Where are they now? - Others associated with Yes

Where are they now? - Others associated with Yes
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Mabel Greer's Toyshop - Facebook

News on the main page.

Damion Anderson - Jon's son. SoundCloud; MySpace page

Damion has several songs available on his SoundCloud account. He did the music for sister Deborah's documentary "Aroused: The Lost Sensuality of a Woman": see below. An 11-track digital release came in Jun 2014.

In a Jun 2011 interview, Jon said he was writing material with Damion: see under Jon Anderson for details.

Deborah Anderson - Jon's daughter; backing vocals on ABWH. MySpace page; Deborah Anderson Photography; Twitter; Facebook

Deborah has made "Women of the White Buffalo" (89 minutes; trailer), a forthcoming, feature documentary film about the Lakota women living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, narrated by Rita Coolidge. The film premières 14 Nov in Beverly Hills, at the 24th Red Nation International Film Festival, with Deborah doing a Q&A afterwards. She directed, with the screenplay by her and Charlotte Chatton. The film was produced by Deborah Anderson, Adam Schomer and Kumiko Hayashi. It won Best Documentary Feature. She previously exhibited photos of the project at the Leica Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, in Jun 2018. The exhibit came to New York Soho Leica Gallery from 5 Mar.

Deborah's "Aroused: The Lost Sensuality of a Woman" (Twitter) was a feature documentary (directed and co-produced by Deborah) and limited edition photography art book about 16 adult industry performers: Jesse Jane, Belladonna, Katsuni, Allie Haze, Kayden Kross, April O'Neil, Francesca Lé, Lisa Ann, Brooklyn Lee, Alexis Texas, Asphyxia Noir, Teagan Presley, Ash Hollywood, Tanya Tate, Lexi Belle and Misty Stone. The documentary's music was by brother Damion.

Released Sep 2018 was Télépopmusik's compilation Rare Remixes, which includes "Into Everything - MFA Full Vocal Remix" (7:37) with Deborah, which I think was originally a 2005 promo-only release.

Deborah continues to do photography for her father. She did various promo shots for him, including of Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman rehearsals for the tour book and for his 1000 Hands project. She has also done videos for the Anderson/Stolt release, Invention of Knowledge and, according Jon, to also involve music from Trevor Rabin: see here for more. In early 2020, she described on Facebook doing promo photos for Julian Lennon.

Buy MP3 album:

Buy MP3 album:


Jade Hawkins (née Anderson) - Jon's daughter. MySpace page; YouTube page; Twitter; Official website (Japan)

In 2016, Jade (piano, vocals) and Eduardo del Signore (worked with Jon Anderson) performed a piece together at Pepperdine University, CA as part of del Signore's A Call 2 Peace concert.

Jade has been working as an actress and model. She has a documentary project entitled "The Divine9 Project".

Jeff Berlin - bass on An Evening of Yes Music Plus. Homepage; Facebook

Berlin has released a CD single of "Joe Frazier Round 3", based on his piece "Joe Frazier" for the band Bruford. While Berlin plays bass, he is joined by Steve Vai (guitar), Keith Carlock (drums), David Sancious (keys) and Tom Hemby (rhythm guitar). The b-side is a remastered version of "Joe Frazier Round 2", originally released on his album Pump It! Various formats exist.

Berlin is seeking to crowdsource a Jack Bruce tribute album, Songs for a Wailer. Berlin describes the project: "I've arranged every song with fresh interpretations making sure that each song retained the original spirit that Jack included in every tune he wrote."

Berlin runs The Players School of Music in Florida.

Tom Brislin - keys on YesSymphonic tour. Twitter

Brislin has joined Kansas, replacing David Manion, and is touring with them in 2019, beginning with the Rock Legends Cruise in Feb. In an early Feb 2019 interview, he reported having just done his first rehearsal with the band. He went on to say that "I'm an official member of Kansas, so my contributions to sound and songwriting are encouraged. We will record the next Kansas album this summer, aiming for a 2020 release." Recording was taking place in Aug-Oct 2019, with Brislin on keys and backing vocals. The band tour in 2020, including an 18 Oct London, UK date.

He played live at Musique Madeira in Ohio on 12 Jan 2019. This was an 80-minute solo set: "Stuff You Would Not Understand" (from his solo album Hurry Up and Smell the Roses), "Your Favorite Day" (Hurry Up...), "Visitor" (Hurry Up...), "They Know My Name" (The Sea Within), "Industry in the Distance" (Hurry Up...), "The Future" (Spiraling's Time Travel Made Easy), "Predawn" (Hurry Up...),"Liftoff" (Hurry Up...), "I Hold a Candle" (Hurry Up...), "The Spider", "SFA", "When You Told Me Not to Go" (Hurry Up...), "Microphone" (Hurry Up...), "Hurry Up and Smell the Roses" (Hurry Up...); encore: "The Girl on Top (of the Piano)" (Spiraling's Transmitter), "Microphone".

Brislin was at the 2018 ProgStock Festival, Oct 2018 in New Jersey, with his new band called Gold Rotation, consisting of himself (keys, vocals), Randy McStine (Lo-Fi Resistance; guitar, bass, vocals), Daniel McGowan (The Tea Club; guitar, vocals), Rajendra Sharma (ex-Spiraling; drums) and David Anthony (percussion). Set: "Stuff You Would Not Understand" (from his solo album Hurry Up and Smell the Roses), "Your Favorite Day" (Hurry Up...), "Titan" (probably a new piece), "Industry in the Distance" (Hurry Up...), "They Know My Name" (originally released by The Sea Within; solo piano), "Liftoff" (Hurry Up...; solo piano), "When You Told Me Not to Go" (Hurry Up...; solo piano), "Wind Him Up" (originally by Saga; with Michael Sadler), "Hurry Up and Smell the Roses" (Hurry Up...), "I Hold a Candle" (Hurry Up...), "Microphone" (Hurry Up...). In his 2019 new year's message, Brislin said the band would be writing and recording in 2019. In the Feb 2019 interview, he said, "There's a lot of writing on the agenda, and we aim to start recording in the coming months."

Brislin was one of two keyboardists on Invention of Knowledge by Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt (Transatlantic, The Flower Kings): see under Anderson for details. Brislin (keys, backing vocals) also joins Stolt (guitars, backing vocals, keys) in new band, The Sea Within (Twitter), which includes two more performers on Invention of Knowledge, Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings, Steve Hackett, Karmakanic, worked with The Syn; bass) and Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation, Transatlantic, ex-The Flower Kings; vocals, guitar), plus Marco Minnemann (Levin Minnemann Rudess, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally, In Continuum, worked with Eddie Jobson, UK, Trey Gunn, Alex Lifeson, Joe Satriani; drums, percussion, guitar, backing vocals). Their debut album, also called The Sea Within (details in Yescography), was written by the band and initial recording sessions were in London in Sep 2017. A 2CD/2LP/digital was released Jun 2018 on InsideOut. Anderson also guests on 1 song of the new album, while also guesting are Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Levin Minnemann Rudess) and Rob Townsend (works with Steve Hackett). Tracks—disc 1:

  1. "Ashes of Dawn" [mus: Reingold/Stolt; lyr: Stolt/Reingold] (5:59), with Townsend (tenor sax solo), debut digital-only single, promo video
  2. "They Know My Name" [Brislin] (5:09)
  3. "The Void" [mus: Reingold/Stolt; lyr: Stolt] (4:53)
  4. "An Eye for an Eye for an Eye" [Minnemann] (7:01), written by Minnemann having originally been planned for a solo album of his
  5. "Goodbye" [Reingold/Stolt/Brislin/Gildenlöw/Minnemann] (5:31), with McPherson, promo video
  6. "Sea Without" [Stolt] (2:23), instrumental
  7. "Broken Cord" [mus: Stolt/Minnemann; lyr: Stolt] (14:10), with Anderson (backing vocals), McPherson (co-lead vocals)
  8. "The Hiding of the Truth" [Stolt] (5:35), with McPherson (lead vocals), Rudess (grand piano)

