Light of Day" (A Scarcity of Miracles), "Talking Drum/Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two" (Larks' Tongues in Aspic), "Starless" (Red); encore: "Hoodoo" (new piece led by Rieflin), "21st Century Schizoid Man" (In the Court of the Crimson King, with new lyrics by Sinfield to update the song to be about Iraq rather than the Vietnam war). Levin and Mastelotto said they held back a few pieces for the tour. The opening night (9 Sep) was sold out and lasted about 1 hour 45 minutes; the set was the same as the warm-up show, but with "VROOOM/Coda: Marine 475" from THRAK instead of "Level 5". The set was similar, but with a different order, for the second night: "Level 5", "One More Red Nightmare", "A Scarcity of Miracles", "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One", "Pictures of a City", "The ConstruKction of Light", "Red", "Sailor's Tale", "VROOOM/Coda: Marine 475", "Hell's Bells", "The Light of Day", "Talking Drum/Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two", "Starless"; encore: "Hoodoo", "21st Century Schizoid Man". Sets continued to show some variation in order. Available on the 2014 tour and subsequently generally is an accompanying 2CD box set, The Elements of King Crimson, with archival material and 5 tracks from the Elstree rehearsals ("Hoodoo (extract)", ""Larks' Tongues in Aspic (extract)", "Three Headed Doom (part 1)", "Venturing Into Joy (edit)" and "The Hell-Hounds of Krim"): see details under Bruford. It appears a similar but new box set accompanies the 2015 tour. A live picture disc vinyl EP is also available on the 2015 tour; tracks: side 1—"21st Century Schizoid Man"; side 2—"Light of Day", "Hellhounds".

King Crimson were 6th in the Prog Readers' Poll 2015 in the Band of the Year category (won by The Enid), while Jakszyk was 9th in the Male Vocalist category (won by The Enid's Joe Payne). Fripp came 6th in the Guitarist category (won by Guthrie Govan), with Levin 7th in the Bassist category (won by Nick Beggs). In the Drummer category, Harrison came 3rd and Mastelotto, 9th (won by Marco Minnemann). Fripp was also 5th in the Man of the Year category (won by Steven Wilson). The band's UK tour came 5th in the Event of the Year category (won by Big Big Train live).

News of archival Crimson releases is under Bruford, including THRAK BOX, a 16-disc set.

Levin and Mastelotto have also been part of The Crimson ProjeKCt, consisting of Levin (Stick, bass, backing vocals), Mastelotto (drums, percussion) and Belew (vocals, guitar) joined by Julie Slick (bass) and Tobias Ralph (drums, percussion) of the Adrian Belew Power Trio and Markus Reuter (touch guitars) from Stick Men, who play King Crimson music live. The band began when Levin, Mastelotto and Belew held the 3 of a Perfect Pair Camp in Aug 2011. Further Camps followed, with the next 11-15 Aug 2014. The trio played an associated show on 25 Aug 2011, largely of King Crimson pieces, including "3 of a Perfect Pair", "Elephant Talk", "Frame by Frame", "Indiscipline", "Thela Hun Ginjeet", "Sleepless", "Dinosaur", "One Time", "Thrak" and "Red". Partway through the show, they were joined by Slick and Ralph as a preview of the Two of a Perfect Trio tour of the US/Canada. This was in Sep/Oct 2011 and saw sets by the Stick Men (towards 1 hour long), then the Adrian Belew Power Trio (Belew—guitar, Slick—bass, Ralph—drums; set towards 1 hour long), then Belew/Levin/Mastelotto play a few King Crimson pieces, and eventually all 6 musicians playing some further Crimson material. In all, the total Crimson set is ~1 hour long. Sets varied from night to night. As examples, the Stick Men set list in Carrboro was "Smudge", "Soup", "Breathless" (from Robert Fripp's Exposure), "Slow Glide", "Relentless", their cover of Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite" in 4 movements; set list in Phoenixville: "Smudge", "Supercollider", "Slow Glide", "Breathless", "Relentless", "Firebird Suite"; the set in San Franciso included "VROOM VROOOM". The Adrian Belew Power Trio set includes material from Belew's albums Young Lions, Inner Revolution, Op Zop Too Wah and e; in San Franciso, they included a King Crimson tune. Belew/Levin/Mastelotto have played pieces including "3 of a Perfect Pair", "Elephant Talk" and "Sleepless". In San Franciso, they were then joined by Reuter for "Red". "Red" was not played on the opening night. At some other shows, I think it was played by the full 6-piece band. Crimson material played by all 6 has included "B'Boom", "Thrak", "Dinosaur", "Frame by Frame", "Indiscipline", "Thela Hun Ginjeet". The opening night had an attendance of ~500. Alan White attended the Seattle show.