Disc 2:

  1. "The Roaring Silence" [mus: Stolt/Brislin; lyr: Stolt] (8:04)
  2. "Where are You Going?" [Brislin/Gildenlöw] (5:54)
  3. "Time" [mus: Reingold/Stolt/Gildenlöw/Brislin/Minnemann; lyr: Stolt/Gildenlöw] (7:18)
  4. "Denise" [mus: Reingold/Gildenlöw; lyr: Reingold/Stolt/Gildenlöw] (5:16)

MP3 version:

The band have played live twice. There was a 14 Jul 2018 show at the Night of the Prog festival, Loreley, Germany, with Pete Trewavas (Marillion, Transatlantic) subbing for Reingold, who was otherwise committed; set: "Ashes of Dawn", "They Know My Name", "The Void", "Goodbye", "The Hiding of the Truth", "An Eye for an Eye for an Eye", "Denise", "Where are You Going?", "The Roaring Silence", "Broken Cord". They were on the Cruise to the Edge 2019, with Stolt, Reingold, Brislin, Minnemann and McPherson; set: "Ashes of Dawn" (with Rob Townsend), "They Know My Name", "The Roaring Silence", "Goodbye", "Denise", "An Eye for an Eye for an Eye", "Broken Cord". They had talked of wanting to tour internationally spring 2019; and the band are already considering a second album, according to Stolt in a May 2018 interview, based around an expected core of Stolt, McPherson, Reingold, Brislin and Minnemann, with Gildenlöw possibly just guesting. When he was asked about more touring in his Feb 2019 interview, Brislin noted, "With my new position in Kansas, Jonas playing bass for Steve Hackett, and a new iteration of the Flower Kings, we're going to put our heads together to see where the Sea Within fits in to everything. We all believe that there's a lot of potential yet to explore."

Brislin did some additional performances on the Cruise: see on the main page.

Brislin produced, and co-wrote some of, Travels, the debut album from Tom Flynn.

In his May 2018 Yes Music Podcast interview, Brislin said he and Jon Anderson have been and are looking for further ways to work together. Likewise, in this Jul 2018 interview, he said, "Jon Anderson and I had been talking about ways to work together ever since my tours with Yes in 2001."

Matt Clifford - additional keys on ABWH

Clifford wrote and performed the theme for the second series of the Top Gear spin-off, The Grand Tour.

Julian Colbeck - additional keys live with ABWH

Colbeck appeared on Steve Hackett's 1994 album, Blues with a Feeling, which is set for a re-release.

Colbeck is CEO of Keyfax music production company.  He co-wrote the Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording book and video series.

Roger Dean - cover artist. Homepage

Dean's recent album art includes Focus's Focus 11 (released Feb 2019), Black Moth's Condemned to Hope, Steve Hackett's Broken Skies – Outspread Wings (1984-2006) (see under Steve Howe), Yes's 50 Live, and John Lodge's Live from Birmingham—The 10,000 Light Years Tour CD/DVD and tour.

Dean was exhibiting again at Trading Boundaries, East Sussex 1 Nov-8 Dec 2019. The Yes tribute band Yes Please played 8 Nov as part of the exhibition. He joined most of the Royal Affair Tour headlined by Yes in summer 2019: see under Yes.

Pierpaolo Piccioli's Jun 2019 fashion collection used prints featuring Dean landscapes (e.g., like this).

He has been working on Henk Rogers' moonbase project, with a prototype to be built in Hawaii. He continues to work on his film project, "Floating Islands"—details on main page. He also talked about making a film to show people how we could live in the future in this Feb 2018 YouTube video.

Francis Dunnery - backing vocals on ABWH. Official website

Francis Dunnery continues to record and tour as a solo artist. He appears at ProgStock, 13-5 Oct 2017 in New Jersey.

Dunnery has also been working with Dave Kerzner (Sonic Reality, working with Simon Collins, Billy Sherwood, Steve Hackett, worked with Steven Wilson, Jon Anderson, ex-Giraffe) on the Sonic Elements projects—see details on the main page.

Jonathan Elias - producer, composer, additional keyboards and vocals on Union. EliasArts; EliasArts profile; MySpace page; MySpace page for EliasArts

Elias and Jon Anderson were working together further, although the project appears to have stalled: see under Anderson. Elias was also working on an album with Yungchen Lhamo (who appeared on his Prayer Cycle: Path to Zero).

Elias runs Elias Arts with his brother Scott and Alex Lasarenko, supplying music for film and television. The company also employs Michael Sherwood and Jimmy Haun, among others. Haun and Elias were working with singer Lindsey Haun (MySpace page; Jimmy's daughter). Elias continues to do music for various adverts and films.

David Foster - additional guitar on Time and a Word. Official website

On 3 Nov 2017, Yes announced that David Foster had died.

Foster's autobiography, "Yours is No Disgrace", was expected at some point from his webpage.

Bruce Gowdy - guitar with Squire/Sherwood/White/Kaye before Union.

Gowdy is in Unruly Child (Facebook, Twitter), whose next album is Big Blue World (Frontiers), due 8 Sep. Tracks:
  1. "Living in Someone Else's Dream", lyric video on YouTube
  2. "All Over the World"
  3. "Dirty Little Girl"
  4. "Breaking the Chains"
  5. "Are These Words Enough"
  6. "Will We Give Up Today", video
  7. "Beneath a Steady Rain"
  8. "The Harder They will Fall"
  9. "Down and Dirty"
  10. "The Hard Way", YouTube stream

The band consists of Bruce Gowdy (guitars, bass, keys, vocals), Guy Allison (ex-World Trade, ex-Lodgic; keys, percussion, vocals), Marcie Michelle Free (ex-King Kobra; lead vocals), Jay Schellen (World Trade, working with Yes; drums) and Larry Antonio (bass, vocals). Lyrics were mostly by Allison and Betsy Summers.

Larry Groupé - orchestral arrangements/conducting on Magnification/YesSymphonic. Official website; Current projects

Groupé writes music for film, TV, CD-ROMs etc.

Jimmy Haun - guitar on the ABWH component of Union. MySpace page; EliasArts profile; Webpage

Haun and Michael Sherwood worked on a Steve Porcaro solo album, now out: see under Porcaro.



Aaron Horn, a.k.a. Aaron Audio - Trevor's son. Website; MySpace page; Twitter; Tumblr

CRT CLSSX (Crate Classics) (SoundCloud) is a project from Aaron Horn and Jamie Rodigan (SoundCloud). They produced Iotosh's "Reasons" (available on Soundcloud), released 27 Jul 2019. They produced Big Zeeks' single "FTP (For the Paper)", due at the end of 2019.

They have also done a remix of Desmond Dekker's "Israelites" for Trojan Records (lyric video on YouTube). They produced "Mistake Too" (YouTube audio) for Bella Blair, now out; tracks: "Mistake Too" (3:01), "Mistake Too (Instrumental)" (3:01).

Aaron co-wrote "Human Nature" on the 2018 album Time to be Alive from Matt Cardle (former The X Factor winner), who also works with the Trevor Horn Band (following Aaron doing introductions). The album made #28 in the UK.

Aaron appeared on Max Herman's 2018 EP Introspection, on the piece "Transfiguration".

Aaron started a new venture, the Oat Milk café (Twitter; Facebook) in Camden Town, London, in 2015. A creative hub with its own recording space, the vegetarian café is decorated with vintage equipment from Sarm Studios, which Aaron also helps to run.