At the suggestion of Fripp, they then took on the name of the Crimson ProjeKct and supported Dream Theater on their Jun/Jul 2012 US tour. Set: "B'Boom", "THRAK", "Dinosaur", "Elephant Talk", "Red", "Frame by Frame", "Thela Hun Ginjeet", "Indiscipline". The 3 Jul 2013 show was sold out (1,191 tickets; $59,876 gross); the 19 Jun show sold 785 tickets ($27,475 gross). During this period, they also played a 17 Jul show without Dream Theater (along the lines of the Two of a Perfect Trio tour: Stick Men, Adrian Belew Power Trio, "Crim-centric encore"). At the 18 Jul show, Levin joined Dream Theater during their set for a performance of Liquid Tension Experiment's "Paradigm Shift", and then Levin, Belew and Mastelotto joined Dream Theater for an extra encore of "21st Century Schizoid Man". 3 Japanese dates in Mar 2013 followed. Out is a live album, Official Bootleg Live 2012, taken from their 2012 dates support Dream Theater, available as a download or CD. Tracks: "B'Boom" (5:17), "THRAK" (4:10), "Dinosaur" (5:01), "Elephant Talk" (4:50), "Red" (6:37), "Frame by Frame" (4:01), "Thela Hun Ginjeet" (6:10), "Indiscipline" (9:37). A wider release then comes in the form of Live in Tokyo (InsideOut), out 3 Mar 2014; tracks:

  1. "B'Boom" (8:56)
  2. "THRAK" (6:05)
  3. "Frame by Frame" (3:59)
  4. "Dinosaur" (5:11)
  5. "Industry" (8:35)
  6. "Elephant Talk" (4:48)
  7. "VROOOM VROOOM" (5:12)
  8. "Sleepless" (6:12)
  9. "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part II" (6:26)
  10. "Indiscipline" (8:56)
  11. "Red" (6:10)
  12. "Thela Hun Ginjeet" (6:24)
Buy from Amazon (UK):

They tour extensively in 2014: there were 22 dates in and beyond Europe, 5 Mar-4 Apr (covering Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland, Norway, France, UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, the Czech Rep., Italy and Latvia); an appearance on Cruise to the Edge 2014; and then Jun 2014 dates in Australia/New Zealand (re-scheduled from Jan). Instead of Stick Men, the Power Trio and the sextet having separate sets, they are now more mixed up, with different combinations of players joining and leaving the stage. The 7 Mar 2014 set list was: [SPOILERS—highlight to read] (all) "B'Boom", "THRAK", "Dinosaur", "Elephant Talk", "Frame by Frame", "Sleepless", (Power Trio) "b", "Neurotica", "e", "Three of a Perfect Pair", (Stick Men) "Hide the Tree", "Soup", "Open, part 2", "Breathless", "Firebird Suite", (all) "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part II", "One Time", "Red", "Indiscipline", "In the Court of the Crimson King (extract; Belew solo), "Thela Hun Ginjeet". The set has varied somewhat on other nights, including Belew/Levin playing a duo arrangement of "Matte Kudasai" at some later dates. 1 Aug 2014 set (at Burg Herzberg Festival): "Sultry Kiss", "B'Boom", "THRAK", "Dinosaur", "Frame by Frame", "Sleepless", "Neurotica", "Crack in the Sky", "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two", "Three of a Perfect Pair", "Matte Kudasai", "e", improvisation, "Breathless", "Indiscipline", "Red". Reuter's opening improvisations from the ProjeKct's tours have been compiled into 3 digital-only albums on Iapetus: Sultry Kissing Lounge (from the spring 2014 tour), Quit Being So Gray (summer 2014 European tour), and Sultry Kiss (Australia/New Zealand dates).

The Three of a Perfect Pair Camp by Belew, Levin and Mastelotto ran again 11-5 Aug 2014 in Big Indian, NY. Reuter was also in attendance.

In a summer 2012 interview, Belew said that there are no plans by the band to develop new material or record a studio album.

There has not been any real talk of developing the music in a new way. In other words, writing new music for this particular line up. [...] I don't see it yet as a viable new group to put out new music [...] because without Robert Fripp involved in it, it wouldn't really be King Crimson. That's why we don't call it King Crimson. [...] It is 3 members of King Crimson paying tribute to the music of King Crimson. I'd like to keep it at that. If we were going to do new music, hmmm... I don't know. We'd have to change directions or do something that makes sense. There has to be a reason...