Ally (Alexandra) Horn - Trevor's daughter. Twitter

Ally and dad Trevor's PA, Suzanne, have a band together called The Hornettes.

She has been managing director of SPZ.

Will Horn - Trevor's son

Will said in a Feb 2017 interview that he was writing a memoir about being transgendered.

Iain Hornal - bass in Yes feat. Anderson Rabin Wakeman. Website; Facebook; Twitter

Hornal works with Jeff Lynne's ELO (see details under Lee Pomeroy, with whom he plays) and sings in the Gentle Giant spin-off band, Three Friends.

Dylan Howe - Steve's son; touring with Yes in 2017. Official Website; Twitter; Bandcamp

Dylan plays with Wilko Johnson's trio; Johnson was formerly in Dr Feelgood and The Blockheads, and the trio is rounded out by bassist Norman Watt-Roy, still currently in The Blockheads. They have UK tour dates 4-27 Feb 2021 and 23 Apr-1 May 2021.

In a podcast released Mar 2020, but recorded seemingly in mid-2017, Howe talked about "preparing" to do some original work as a solo artist/bandleader.

Tim Bowness' Flowers at the Scene (InsideOut Music), out Mar 2019, was an 11-track album including Dylan Howe on drums. Other guests included Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator), Andy Partridge (ex-XTC, worked with Billy Sherwood), Kevin Godley (ex-10cc), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), David Longdon (Big Big Train, worked with Downes Braide Association), and Tom Atherton (drums). The album was mixed by Steven Wilson. It was the 10th best selling album through Burning Shed of 2019.

Dylan and Ross Stanley have continued in the Steve Howe Trio. Their latest album, New Frontier, is now out: see under Steve Howe for details. Dylan also plays drums on Steve's forthcoming solo album, Love Is: see under Steve Howe for details.

Zoë Howe - Steve's daughter-in-law; Dylan's wife; Homepage; Blog; YouTube, Twitter

Zoë Howe works as a music journalist, author, radio DJ and drummer.

"Poly Styrene: I am a Cliche" is a new documentary feature film about the late singer Poly Styrene (ex-X-Ray Spex) made by Z Howe, director Paul Sng and Poly's daughter, Celeste Bell. There is an accompanying book, "Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story" by Bell and Howe.


JJ Jeczalik - programming on 90125

See under Gary Langan.

Eddie Jobson - briefly joined Yes before the release of 90125. Homepage; Official Facebook fan page; Zealots Lounge

In Oct 2017, Jobson announced his retirement from live performance. He described his lack of activity over the previous six months, saying "reasons for this are too copious to enumerate here, but they do include being injured in a fall; then being involved in a high-speed car crash on a Los Angeles freeway (I have been in therapy for my back for the past four months); and, in the past year [2016] alone, dealing with the deaths of nine (yes, nine) close friends, colleagues and family members." He continued, "This and other business factors have led me to some significant decisions, the first of which is that I am permanently retiring from live concert touring. [...] A second decision [...] is to sell my house and studio, leave Los Angeles and move back to New York." He also explained that, "I am not disengaging from music, just gracefully transitioning into my retirement years. The coming weeks and months will see the complete delivery of the piano improvs, along with a video of each, as well as work on some legacy compilations and a possible vinyl release. [...] 2018 will see a complete restructuring of Globe Music [...] and the Zealots Lounge". However, late May 2018, he announced:
Due to persistent demand since announcing my retirement from concert touring, I have decided to perform a one-off concert with a full band on October 7 [2018] - headlining the last night of ProgStock 2018 [...] I shall be playing the music of ‘UK’ with a virtuoso lineup of players
The band was with Marc Bonilla (ex-Keith Emerson Band; bass, vocals), Alex Machacek (guitar), Thomas Lang (drums). They headlined the last day of the festival. Earlier in the day, he also did a masterclass and Q&A. In the evening, he said this would likely be his last live performance. Set: "Alaska", "Danger Money", "Nevermore", "Time to Kill", "In the Dead of Night", "By the Light of Day", "Presto Vivace and Reprise", "Rendezvous 6:02", "Trilogy" (originally by ELP), drum solo, "Thirty Years", "Carrying No Cross", "Caesar's Palace Blues", "Forever Until Sunday".

The piano improvisations were recorded in 2016 using a crowdfunding model (YouTube preview here).

Now out is the first of a series of compilations. In Sep 2018, it was announced there would be five compilations. 1971-1979 The Band Years (Globe Music Media) was released 26 Oct 2018; details in Yescography. CD1
  1. "Spanish Dream" [Jobson], live synth solo from a 1971 Fat Grapple show
  2. "Metamorphosis" [mus: Jobson; lyr: Kristina], from Curved Air's Air Cut
  3. "Armin" [Jobson/Wedgwood/Kirby/Russell], from Air Cut
  4. "On a Still Night" [Jobson], 1976 b-side to "Yesterday Boulevard" by Eddie Jobson; with Simon Phillips (ex-Asia; drums)
  5. "Yesterday Boulevard" [Jobson], 1976 single by Eddie Jobson
  6. "As the World Turns" [Ferry/Jobson], 1977 b-side to Bryan Ferry's "This is Tomorrow"; with Robert Fripp (King Crimson; guitar)
  7. "She Sells" [Ferry/Jobson], from Roxy Music's Siren
  8. "A Song for Europe" [Ferry/Mackay], from Roxy Music's Stranded
  9. "Out of the Blue" [Ferry/Manzanera], from Roxy Music's Country Life
  10. "Läther" [Zappa], live recording with Frank Zappa, probably from Zappa in New York (where it was first called "I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth")
  11. "In the Dead of Night" [Jobson/Wetton], from UK's UK
  12. "By the Light of Day" [Jobson/Wetton], from UK
  13. "Presto Vivace & Reprise" [Jobson], from UK
  1. "Alaska" [Jobson], from UK
  2. "Time to Kill" [Jobson/Wetton/Bruford], from UK
  3. "Nevermore" [Holdsworth/Jobson/Wetton], from UK
  4. "Danger Money" [Jobson/Wetton], from UK's Danger Money
  5. "The Only Thing She Needs" [Jobson/Wetton], from Danger Money
  6. "Rendezvous 6:02" [Jobson/Wetton], from Danger Money
  7. "Caesar's Palace Blues" [Jobson/Wetton], from Danger Money
  8. "Carrying No Cross" [Jobson/Wetton], from Danger Money



Or check at Burning Shed

The liner notes of this album announces the subsequent releases as:
1980-1989 The Solo Years
1990-1999 The Scoring Years
2000-2009 The Eclectic Years
2010-2019 The Retrospective Years
Jobson has also re-released his two '80s solo albums, The Green Album and Theme of Secrets, together as a 3-disc (2CD/1Bluray) release. The Green Album/Theme of Secrets (GMM9190-2) comes with a 7-page booklet with extensive liner notes. The release came 7th in the Reissue category of Prog magazine's 2019 Readers' Poll.

He had previously talked of writing some new music. Around Aug 2012, he said on his Zealots Lounge website that, "I am ready to make some new music and implement some new ideas for UKZ." However, he then announced in an autumn 2012 update that:
mainly to do with time and the availability of others, it has become clear that I will be unable to produce any new music for UKZ before the scheduled [...] tours in late March [2013].
A Dec 2013 Facebook update talked of Jobson's plans for 2014 including "an eye toward creating new music." New UKZ music has yet to appear.

Jobson performed at the Keith Emerson tribute show on 28 May 2016 in Los Angeles, CA, organised by Marc Bonilla. Other performers included Bonilla, Steve Porcaro (Toto, worked with Yes), Steve Lukather (Toto), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Vinnie Colaiuta (ex-Asia, worked with Frank Zappa), Rachel Flowers and many others. A DVD release, "The Keith Emerson Tribute Concert", has been due for some while (trailer), mixed by Keith Wechsler (worked with ELP). All video editing had been completed by Mar 2017. The film was premiered on 16 Jan 2020 in Huntington Beach, CA.

There was an abortive UK reunion project entitled Legacy. This project began life under the UK name, but then became a Jobson solo project, before being abandoned. Bill Bruford (percussion), Tony Levin (bass), Francis Dunnery, Steve Hackett and others, guested on 1999 recording sessions. While initially involved, Wetton ceased to be part of the project early on, with Aaron Lippert (UKZ) planned to replace him on vocals. Jobson described the concept: "We have taken on the daunting subject of the aftermath of Communism, or of any despotic regime, and the will of the people to survive." In Nov 2006, Jobson said:
an album does need to be an expression of where you are musically, sonically, socially, politically etc. at the time. 'Legacy' was started in 1995 and much of it was conceived then; unfortunately, the sonic choices I would make in 2007 are quite different from the ones I made in 1995. Furthermore, a solo album would be a different animal than a UK album - even if I did compose all of it myself. Songs were written with John in mind, not to mention possible guitar parts for Holdsworth, Fripp and others.

There is also an ownership issue with some of the recordings which will render some performances unusable.

It is clear to me that any usable compositional ideas and performances that, legally, I still have full rights to should be reviewed and probably reworked to reflect twelve years of further technical and musical growth.


But, truth be told... I ran out of steam. At some point, I'll see what I can retrieve.

Let me take this time to apologize to those who did support the project (for whatever length of time), for the disappointment of those anticipating its release, and even to John for my aiming too high and taking too long.

Asked in an Aug 2009 interview about whether we will ever see or hear the project, Jobson said:

I don’t know is the answer to that. I don’t just do things to get it out there and to try and sell records. I do things [...] to continue developing, exploring, learning and growing and trying to be an artist. [...] it gets to the point where I have to ask myself how cost effective is it for me to sit, for even just two months, and pull all this stuff together to try and make something out of it when the music is fifteen or twenty years old and I've kind of moved on to other things. Even though it's interesting how many people are going to bother to buy it? Shouldn't my time be more focused on moving forward? So that’s where I get to a lot.

Having said that some of this footage should probably come out at some point because it's really cool [laughs].

He also said, "I've also got tons of film footage of everybody recording as well. Stuff nobody has even seen. I've got Tony Levin, Bruford, the choir and everybody." To a fan after the 23 Apr 2011 UK show, Jobson said the Legacy material would not be released as an album, but that he is likely to use bits from it, commenting that he had some interesting pieces with Bruford and Hackett. In an Aug 2011 interview, he said:

The process of creating is where my passion is; it is not necessary for me to actually have other people hear it. [...] I worked on the “Legacy” album for years, on and off, and at some point I felt I had got out what I needed to get out of it and I didn’t feel the need anymore to finish it. I had learnt a lot, I had some wonderful experiences, and that had been quite enough for me: going around the world to make it, conducting the Prague Philharmonic, working with the “Bulgarian Women” in a cathedral, singing my music; working in New York with Tony Levin; working in Peter Gabriel’s studio with Steve Hackett and Bill Bruford, filming everything as well – so I had even been learning about video and documentary making. [...]

I’d even written some Bulgarian poems in the archaic style of Bulgarian folk poetry. It led to me working with a professor of Balkan poetry from the university of Boston to create the poems for the Bulgarian choir to sing. People keep asking me ‘why don’t you release it’ or ‘will you ever release it’? The answer is NO, I won’t release it because I never took it to the final stage, the mechanical stage: sequencing the album, mixing everything, making a design for the album cover and getting it all manufactured, making deals with distributors, publishing companies, getting the albums in the shops, you know, that kind of stuff for me is fairly tedious.

Three tracks from Legacy did appear on Voices of Life, the Bulgarian Women's Choir's compilation—details in Yescography.

In the 1980s, Jobson worked on a follow-up to his 1983 The Green Album, to be called The Pink Album, but the project was never finished. To a fan after an Apr 2011 UK show, Jobson said he had plans to release the album. Further bits and bobs from Jobson's career have been released through the Zealots Lounge.



Jobson appeared on Frank Zappa's Zappa in New York. Released 29 Mar 2019 for the album's 40th anniversary was a deluxe edition, either 5CDs, 3LPs or digital.

Jobson is also on Bryan Ferry's Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 (BMG), released 7 Feb 2020. The album was as high at #9 on UK Amazon (#2 in Classic British Rock; #7 in Pop) and #178 on US Amazon (10 Feb). Tracks:

  1. "Sympathy for the Devil" (5:12)
  2. "I Love How You Love Me" (2:56)
  3. "Baby I Don't Care" (1:47)
  4. "It's My Party" (2:03)
  5. "Don't Worry Baby" (3:33)
  6. "Another Time, Another Place" (4:30)
  7. "Fingerpoppin'" (2:23)
  8. "The Tracks of My Tears" (2:39)
  9. "You Won't See Me" (2:41)
  10. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (2:42)
  11. "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" (4:24)
  12. "A Really Good Time" (3:44)
  13. "The 'In' Crowd" (4:08)
  14. "These Foolish Things" (5:59)

Others in the band included John Wetton and Paul Thompson. This is not the full evening's performance, omitting "Help Me Make It Through the Night" among others.



Sidonie Jordan - Peter Banks' ex-wife, a.k.a. Sydney Foxx

Jordan is still performing. In an interview around Jan 2018, she described her current activities:

I am currently working with a very talented artist/producer/engineer named "Cade Roberts" in Oklahoma for TV and movie sync deals. We are also producing a track together for a wonderful Americana/Alt Country artist named "Edan Archer," and I hope to do more tracks with her and keep working with Cade. I also hope to continue working with Jez Larder from Skyline Studios in the UK, who I have worked with on and off for over 15 years.


I am planning a track with my old studio mate Ric Parnell from Atomic Rooster/Spinal Tap and am working with Mark Murdock (Cymbalic Encounters and Brand X) [ex-Empire] on some retro tracks he has written.

Nov 2017 saw the release of The Complete Recordings by Empire, her 1970s band with Pete Banks: see under Banks. She also guests with The New Empire: see under Banks.

Gary Langan - engineer on 90125

Langan continues to work with Trevor Horn on various projects, including Producerssee under Horn.

With fellow former Art of Noise members JJ Jeczalik and Anne Dudley, the trio are touring playing an Art of Noise set. Langan and Jeczalik are also doing a part DJ set/part Q&A on 28 Sep in London.

Alex Lasarenko - additional keyboards on Union

Lasarenko creative director (New York) at Elias Associates, leading the company with brothers Scott and Jonathan Elias. He continues to work doing music for films and commercials.

Levin - bass with ABWH and on Union. Homepage; MySpace page

One of Levin's main project is Stick Men, with Levin (Chapman Stick), Pat Mastelotto (KTU, ex-King Crimson, The Flower Kings; acoustic and electronic drums and percussion) and Markus Reuter (works with Mastelotto; U8 Touch Guitar, live looping). They have also often been joined by David Cross (ex-King Crimson, worked with Peter Banks; violin, keys), including for a tour of Latin America Aug/Sep 2018 (Brazil 2 dates, Argentina 5 dates, Uruguay 1 date, Chile 1 date, Peru 1 date, Bolivia 2 dates, Guatemala 1 date, El Salvador 1 date, Costa Rica 1 date, Mexico 2 dates), which was immediately followed by 3 dates in Texas without Cross in Sep. Panamerica (Iapetus/MoonJune Music) is a forthcoming limited edition 5CD box of the tour, produced by Reuter:
  • Disc 1: Live in Costa Rica, Full Show, Part 1 (mixed by Alexander Vatagin)
  • Disc 2: Live in Costa Rica, Full Show, Part 2 (mixed by Vatagin)
  • Disc 3: Pan America Specials: Argentina, Brazil (mixed by Benjamin Schäfer)
  • Disc 4: Pan America Suites: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay (Robert Frazza live board mixes)
  • Disc 5: Fire Starters: continuous mix of selected Cross/Reuter show opening pieces

They are touring summer 2019, with 11 north-eastern US dates 30 Jul-10 Aug.