[...] I think it's something that could have another life. The only life that makes sense right now is to record live what we're doing

[...] We don't have the organization put together around it to take it any further [...] I think the next step, if you wanted to go beyond that, is you'd want to have some management, and you'd want to have a larger crew and so forth. [...] That's not really where we're at with this yet. It may never get to that. If it does, then we could take it seriously as far as putting something together that we'd be proud for people to buy and see forever.

In the Sep 2014 issue of Prog, Levin characterised The Crimson ProjeKct and the new King Crimson line-up so: "I can't speak for everybody in The Crimson ProjeKct, but to me, the sense of it is, 'Let's go out and have fun and do songs that we've done before for so many years [...] Let's not rehearse, let's not come up with any approach that's new. Let's not rehearse at all [...] Let's not take on new material, let's just have fun.' [...] that feels like Adrian's approach. I could be wrong. [...] Being in this King Crimson couldn't be more opposite." In the same article, Fripp explains Belew's absence: "this was not a Crimson which I could invite Adrian to join because it's not Adrian's material. He's out playing with The Crimson ProjeKCt [see above] so he's fine, but this isn't a Crimson for Adrian." However, the article then implies that the Crimson ProjeKct has now ended, quoting Mastelotto as saying, "It just felt there was a little conflict of interest." In a Nov 2014 interview with Belew, he explained:

[When I was in King Crimson,] it didn’t seem right to me to be going back and playing “In the Court of the Crimson King” or something like that. I think now that’s what he [Fripp] wants to be doing so he’s gone back to that period and it makes sense that I’m not a part of it because I wasn’t a part of it then. So when he told me about it I said, well if you’re not doing the music that I was a part of or wrote or co-wrote then I have no bone with any of it. If you’re doing more of the later music though then I think I should be there. In a sense he made the determination to go back to the beginning – I heard good things about it so am happy it all worked out.

The Adrian Belew Power Trio continues to tour, with sets including Crimson material. There was a one-off show billed as Belew, Levin, Mastelotto & Friends on 13 Aug 2015 at the Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, NY.

A Scarcity of Miracles was released by Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins. The album is labelled a King Crimson ProjeKct, reflecting its ties to the band. The line-up consisted of Jakko M Jakszyk (ex-21st Century Schizoid Band, worked with Dave Stewart; guitars, vocals, keys, guzheng), Robert Fripp (guitar, Soundscapes) and Mel Collins (ex-21st Century Schizoid Band, ex-King Crimson, worked with Chris Squire; alto and soprano saxophone, flute) with Tony Levin (bass, Stick) and Gavin Harrison (drums, percussion). Tracks:
  1. A Scarcity Of Miracles (7.27)
  2. The Price We Pay (4.49)
  3. Secrets (7.48)
  4. This House (8.37)
  5. The Other Man (5.59)
  6. The Light Of Day (9.02)
Levin (bass, Stick) and Mastelotto (drums, percussion, electronics) are also working in HoBoLeMa, an improvisational group with drummer Terry Bozzio (ex-UK, ex-Bozzio Levin Stevens, ex-Frank Zappa) and guitarist Allan Holdsworth (ex-UK, ex-Gong, ex-Soft Machine, ex-Level 42). They toured the US and Europe in 2010.

Other collaborations and sessions
Levin played bass on 5 out of 14 tracks on David Bowie's album The Next Day, including on the debut single, "Where are We Now?" That track and further ones including Levin are now included on Bowie's compilation album, Nothing has Changed, out Nov 2014. (The album also includes tracks with Rick Wakeman.)

Levin has long worked with Peter Gabriel. Levin toured with Gabriel, including European dates Sep/Oct 2013 and Apr/May 2014. In late 2015, he was recording with Gabriel for a future project.

Fuzbee's Dreams and Other Living Things, released Oct 2014, includes appearances by Levin, David Sancious and Jerry Marotta.

Ronan Chris Murphy (worked with Alan White, King Crimson, Bozzio/Levin/Stevens, Mars Hollow) is working on his debut solo album with Levin (bass, stick), Mastelotto (drums), Bozzio (drums) and Mike Keneally (Steve Vai, ex-Frank Zappa, ex-Stanley Snail; keys).

In Feb 2007, Geoff Downes described a prog rock project with himself on keys, Levin, Michael Holmes (IQ), Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, ex-Genesis), Thomas Lang (ex-John Wetton; drums) and Rob Aubrey (worked with Wetton/Downes; engineer)see more under Downes. Meanwhile, Rick Wakeman is considering a trio project with Levin and drummer Ian Paice (Deep Purple)see more under Wakeman.

Levin has guested on several projects organised by Billy Sherwood, including The Prog Collective and a Supertramp tribute album (see under Sherwood), and an album from Days Between Stations.

Levin has done numerous other sessions. His website lists many further session appearances.

Milton McDonald - additional guitar with ABWH. Website

McDonald has been playing with Take That, including a major tour in 2015 and promo work in 2014. He also toured with Take That's Gary Barlow in Oct 2014. The Take That band backed Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra at a one-off show in Sep 2014, now released as "Live in Hyde Park".

McDonald played with various artists at the Sep 2014 Ryder Cup Gala Concert, while other 2014 work included with Alfie Boe and Sharon Corr. 2013 included a European tour with Gianna Nannini and more touring with Barlow.

Frank Macchia - orchestrations on Magnification. Homepage (Little Evil Things); News

No current info

Mark Mancina - producer and composer on Union

No current info

Eddie Offord - production and engineering on numerous Yes albums

Offord lives in South Carolina and had retired from the music business. However, he re-emerged to produce a forthcoming album, Comes in Phases, by New York City band The Midnight Moan, led by Andrew Paine Bradbury (vocals, guitar, harmonica), with Ricky Gordon (drums), Joe Sweeney (bass), Brian Baker (guitar), Steve Cuiffo (guitar) and Doug Anson (guitar). The debut single from the album, "Short Stay", was released digitally on Bandcamp.

Steve Porcaro - additional keyboards on "Open Your Eyes" and Union

Porcaro is working on a solo album with guitarist Jimmy Haun (worked with Yes, Jon Anderson, ex-CIRCA:, ex-Yoso, ex-Chris Squire Experiment) and keyboardist Michael Sherwood (worked with Yes, Jon Anderson, ex-Conspiracy; Billy's elder brother), with both of whom he has worked before. Sherwood described (Facebook, 22 Jul 2014) songs "we've cowritten over a number of years.. I'll spare you the actual number of years." In a Something Else interview, Apr 2015, Sherwood talked more about his writing partnership with Porcaro stretching back many years:

Sherwood: we’re sitting on a mountain of music right now.

Interviewer: Tell me about the song writing process with Steve?

Sherwood: We usually write in the same room, with Steve having a concept for the melody [...] I’ll listen to his guide vocal and develop lyrics on that, and we go back and forth. We’ve been doing it this wa[y] for 20 years. We have so much material now with Mike [Porcaro] playing bass [...] Even when Mike couldn’t play, he would dictate his notes for the music. Another very generous soul. I push Steve constantly to move forward with his music, to finish songs.

Porcaro (keys, vocals) is in Toto with Steve Lukather (guitars, vocals, keys), David Paich (keys, vocals) and Joseph Williams (vocals), with Keith Carlock (worked with Sting, Faith Hill, Steely Dan; drums). The band continue to tour in 2015 with Porcaro, Lukather, Paich, Williams, Shannon Forest (drums; Carlock having prior commitments to Steely Dan), former Toto member David Hungate (bass), Lenny Castro (worked with Adele, Boz Scaggs, Elton John, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Mars Volta; percussion), Jenny Douglas (backing vocals) and Mabvuto Carpenter (backing vocals). European dates were May-Jul, with the band then touring North America with Yes in Aug/Sep (see main Yes page for details), and then further dates elsewhere round the world to follow.

Their new album, Toto XIV (Frontiers Music SRL; EPK here), has been mixed and mastered (Nov 2014) and is now out worldwide. Formats include a 2-disc deluxe edition with DVD (including interviews), 2LP and limited edition boxset. The album was performed by Porcaro (keys, vocals), Lukather (guitars, vocals, bass), Paich (keys, vocals), Williams (vocals), Carlock (drums), Hungate (bass), Tal Wilkenfeld (worked with Trevor Rabin; bass), Leland Sklar (bass), Tim Lefebvre (bass), Lenny Castro (percussion), Martin Tillman (worked with Sting, Air Supply, Elton John, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams; cello), Michael McDonald (backing vocals). Backing vocals were also supplied by Amy Keys (worked with Phil Collins), Carpenter, Jamie Savko and Amye Williams. The album includes 2 co-writes and a bonus track co-write by Michael Sherwood. CJ Vanston (worked with Steve Lukather, Prince, 'NSync, Ringo Starr, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Spinal Tap) played additional synths, engineered and co-produced. The band worked on the album from Dec 2013-Dec 2014. Porcaro described the album as "our follow-up to TOTO IV", while Paich has compared it to Toto, Toto IV and The Seventh One. Tracks:

  1. "Running Out of Time" [Lukather/Paich/Williams] (4:06; lead vocals: Williams; bass: Lefebvre)
  2. "Burn" [Williams/Paich] (4:56; lead vocals: Williams; bass: Sklar)
  3. "Holy War" [Lukather/Vanston/Williams] (5:24; lead vocals: Williams/Lukather; bass: Sklar), available streaming
  4. "21st Century Blues" [Lukather/Vanston] (6:08; lead vocals: Lukather; bass: Hungate)
  5. "Orphan" [Paich/Williams/Lukather] (3:55; lead vocals: Williams; bass: Lukather), video promo
  6. "Unknown Soldier (for Jeffrey)" [Paich/Lukather] (5:06; lead vocals: Lukather; bass: Lukather)
  7. "The Little Things" [Porcaro/Allee Willis] (4:34; lead vocals: Porcaro; backing vocals: Williams; bass: Hungate), written by Porcaro
  8. "Chinatown" [Paich/Sherwood] (5:07; lead vocals: Paich/Williams/Lukather; bass: Hungate; saxophone: Tom Scott)
  9. "All the Tears that Shine" [Paich/Sherwood] (5:09; lead vocals: Paich; backing vocals: McDonald; bass: Wilkenfeld)
  10. "Fortune" [Williams] (4:46; lead vocals: Williams/Lukather; bass: Wilkenfeld)
  11. "Great Expectations" [Paich/Williams/Lukather] (6:48; lead vocals: Paich/Williams/Lukather; bass: Lukather), Lukather said (9 May 2014), "I was channeling my inner Chris Squire [...] today. I played bass on our huge epic tune 'Great Expecta[t]ions' today."
  12. "Bend" [Porcaro/Sherwood] (2:48; lead vocals & all instruments: Porcaro), Japanese bonus track only
Buy deluxe edition CD+DVD from Amazon (UK):

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Lukather also said: "'Great Expectations' is a huge nod to 1970s prog rock like Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd. It's all in there. Shameless nods to our heroes? Sure. Why not? I'm not ashamed of that. Our favorite music shaped us into who we are." The album made #4 in Germany, #2 in the Netherlands, #2 in Japan, #7 in Denmark, #10 in Czech Rep., #5 in Finland, #6 in Norway, #4 in Sweden and #3 in Switzerland. It also made #11 in Austria, #12 in South Korea, #28 in Flanders & #33 in Wallonia (Belgium), #17 in France, #16 in Italy, #15 in Hungary, #43 in the UK, #75 in Ireland, and #98 in the US (#18 in Rock albums).

In Sherwood's 2015 interview, he talks more about material on the album. "Bend" with Sherwood singing was recorded for Porcaro's solo project. The music for "Chinatown" dates back to 1977, with Sherwood brought in to work on a revised lyric, co-written with Paich, in 2014. "All the Tears that Shine" was written by Paich and Sherwood "a year or so ago", with, according to Sherwood, "no intention to write a Toto song; Dave and I were just writing a song. I actually sang the original." Paich said in an album commentary that he began work on the song at the end of sessions for Toto's earlier album, Falling in Between.

Porcaro continues to do soundtrack work.

Graham Preskett - violin on 90125. Official website

Preskett writes music for TV, film and adverts, as well as doing session work.

Ryan Rabin - Trevor's son

Ryan drums in and produces Grouplove (MySpace; Facebook). The rest of the group are Christian Zucconi (lead vocals, guitar), Sean Gadd (bass), Hannah Hooper (worked with Trevor Rabin; vocals, keys, artwork) and Ryan's childhood friend, Andrew Wessen (lead guitar); they are managed by Nicky and Ben Berger. Their second album, Spreading Rumours (Atlantic; produced by Ryan), was released Sep 2013. The band continue to play live.

Captain Cuts is a songwriting/production/remix team consisting of Ryan Rabin, Ryan McMahon and Ben Berger, although not all three are involved all projects (several 2015 Captain Cuts credits, including on the very succesful "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon, are just to McMahon and Berger). Work includes Rabin producing "Rites of Passage" on Third Eye Blind's 2015 album Dopamine (US #13), and the team co-writing and producing R5's "All Night", the opening track on their 2015 album Sometime Last Night. The trio also co-wrote "Crave", a bonus tracks on some versions of Queen of the Clouds, by Tove Lo.

Ryan played on his father's solo album, Jacaranda (see here).

Randy Raine-Reusch - world instruments on The Ladder. Homepage; News

No current info

Bobby & Phyllis Sherwood - Billy's parents. MySpace page

Phyllis is retired. Their MySpace page has several songs by the couple's band.