Since 2018, Stick Men have digitally released a large number of official bootlegs through Bandcamp, covering shows from 2011-8. These include 2018/03/29 Sala Bikini, Barcelona, Spain, which is free on Bandcamp.

The Bucket List is a 12-track album released 11 Jan 2019 from Phil Keaggy (guitars), Tony Levin (bass, Stick) and Jerry Marotta (drums, percussion), with Mike Pachelli (guitar) also appearing on the album. The album was engineered by Paul Grimsland. They played 5 US dates 28 Feb-5 Mar 2019, with Pachelli also in the touring line-up. Robert Frazza is the band's agent and sound engineer.

King Crimson and related projects

King Crimson consists of Robert Fripp (guitar), Levin (bass, Stick, upright electric bass, backing vocals), Pat Mastelotto (KTU, ex-King Crimson, The Flower Kings; drums, percussion), Gavin Harrison (ex-Porcupine Tree; drums, percussion), Mel Collins (ex-21st Century Schizoid Band, worked with Chris Squire; saxes, flutes), Jakko Jakszyk (ex-21st Century Schizoid Band, worked with Dave Stewart, Lenny Henry; as "primary vocalist and secondary guitarist", in Fripp's words to him) and Jeremy Stacey (Steven Wilson, ex-The Syn, ex-Squackett, ex-Chris Squire, ex-Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds; drums, percussion, keys). The band focuses on touring the back catalogue with no plans for a studio album, but have played some new material live. An article on the band in the Nov 2018 issue of Prog dismisses the chances of a new studio album "any time soon". Previously, in the Sep 2014 issue of Prog, Mastelotto said, "I'd love to see this line-up in the studio. [...] Can I control that? No way. But I know we'd make a great record." And Jakszyk said: "We're all of a mind where we are more than happy to continue doing this into the foreseeable future[.] As well as the older material being completely re-evaluated and reconstructed, there's some material that's been written and recorded with five of the current members post-A Scarcity of Miracles, which has yet to be played live and has never been released. I've been writing new material, as has Robert, and we've been discussing that." In an Oct 2017 interview,  Jakszyk said, "my plan from then on [end of 2017] is just to concentrate on Crimson and write more Crimson material. We've been doing that anyway; not all of it makes it to the live arena, but some of it does, and some we're still working on. There's also a lot of new stuff Robert's been writing on his own."

The band regularly release live material. Meltdown: Live in Mexico City 2017, a 3CD/1Blu-ray release, came out in 2018. There's a 2019 tour box, and forthcoming is Live in Rome, seemingly recorded 22 Jul 2018.

They played European dates in 2018 and tour more in 2019, joined by Theo Travis (Soft Machine, ex-Gong, worked with Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp, David Gilmour, Richard Sinclair; keys) filling in for Bill Rieflin (ex-Ministry, ex-R.E.M., worked with Fripp, Nine Inch Nails), who had been in the band, but was absent because of illness. Rieflin eventually passed away in Mar 2020 without returning to the band.

2019 dates included appearing at Rock in Rio. Trevor Horn was in the audience at a 2019 London show.



A North American tour with The Zappa Band has been announced for 4 Jun-12 Jul 2020 with a line-up of Fripp, Collins, Levin, Mastelotto, Harrison, Jakszyk and Stacey. However, it is unclear how this will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The band came 6th in the Band category of Prog magazine's 2019 Readers' Poll, with Jakszyk coming 8th in the Male Vocalist category and Fripp coming 6th in the Guitarist category and 2nd in the Person of the Year category. Harrison was 1st in the Drummer category, with Mastelotto 6th. Levin himself was 9th in the Bassists.

At an Apr 2019 press do, Fripp was asked about new music. As described at Innerviews, Fripp answered, "In terms of new writing, there's about 40-45 minutes available. During our rehearsal period, what we can engage with is somewhat constrained because we're introducing Theo Travis to nearly four-hours worth of music [...] So, rather than shooting off in that direction, more focus is needed. However, both Theo and Jeremy Stacey are jazzers among other things, and those boys are going to shoot off in strange and interesting directions. So, who knows where that might lead?"

As well as touring, the band's 50th anniversary will bring "Cosmic FuKc", a documentary by Toby Amies, and another multi-disc box set. The documentary includes a live performance done just for the film and interviews with Bruford and Belew. The boxset is called Heaven & Earth (KCCBX14) and will contain 24 discs: 18 CDs, 4 Blu-Rays and 2 DVDAs. It covers Dec 1997-Aug 2008. Notes are by Sid Smith and David Singleton. Release is due 31 May 2019. Contents:

The ReconstruKction of Light and new The Power to Believe also receive standalone release.

Other collaborations and sessions
Levin has long worked with Peter Gabriel. Levin toured with Gabriel, including a Jun/Jul 2016 North American tour with Sting. In late 2015, he was recording with Gabriel for a future project.

Ronan Chris Murphy (worked with Alan White, King Crimson, Bozzio/Levin/Stevens, Mars Hollow) was working on his debut solo album with Levin (bass, stick), Mastelotto (drums), Bozzio (drums) and Mike Keneally (Steve Vai, ex-Frank Zappa, ex-Stanley Snail; keys).

In Feb 2007, Geoff Downes described a prog rock project with himself on keys, Levin, Michael Holmes (IQ), Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, ex-Genesis), Thomas Lang (ex-John Wetton; drums) and Rob Aubrey (worked with Wetton/Downes; engineer)see more under Downes. Meanwhile, Rick Wakeman was considering a trio project with Levin and drummer Ian Paice (Deep Purple)see more under Wakeman.

Borrego (Lazy Bones Recordings; audio teaser), out Jul 2017, is a 28-track, 2CD concept album from Marco Minnemann (Levin Minnemann Rudess, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Mike Keneally, worked with Eddie Jobson, Trey Gunn), produced by Scott Schorr (worked with Levin Torn White, Levin Minnemann Rudess). Guests include Alex Lifeson (Rush; guitar), Joe Satriani (guitar) and, on the final, CD-only track "OTN (REMIX)", Levin on bass.

Levin is also on Dominique Vantomme's instrumental album, Vegir (MoonJune Records), released 13 Jan 2018. Tracks: "Double Down" (7:36), "Equal Minds" (10:19), "Sizzurp" (10:45), "Playing Chess with Barney Rubble" (9:04), "The Self Licking Ice-Cream Cone" (13:08), "Plutocracy" (4:38), "Agent Orange" (9:46), "Emmetropia" (9:00), "Odin's Wig" (1:54). The album, recorded 29 Oct 2016, is performed by Vantomme (Fender Rhodes electric piano, piano, Mini Moog, Mellotron), Michel Delville (The Wrong Object; electric guitar), Levin (bass, Chapman Stick) and Maxime Lenssens (drums). It was produced by Vantomme, recorded by Pascal Deweze, mixed by Fritz Sunderman and mastered by Mark Wingfield. Artwork is by Marcel van der Heyden.

Levin played on Steven Wilson's 2011 solo album, Grace for Drowning, being re-issued in 2020: see under Wilson for details.

Levin has done numerous other sessions. His website lists many further session appearances.