Michael Sherwood- backing vocals on Union; Billy's brother. Michael Sherwood's Tangled Web (Homepage); MySpace page

Michael Sherwood and Christian Newsmith released on 8 Jun 2015 a new 16-track digital-only album, Groovy Lemon Pie, through BandCamp. The album was recorded in the 1990s. Artwork was by Nesmith's partner, Circe Link. Sherwood and Nesmith both play live with Circe Link. Sherwood is also planning to release another 1990s project, this one with Michiko Freemond and called Milk, with the band also including Juliana DiMaggio Diaz, Fren Asken, Dean Chrysler Cameron and Robin Bissell.

Swifty's Bazaar is a new collaboration between M. Sherwood and Andrew Rosenthal (ex-Martini Ranch). Their album is entitled Everything You Hear is for Sale (duration 54:12; Facebook promo).

Michael played live in Jul 2015 with Nancy Gardos, with Christopher Allis, Fren Asken, Jeremy Cohen, Zoenda McIntosh and Circe Link.

Michael's Tangletown band reunited for a California show on 8 Mar 2014, with CC White, Steve McCormick, Tom Fellicetta, Fren Asken, Christopher Allis, Michiko Freemond, Juliana DiMaggio Diaz, Juliet Prater, Sally Shim and others. Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire, Alan White and Steve Porcaro were in the audience.

Sherwood was working on a new solo album by Jon Anderson, with long-time collaborators Jonathan Elias and Jimmy Haun: see under Anderson for details. Sherwood and Haun are also working on a Steve Porcaro solo album, while Sherwood has three co-writes on Toto's forthcoming Toto XIV album: see under Porcaro for details. Sherwood also wrote and sand a song in the film "Boulevard": see under Haun, who co-scored the film, for details.

Sherwood played keys for country & western artist John Spicer's debut album, Crossing Over, due soon. Lead single "Pretty Good at Lovin' You" (YouTube) has been released digitally. Also performing are Spicer (vocals, guitar), Patrick Caccia (drums), Jennifer Lynn (fiddle, strings), Mico Olmos (bass) and Mike Winner. Tom Fletcher (co-produced Yes's Keys to Ascension) produced, mixed and engineered.

Sherwood plays live with Danny Peck. He also plays live with Nancy Gardos. He also writes for music production houses. Brother Billy described on Facebook in early May 2012:

Just finishing 3 mixes for my brother Mike, among other things Mike writes for music production houses (for film/jingle/source) todays mission is 3 songs that have a totally 80's vibe... and it's done really well lol... Mike nailed the vibe and Christian Nesmith did all the gtr and bass work, it's really cool sounding stuff !! The producer of the project is on his way over to finalize these mixes... I have it al sounding very "analog", old school.

And then:

3 MIXES approved by the producer of "Killer Tracks" and sent off to mastering...


Jill Sinclair - Trevor Horn's wife. ZTT homepage

In Jun 2006, Jill Sinclair was accidentally hit in the neck with an air rifle pellet while in her garden. As a result, Sinclair suffered irreversible brain damage from hypoxia, leaving only her lower brain functions and no chance for recovery. Horn said in a Jun 2012 Sunday Times interview: "She cannot speak, move, or smile. The only expression she can show is of discomfort." She passed away late Mar 2014; my commiserations to Trevor Horn and their family.

Peter Sinfield - lyrics for "Run with the Fox". Song Soup on the Sea homepage

Sinfield is working on a new solo album, entitled Thread to Heaven, co-produced by Poli Palmer. In a Jan 2008 blog, Jakko M. Jakszyk talked of writing for the album. He may also be working with the David Cross/Andrew Keeling collaboration.

Esoteric re-released a 2CD remastered and expanded version of Sinfield's solo album Still on the Manticore imprint (mantcd21003). This includes the two bonus tracks from the 1994 Stillusion expanded re-release and further early mixes. Tracks: CD1, the album mix—"The Song of the Sea Goat", "Under the Sky", "Will It be You", "Wholefood Boogie", "Still", "Envelopes of Yesterday", "The Piper", "A House of Hopes and Dreams", "The Night People"; CD2, early mixes and bonus tracks—"Hanging Fire" (previously released on Stillusion), "Still (first mix)", "The Song of the Sea Goat", "Under the Sky", "Wholefood Boogie", "Envelopes of Yesterday", "The Piper", "A House of Hopes and Dreams", "The Night People", "Still (second mix)", "Can You Forgive a Fool?"(previously released on Stillusion).

Nikki Squire - Chris's ex-wife. Homepage

Nikki Squire is guesting on a forthcoming album entitled The Hope from Mark Trueack, the vocalist from Australian progressive rock band Unitopia. The album is co-directed by Stephen Layton (worked with Jon Anderson, ex-The Expression, ex-Like Oxygen) and Jon Anderson also guests: details under Anderson here.

Nikki Squire (vocals) and Nigel McLaren (bass, backing vocals) re-formed Esquire and have been working on some new material in London with Robbie Blunt (ex-Robert Plant; guitar), Lisa LaRue (MySpace page; worked with John Payne, Gilli Smyth, Tommy Zvoncheck; keys) and others. Seven pieces are available as digital downloads from their MySpace page: "Stay Low" (with LaRue and backing vocals by Master Cassian Munro), "Where is the Love", "Ministry of Life", "Friends & Enemies", "She Said" (with Blunt), "It's Over", "Tonight" (with Blunt). Most of there can also be heard as streaming files.

There is also some unreleased Esquire material from over the years which could be released. She was interviewed in Notes from the Edge #232, in which she discussed some other possible forthcoming projects.

Daniela Torchia - Tony Kaye's wife. Homepage; MySpace page

Torchia's debut album was Have No Fear. It was executive produced by Kaye; see details of this and further collaboration under Kaye. See details of the album in the Yescography.

Vangelis Papathanassiou - composer on ABWH and Keys to Ascension 2. Homepage (under construction)

Vangelis has released a new 2CD compilation, The Collection (Rhino) in the UK (which includes "So Long Ago, So Clear", "I'll Find My Way Home", "State of Independence" and "I Hear You Now" with Jon Anderson).

"Race to the End" was a 1981 song released by Demis Roussos working with Vangelis, a vocal adaptation of the main theme from the film "Chariots of Fire". The lyrics were by Jon Anderson, at the time working with Vangelis as Jon & Vangelis. With "Chariots of Fire" a recurring theme in promotion for the 2012 Olympics, the song was covered by tenor Russell Watson (worked with Shaun Ryder; sang the theme tune for "Star Trek: Enterprise") and opens his recent album, Anthems (Sony Classical), released May 2012. It was also covered by soprano Laura Wright on her album Glorious, released the same month, and her version was included on the Jubilee-themed Now That's What I Call Britain, again out that month. Anderson himself also released a new version of the song (3:05 duration) as a digital single in the UK and US (Jul 2012), done without the involvement of Vangelis. An accompanying video is here.

Adam Wakeman - Rick's son. Official site; MySpace page; Twitter

Buy from Amazon (US):

Headspace (MySpace page; YouTube channel) consists of Adam Wakeman (keys), Damian Wilson (ex-Rick Wakeman, ex-Jeronimo Road; vocals), Pete Rinaldi (guitar), Lee Pomeroy (Rick Wakeman, Steve Hackett, Gary Barlow; bass) and Adam Falkner (drums). Their second album, All That You Fear is Gone (InsideOut), is out 26 Feb on CD, vinyl and download. This, their debut, I am Anonymous, and a third album to come make up a loose trilogy; Wilson has already started on lyrics for the third album. The music is largely written by Wakeman and Rinaldi, with lyrics and melodies from Wilson. Album sampler here. Tracks:

  1. "Road to Supremacy"
  2. "Your Life will Change", preview here
  3. "Polluted Alcohol"
  4. "Kill You with Kindness"
  5. "The Element"
  6. "The Science Within Us"
  7. "Semaphore"
  8. "The Death Bell"
  9. "The Day You Return"
  10. "All That You Fear is Gone"
  11. "Borders and Days"
  12. "Secular Souls"

They play the Ramblin' Man Fair, 24 Jul 2016, Maidstone, UK and the Cropredy Convention, near Banbury, UK, 11-13 Aug; and they plan to tour in Dec. In Jan 2016, Wilson and Wakeman also released an acoustic album together, Weir Keeper's Tale (album preview); tracks:

  1. "Seek for Adventure", preview here
  2. "Weir Keeper's Tale"
  3. "Catch You When You Fall"
  4. "Together Alone"
  5. "Murder in a Small Town"
  6. "Freedom is Everything"
  7. "God be My Judge"
  8. "People Come and Go"
  9. "Cold"
Buy from Amazon (UK):

Adam was reported to be working on a remix album, in a dance/chill out style, of tracks that he has produced.

Adam and father Rick have a new piano album expected and some live dates together: see under Rick Wakeman.

Adam Wakeman is in Black Sabbath, who continue to tour, and Ozzy Osbourne's band, with whom he was touring late 2013.