"Fragile as a Song" is a book of poetry and lyrics by Levin, with a foreword by Peter Gabriel (ex-Genesis) and introduction by Bill Bruford. The 64-page book is available from his site, with the first run all autographed by him.

Milton McDonald - additional guitar with ABWH. Website

McDonald has been playing with Take That and Jeff Lynne's ELO: see details under Lee Pomeroy, with whom he plays.

Frank Macchia - orchestrations on Magnification. Homepage (Little Evil Things); News

No current info

Mark Mancina - producer and composer on Union

No current info

Lou Molino III - drums in Yes feat. Anderson Rabin Wakeman

Molino plays with Yes featuring ARW. He has also worked regularly with Trevor Rabin.

Eddie Offord - production and engineering on numerous Yes albums

Offord lives in South Carolina and had retired from the music business. However, he re-emerged to produce a forthcoming album, Comes in Phases, by New York City band The Midnight Moan, led by Andrew Paine Bradbury (vocals, guitar, harmonica), with Ricky Gordon (drums), Joe Sweeney (bass), Brian Baker (guitar), Steve Cuiffo (guitar) and Doug Anson (guitar). The debut single from the album, "Short Stay", was released digitally on Bandcamp.

Lee Pomeroy - bass in Yes feat. Anderson Rabin Wakeman

Pomeroy is in Headspace with Adam Wakeman: see details below. He is on father Rick Wakeman's forthcoming prog rock album: see here.

Pomeroy is also a member of It Bites, who are working towards a new album.

He played with Yes featuring ARW, although he missed their Apr 2017 Japanese tour leg, seemingly because he was already committed to a tour with Take That.

Pomeroy (bass) and Milton McDonald (ex-ABWH; guitar) have been part of Take That's touring band since 2006. They played 78 dates round the world in 2017. The Take That backing band then became the core of the touring band for Jeff Lynne's ELO from 2014 to the present, which includes Pomeroy (bass), McDonald (lead guitar, backing vocals), Iain Hornal (ex-Yes feat. Anderson Rabin Wakeman; backing vocals, guitar) and Melanie Lewis-McDonald (Milton's wife; backing vocals). ELO re-launched at a one-off show in Sep 2014, now released as "Live in Hyde Park" (DVD and Blu-ray), and toured subsequently, which produced the Wembley or Bust release (2CD, DVD or Blu-ray), released Nov 2017. ELO played 2018 dates, although I don't have confirmation with Pomeroy and, I think, McDonald and Hornal all still involved. The band played 20 US dates 20 Jun-1 Aug 2019.



Steve Porcaro - additional keyboards on "Open Your Eyes" and Union. Official website

Porcaro released his debut solo album, Someday/Somehow, in 2016. The album was co-written and co-produced by Michael Sherwood (worked with Yes, Jon Anderson, ex-Conspiracy; Billy's elder brother). Asked about whether he and Sherwood are thinking of a follow-up in a Jul 2018 interview, Porcaro replied: "Yes, absolutely. I have my own studio; I can record when I want. Given the way the music industry is, I can't survive off my own music, but that doesn't deter me from making new music. Will it be an album or a handful of songs released one at a time? I don't know. I love working with Mike Sherwood [...] I can't wait to do more, and I think I'm writing the best stuff I've ever written." M Sherwood then passed away in late 2019.

Toto's latest line-up has been Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather, David Paich and Joseph Williams. The band played European and North America in 2018. However, Paich has sat out later tour dates due to ill health, with Dominique "Xavier" Talpin (ex-Prince) subbing for him. The band (still without Paich) then toured Australia (6 dates, 30 Dec 2018-6 Jan 2019), New Zealand (4 dates, 9-13 Jan), and Japan (8 dates, 14-27 Feb). After that was a European leg 13 Jun-18 Jul 2019, covering the UK (1 date), Ireland (1 date), Sweden (1 date), Norway (3 dates), Poland (1 date), Hungary (1 date), Austria (2 dates), Germany (5 dates), Italy (3 dates), France (3 dates), and Switzerland (1 date). There was then a US leg, with Paich appearing at the leg opening date in Los Angeles, CA. The band are then taking a break.

In Feb 2018, Toto released 40 Trips Around the Sun, a remastered greatest hits compilation with three previously unreleased tracks: "Spanish Sea", "Alone" and "Struck by Lightning". "Spanish Sea" was an unfinished '80s track, re-visited with a new chorus written: it combines recordings from sessions for Isolation (1984) with recordings by Porcaro, Lukather, Paich and Williams in 2017. "Struck by Lightning" was based on a riff by Paich.

A limited edition 17 LP/13 CD boxset, All In, was released Nov 2018. This contained the band's catalogue remastered, namely Toto, Hydra, Turn Back, IV, Isolation, Fahrenheit, The Seventh One (with Jon Anderson on 1 track), Kingdom of Desire (2LP; with Billy Sherwood on 1 track), Tambu (2LP), Mindfields (2LP), Toto XX (2LP set), plus unreleased material. There is an EP, Live in Tokyo, from their 1980 tour and the 10-track Old is New, which includes the 3 new tracks from 40 Trips Around the Sun plus 7 previously unreleased tracks. The set also includes a Blu-ray with "Live in Paris 1990" and a 5.1 remix of IV, plus an 80-page book. There is also a CD-only version, All In - The CDs.


Old is New includes a second track recorded with late members Jeff and Mike Porcaro from 1981-4. It appears to also include 2 more new songs from the 2017 sessions. Toto wrote 4 new songs in the 2017 sessions ("Alone", "Struck by Lightning" and 2 others, presumably "Chase the Rain" and "Chelsea"). An album containing all 4 and the 5 early '80s tracks ("Spanish Sea" and 4 others) was mooted for 2018, but hasn't appeared yet. Old is New was produced by Toto; with Williams as supervising producer; tracks:
  1. "Alone" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]
  2. "Devil's Tower" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]; also on Spotify
  3. "Fearful Heart" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]
  4. "Spanish Sea" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]
  5. "In a Little While" [Paich/S Porcaro]; old piece recorded with David Hungate, J Porcaro and Lukather (lead vocals)
  6. "Chelsea" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]; 2017 piece largely by Williams
  7. "Chase the Rain" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]; 2017 piece; including S Porcaro on lead vocals and synth bass and Forrest on drums; it was based on an idea by S Porcaro, with writing input by Lukather and Williams
  8. "Oh Why" [Paich]
  9. "Struck by Lightning" [Lukather/Paich/S Porcaro/Williams]
  10. What So Not & Toto ft. Skrillex: "We'll Keep on Running"
One listing has the album performed by Lukather (guitars, bass, vocals), Paich (keys), S Porcaro (keys), Williams (lead vocals), Vinnie Colaiuta (ex-Asia, worked with Trevor Rabin; drums), Castro (percussion) and, on "Devil's Tower" and "Spanish Sea", J Porcaro (drums) and M Porcaro (bass).

On 3 Apr 2020, Old is New got a standalone release on LP and digital on Sony Legacy.

The band's 17 Mar 2018 Amsterdam live performance was released as 40 Tours Around the Sun on 30 Jan 2019 (Japan) and 22 Mar 2019 (elsewhere) on DVD/2CD or Blu-ray/2CD. The release also includes new interviews with Lukather, Paich, Porcaro and Williams. Set—set 1:
1. "Alone"
2. "Hold the Line"
3. "Lovers in the Night"
4. "Spanish Sea"
5. "I will Remember"
6. "English Eyes"
7. "Jake to the Bone"
8. "Lea"
9. "Rosanna"
"Acoustic storytellers":
10. "Miss Sun"
11. "Georgy Porgy"
12. "Human Nature"
13. "Holyanna"
14. "No Love"
15. "Mushanga"
16. "Stop Loving You"
Set 2:
17. "Girl Goodbye"
18. "Angela"
19. "Lion"
20. "Dune (Desert Theme)"
21. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
22. "Stranger in Town"
23. "Make Believe"
24. "Africa"
25. "The Road Goes On"
Porcaro performed at the Keith Emerson tribute show in May 2016 that was recorded for a DVD release: see details under Jobson. He guested on Billy Sherwood's Chris Squire tribute album: details on main page. He also guested on Sherwood's A Tribute to Keith Emerson & Greg Lake: see on the main page for details.

He continues to do soundtrack work.

Graham Preskett - violin on 90125. Official website

Preskett writes music for TV, film and adverts, as well as doing session work.

Ryan Rabin - Trevor's son


Captain Cuts (Soundcloud; Twitter) is a songwriting/production/remix team consisting of Ryan Rabin, Ryan McMahon and Ben Berger (although some Captain Cuts credits have only involved McMahon and Berger). They released their own single "Summertime Love" (2:23; video), with Digital Farm Animals, out 22 Aug 2019. Next came "Heat" by Captain Cuts ft. Parson James (video), released digitally 15 Nov 2019.

They co-wrote/co-produced Carly Rae Jepsen's "Now That I Found You", a double single with "No Drug Like Me", the second from her forthcoming new album, Dedicated. The song made #78 in Japan and #25 on the US Pop Digital chart. They had previously co-produced the first single, "Party for One" (video), which made #19 on the New Zealand singles chart, #68 in Japan, #98 in Ireland and #100 in Canada. Both songs are on her album Dedicated, released 17 May 2019. ("Party for One" is only on some editions.) The album made #16 in Canada, #18 in the US, #26 in the UK, #31 in France, #32 in Japan, #33 in Australia, #39 in Ireland, #40 in New Zealand and #71 in Switzerland.

They co-produced and co-wrote "Superstar" (video) and co-wrote "Karma" (video) on Love + Fear (on YouTube) by MARINA (formerly Marina and the Diamonds), released 26 Apr 2019. The album made #5 in the UK, #17 in the Rep. of Ireland, #18 in Germany, #19 in Austria, #20 in Switzerland, #22 in Australia, #24 in Spain, #28 in the US, #31 in New Zealand, #32 in Canada, #43 in the Netherlands, #44 in Poland, #50 in the Czech Rep., #59 in Flanders and #84 in Wallonia (Belgium), #90 in Slovakia and #136 in France.

They co-wrote Blink-182's 49-second "Generational Divide" (video), released digitally as a single on 21 Jun 2019. The song was included on the album Nine, released 20 Sep 2019, which made #3 in the US, #4 in Germany and Australia, #5 in Canada, #6 in the UK, #8 in Austria, #11 in Italy, #13 in Switzerland, #21 in New Zealand, #23 in Rep. of Ireland, #25 in Spain, #37 in the Netherlands, #16 in Flanders and #48 in Wallonia (Belgium), #55 in France and Japan, and #58 in Sweden.

They co-wrote/co-produced the single "All In" by Bearson ft. JRM & Georgia Ku (Soundcloud), out 22 Nov 2019.

There are further 2019 Captain Cuts credits, which I think include Rabin, but I am not certain if they do. Lennon Stella's "Kissing Other People" was co-produced and co-written by Captain Cuts, and made #60 in Canada. They also co-produced and co-wrote "Go Easy" and "Tread On Me" on Matt Meason's Bank on the Funeral; "Go Easy" made #17 in the US Alternative airplay chart and #38 in the Rock airplay chart. They produced and co-wrote "Up Against the Wall" on The Head and the Heart's Living Mirage, released 17 May 2019, which made #16 in the US and #28 in Canada. They co-wrote "Still Sleeping" on Jai Wolf's The Cure to Loneliness, released 5 Apr 2019. They produced and co-wrote two Loren Gray singles released 5 Apr 2019: "Options" (YouTube audio) and "Lie Like That" (YouTube audio). They co-produced and co-wrote "Someway, Somehow" on Dreamers' Launch Fly Land, released 26 Apr 2019. They co-produced and co-wrote "Let It be Me" on Justin Jesso & Nina Nesbitt's EP Let It be Me. They produced and co-wrote "Better in the Dark" on Léon's eponymous album, released 1 Mar 2019, which made #58 in Sweden.

In terms of 2020 releases, Captain Cuts produced and co-wrote "Sad Tonight" on Chelsea Cutler's How to be Human. The song made #38 on the US Mainstream airplay chart, while the album made #23 in the US. They produced and co-wrote "About Love" by MARINA on To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (Music from the Netflix Film).



Randy Raine-Reusch - world instruments on The Ladder. Homepage; News

Raine-Reusch guests on Crossover by David Cross & Peter Banks, now out: see under Banks for details.

Jay Schellen - plays live with Yes

Schellen has been touring with Yes, playing much of the show while Alan White has back problems. He appears on Topographic Drama – Live Across America and Yes Live 50.

He appeared on the eponymous release from Dukes of the Orient, a project that began as Asia Featuring John Payne: see under Asia for details.

Schellen re-united with Unruly Child for their latest album: see details under Gowdy.

Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood and Schellen finished off an incomplete Peter Banks recording for the compilation of his music, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky... The Anthology. All 3 also guested on the forthcoming Crossover by David Cross & Peter Banks. See under Banks for details. Schellen also drummed on A Tribute to Keith Emerson & Greg Lake, produced by Sherwood: see on the main page for details.

Bobby & Phyllis Sherwood - Billy's parents. MySpace page

Phyllis is retired.

Michael Sherwood- backing vocals on Union; Billy's brother. Michael Sherwood's Tangled Web (Homepage); MySpace page

Michael Sherwood passed away on 5 Nov 2019. There was a celebration of his life and music on 24 Nov in Los Angeles, CA.

He had been planning to release a 1990s project with Michiko Freemond called Milk, with the band also including Juliana DiMaggio Diaz, Fren Asken, Dean Chrysler Cameron and Robin Bissell.

Sherwood had been working on a new solo album by Jon Anderson, with long-time collaborators Jonathan Elias and Jimmy Haun, but the project stalled: see under Anderson for details. Sherwood and Haun also worked on a Steve Porcaro solo album, now out, while Sherwood had 3 co-writes on Toto's Toto XIV album: see under Porcaro for details. Porcaro has talked of doing more work with Sherwood.

Swifty's Bazaar is a collaboration between Sherwood and Andrew Rosenthal (ex-Martini Ranch). Their album is entitled Everything You Hear is for Sale (duration 54:12; Facebook promo).

Sherwood played keys for country & western artist John Spicer's debut album, Crossing Over, now out. The lead single was "Pretty Good at Lovin' You" (YouTube). Also performing are Spicer (vocals, guitar), Patrick Caccia (drums), Jennifer Lynn (fiddle, strings), Mico Olmos (bass) and Mike Winner. Tom Fletcher (co-produced Yes's Keys to Ascension) produced, mixed and engineered.

Peter Sinfield - lyrics for "Run with the Fox". Song Soup on the Sea homepage

Sinfield was working on a new solo album, entitled Thread to Heaven, co-produced by Poli Palmer. In a Jan 2008 blog, Jakko M. Jakszyk talked of writing for the album. He may also be working with the David Cross/Andrew Keeling collaboration.

Nikki Squire - Chris's ex-wife. FacebookTwitter
, YouTube, Instagram

Nikki told one fan in Mar 2018 that she was "very involved in a writing a new album". "Gaia (Mother of Heaven)" was released on Bandcamp and as a video to YouTube in Dec 2018. The music was written by Nikki with the late Nigel McLaren and then re-worked by Nikki and Mark J, with a lyric by Nikki. The song is credited to N Squire/Mclaren, produced by Mark J/N Squire, mixed by Mark J, mastered by Kevin Metcalfe and with video production by Laurie Goodwin.