Adam (keys, vocals) is in Snakecharmer, with Micky Moody (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Company of Snakes; guitar, slide guitar, vocals), Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Company of Snakes, ex-National Health, ex-Brian May, ex-Jon Lord, ex-Black Sabbath; bass), Laurie Wisefield (ex-Wishbone Ash, ex-Tina Turner; guitar, vocals), Harry James (Magnum, ex-Thunder; drums, vocals) and Chris Ousey (Heartland, ex-Virginia Wolf; lead vocals). The band perform Whitesnake material and other songs from the members' back catalogues. They have played a handful of European dates from late 2011 through 2013. An eponymous debut album is out on Frontiers. A promo video of "Accident Prone" from the album is on YouTube, while four songs can be downloaded from their website. Tracks:
  1. "My Angel"
  2. "Accident Prone"
  3. "To the Rescue"
  4. "Falling Leaves"
  5. "A Little Rock & Roll"
  6. "Turn of the Screw"
  7. "Smoking Gun"
  8. "Stand Up"
  9. "Guilty as Charged"
  10. "Nothing to Lose"
  11. "A Breath Away"
  12. "Cover Me in You"
Buy from Amazon (UK):

Adam is now working with Inventioning, a spin-off from the Anderson Ponty Band; see here for details.

Benjamin Wakeman - Rick's son.

No current info

Jemma Wakeman - Rick's daughter. Twitter; SoundCloud

Jem is a songwriter, pianist and vocalist. She has made a number of demos available on her SoundCloud page. She performed with Rick and siblings Adam and Oliver at 2 shows on 15 Jun 2013 in Gloucester. She and Oliver play again with Rick on 7-8 Dec 2015 in Norfolk: see under Rick Wakeman for details. She now works as a videographer and designer for Surrey web design company 1minus1.

Nina (Wakeman) Carter - Rick's ex-wife: under Carter above

Oscar Wakeman - Rick's son

No current info

Tim Weidner - production on Magnification, mixing on Fragile DVD-A/Ultimate Yes. Sarm Management

Weidner has been working with Trevor Horn as an engineer, mixer, programmer and/or performer on a variety of projects, including Billy Idol's Kings & Queens of the Underground and Seal's 7see details under Horn.

Jesse White - Alan's son. Homepage

No current info

Steven Wilson - remixing on the Panegyric series of Yes re-releases. Official website

Wilson remains busy as a solo artist and doing remixing for other acts, including Yes, Steve Hackett (Premonitions boxset now out, with Please Don't Touch and Spectral Mornings to be released separately in 2016), Gentle Giant (most recently The Power and the Glory; then Octopus (Caroline-UMG in the US, Soulfood rest of the world), which comes with a new essay by Anil Prasad, interviews with band members and cover artist Roger Dean, and bonus live material), XTC (Drums and Wires and, now out, Oranges and Lemons), Tears for Fears (Songs from the Big Chair), Jethro Tull (including A Passion Play, Warchild, Minstrel in the Gallery and, due 27 Nov, Too Old to Rock'n'Roll, Too Young to Die) and Opeth (Damnation, available within a 4-disc set with Deliverance). Wilson said on Facebook in Oct 2015 that the next Jethro Tull remix project will probably be Stand Up, while he has also worked on a re-release of Roxy Music's debut album (release to be scheduled). Wilson's remixing work with King Crimson is covered under Bruford.

In the best reissue category of Prog magazine's Critics' Choice for 2014, King Crimson's Starless (including prior remixing work by Wilson) came first, The Yes Album was second, Relayer fourth and The Power and the Glory fifth.

Wilson and his band's latest solo release, Hand. Cannot. Erase. (Kscope), was released early 2015. The album made #13 in the UK (#1 in Rock; #2 in Indie), #39 in the US, #29 in Italy, #2 in the Netherlands, #11 in Norway and #4 in Finland. In the UK Progressive chart for Dec 2015, Wilson's Fragile remix is at #9, his Octopus is at #16 and Hand. Cannot. Erase. is at #15. The next month, Hand. Cannot. Erase. had risen to #10, with Fragile at #26 and Octopus out of the top 30.

Hand. Cannot. Erase. won Album of the Year and in the Multimedia category in the Prog Readers' Poll 2015, while Wilson won Man of the Year and made 6th in the Male Vocalist category (won by Joe Payne). Various members of Wilson's band also did well: Nick Beggs won best Bassist, while Adam Holzman was 2nd in Keyboards (won by Robert John Godfrey) and Craig Blundell 7th in Drummer (won by Marco Minnemann). Wilson and the band also came third in Event of the Year for their Royal Albert Hall show (won by Big Big Train live). Fragile won Reissue of the Year in the poll, with Octopus 2nd.

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