In May 2019, she was reportedly remixing songs from Coming Home, their second album, released 1994.

Esquire released their third album, No Spare Planet (Esquire Records), in Nov 2016. The album consists of 9 tracks co-written by Nikki Squire and the late Nigel McLaren (bass, backing vocals). There is also some unreleased Esquire material from over the years which could be released. Nikki was interviewed in Notes from the Edge #232, in which she discussed some other possible forthcoming projects.

Nikki guested on a tribute album to Chris put together by Billy Sherwood: see on the main page.

M Daniela Torchia - Tony Kaye's wife. Homepage; MySpace page

In Aug 2016, Torchia released a digital single, "Here You are Again" (3:58).

Torchia received her PhD in 2017; her thesis is entitled "Perceived Barriers to Lifestyle Change in Obese, Low-Income Hispanic Women". She writes for Shine on Hollywood Magazine.

Vangelis Papathanassiou - composer on ABWH and Keys to Ascension 2. Homepage (under construction)

"The Thread" is a dance production choerographed by Russel Maliphant with music by Vangelis, based on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. It ran for 3 nights in London in Mar 2019.

Adam Wakeman - Rick's son. Official site; MySpace page; Twitter

Headspace (MySpace page; YouTube channel) consists of Adam Wakeman (keys), Damian Wilson (ex-Rick Wakeman, ex-Jeronimo Road; vocals), Pete Rinaldi (guitar), Lee Pomeroy (Yes featuring Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman, Rick Wakeman, Steve Hackett, Gary Barlow; bass) and Adam Falkner (drums). The band are working on a third album in a trilogy with All That You Fear is Gone (2016) and their debut, I am Anonymous.

Wilson and Wakeman have also released a series of acoustic albums. Their second was the 10-track The Sun will Dance in Its Twilight Hour (YouTube preview), was released Feb/Mar 2018, including on vinyl. The album was performed by Wilson (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Wakeman (piano, vocals, acoustic guitar), plus guest musicians Andy Dunlop (Travis; guitar), Ash Soan (The Trevor Horn Band, Downes Braide Association, worked with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, Adele, Will Young; drums), Tony Woollard (worked with Damian Wilson; cello) and Haley Sanderson (worked with Trevor Horn, Rick Wakeman; backing vocals). The album was nominated for the Album Cover category in the Progressive Music Awards 2018, but lost to Big Big Train's The Second Brightest Star. The duo continued with a 16 date UK tour Feb/Mar 2018, plus 4 dates in the Netherlands and Germany.

Their third album is Stripped, out 11 Jan 2019 on CD, digital and vinyl, with "stripped down Wilson & Wakeman tracks and cover songs". Recorded shortly after their 2018 touring, tracks are:

  1. "Life on Mars" (David Bowie cover; streaming audio), debut single released Nov 2018
  2. "Laugh in Time"
  3. "Written in Anger"
  4. "Tapestries"
  5. "People Come and Go"
  6. "Disciple"
  7. "Seek for Adventure"
  8. "I Won't Blame Life"
  9. "Soldier", released by Headspace, but played here in Wilson's original arrangement
  10. "The Sun will Dance in Its Twilight Hour"
  11. "Feel Like Going Home" (Charlie Rich cover)

They played 14 more dates in England & Wales in Jan 2019. They played the UK further in the summer. They were to play a European tour from Apr 2020, but this was postponed given the COVID-19 pandemic. There is now a 7 Aug UK date and then 8 north-western European dates 28 Aug-7 Sep.



Adam is behind Jazz Sabbath, a project of jazz covers of Black Sabbath songs, due 10 Apr on Black Lake Records. The album is with Jerry Meehan (bass) and Ash Soan (Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, Trevor Horn Band, Downes Braide Association, worked with Adele, Seal; drums). Tracks:
  1. "Fairies Wear Boots"
  2. "Evil Woman"
  3. "Rat Salad"
  4. "Iron Man" (7:14), streaming audio available on Bandcamp
  5. "Hand of Doom"
  6. "Changes"
  7. "Children of the Grave"

There's a promo video based around a comedy made-up backstory for the band, in which Adam plays 'Milton Keanes', the supposed founder of a 1968 band called Jazz Sabbath. The video features many famous musicians, including Rick Wakeman, Trevor Rabin and Damian Wilson.


Some years back, Adam and father Rick were said to have a new piano album expected. He joined Rick for performances of Journey to the Centre of the Earth in Jul 2019. Adam was also lined up to join Rick for the Sound & Vision show, now postponed: see under Rick Wakeman. Adam and his daughter Skyla were joining Rick for a show of Beatles music on 31 Jan 2020: see under Rick Wakeman. He then joins Rick for English Rock Ensemble shows in Mar 2020.

Adam is playing a Mar 2020 Brazilian show with Martin Barre and Barriemore Barlow (both ex-Jethro Tull).

Adam plays keys and rhythm guitar in Ozzy Osbourne's band, who continue touring in early 2019.

Adam (keys, vocals) is in Snakecharmer, with Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Company Snakes, ex-National Health, ex-Brian May, ex-Jon Lord, ex-Black Sabbath; bass), Laurie Wisefield (ex-Wishbone Ash, ex-Tina Turner; guitars), Harry James (Magnum, ex-Thunder; drums, vocals), Chris Ousey (Heartland, ex-Virginia Wolf; lead vocals) and Simon McBride (lead guitars, vocals). The band perform Whitesnake material and other songs from the members' back catalogues. They played the UK in 2017/8 and have released two albums.

Adam was working with Inventioning, a spin-off from the Anderson Ponty Band; see here for details.

Benjamin Wakeman - Rick's son.

No current info

Jemma Wakeman - Rick's daughter. Twitter; SoundCloud

Jem is a songwriter, pianist and vocalist. She now works as a videographer and designer for Surrey web design company 1minus1.

Nina (Wakeman) Carter - Rick's ex-wife: under Carter above

Tim Weidner - production on Magnification, mixing on Fragile DVD-A/Ultimate Yes. Sarm Management

Weidner has been working with Trevor Horn as an engineer, mixer, programmer and/or performer on a variety of projects, including Horn's soundtrack for The Reflection, Trevor Horn Reimagines the Eighties and livesee details under Horn.

Steven Wilson - remixing on the Panegyric series of Yes re-releases. Official website; official remixes Facebook page

Wilson remains busy as a solo artist and doing remixing for other acts. Recent remixing has been for XTC: Black Sea is now out, while Psurroundabout Ride covers the complete works of The Dukes of Stratosphear, the XTC spin-off project. Psurroundabout Ride came out 11 Oct 2019 and covers their two albums, 25'O Clock (1985) and Psonic Psunspot (1987), plus bonus tracks and demo versions of both albums. It was the fourth best selling album through Burning Shed of 2019.

Wilson also worked on Gentle Giant's Unburied Treasure boxset, the 11th best selling album at Burning Shed. Unburied Treasure also
came 2nd in the Reissue category of Prog magazine's 2019 Readers' Poll.

Wilson mixed Tim Bowness' Flowers at the Scene, out Mar 2019: see above for details.

A re-release of Wilson's Dronework, under the Bass Communion name, was the 15th best selling album through Burning Shed of 2019. Due in 2020 is a re-issue of his solo album Grace for Drowning in 3-disc form, bundling the original 2CD version with the Bluray release. Guests on the album include Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, worked with David Cross & Peter Banks), Dave Stewart (ex-Bruford, ex-National Health), Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis, ex-GTR, ex-Squackett), Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson) and Dave Kerzner (worked with Jon Anderson, Billy Sherwood, Geoff Downes, Jon Davison, Steve Hackett).


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