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Bill Bruford Official website for Bill Bruford and Earthworks; News; Webstore; MySpace page

Bruford has retired from performance (Oct 2017 interview: "I no longer perform, practice or teach on the instrument."; 2015 interview: "I have not been playing any music. I've not touched the drums for five years."). Instead, he now does research, writes and gives talks. His latest lecture series covered Denmark (5 Mar 2018), Norway (8 Mar) and then the US northeast and midwest 10-18 Apr. Tony Levin attended one of the US lectures.

He was awarded a PhD from Surrey University in 2016: his thesis, "Making It Work: Creative Music Performance and the Western Kit Drummer", is available here, which was based on interviews with a set of drummers including Dylan Howe (Steve's son, worked with Yes), Cindy Blackman Santana, Chad Wackerman, Ralph Salmins, Martin France, Asaf Sirkis, Mark Guiliana, Thomas Stronen and Peter Erskine. He has also turned this into what he describes as a "less formal" book, now out through University of Michigan Press, entitled Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer.

The thesis abstract reads:

This study synthesises a range of views from cultural psychology, action theory and expert practitioners to illuminate issues of creativity and meaning in the performance of the Western kit drummer. Creativity and cultural psychology models are tested and critiqued, but require extension or adaptation to cast a more focused light on the meaning of creative performance for drummers. Aspects of the work of Csikszentmihalyi, Dewey, and Boesch are drawn together and developed to argue that the construct of ‘significant action in context’ provides the conceptual and methodological tool with which to begin analysis of this relationship of mind to cultural setting.

In seeking understanding of perception rather than objectively-determined facts, a qualitative interpretivist paradigm is adopted. Semi-structured interviews and autobiographical data of expert practitioners are used to generate rich data. Viewed from an action-theoretical perspective, the data are analysed and interpreted using thematic analysis, expanded here to encompass both autoethnographic and phenomenographical components. The agency of the researcher is assumed throughout, and the importance of scholarly self-reflexivity highlighted.

The purpose of the study is to construct a cultural psychology of the Western kit drummer which may reveal aspects of creativity in performance. It emerges organically from an ongoing sense of needing to know, or at least understand better, how drummers’ cultural psychology determines what they do. Such an explanation may not only contribute functionally to drummer practice, but also improve understanding of collaborative and creative interactional processes in music and related artistic spheres.

Bruford is among contributors for Brian Gruber's book with Billy Cobham, "Six Days at Ronnie Scott's: Billy Cobham on Jazz Fusion and the Act of Creation", released May 2018. Others involved include Jan Hammer and Randy Brecker. Bruford's section is called "Bill Bruford and Tricksy Meters".

Bruford attended a Yes show on 25 Mar 2018 in London and introduced the band (see more here).

Bruford has entered into a new distribution deal with Cherry Red for his Summerfold and Winterfold labels. He is working with Daniel Earnshaw (QEDG Management, Peter Banks Musical Estate, works with Yes, Jon Anderson) and Cherry Red on refreshing the catalogue, beginning with re-releases of the out-of-print If Summer Had Its Ghosts and the Moraz-Bruford live album In Tokyo. They are working on a complete Earthworks box set for 2019 release, new compilations, digital re-releases, vinyl releases and promoting the catalogue for film and TV.

Now out is Seems Like a Lifetime Ago 1977-1980 (Winterfold, WFBOX1), 6 CD/2 DVD-A boxset of the Bruford band, released through Burning Shed in the UK or Pledge Music in the US. Originally a limited edition of 2000 copies, this sold out on pre-orders and an additional pressing went ahead. Pre-orders for the second pressing were only available to 30 Nov, and then come out 26 Jan 2018. Bill Bruford's Facebook account said 1 Nov 2017, "This extension of the limited edition set marginally alters the original terms and conditions of sale. Those who wish can return their set to the point of purchase for a full refund". The set was put together with archivist Sid Smith, designer Martin Cook, mastering engineer Ben Darlow and co-ordinator Rob Ayling. It was 7th in the 2017 Prog Readers' Poll, Reissue category. Contents:

  • Feels Good to Me: CD stereo remix and DVD-A 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Jakko Jakszyk (King Crimson, Dizrhythmia, worked with Dave Stewart, ex-Rapid Eye Movement) and Bill Bruford (although Jakszyk has said, "Bill handed over the whole 5.1 remix to me"); mastering & DVD authoring by Ben Darlow. The original mix is included on the DVD-A.
  • One of a Kind: as for Feel Goods to Me. The CD only also adds a previously unreleased bonus track, "Five G out-take".
  • Gradually Going Tornado: remastered by Jakszyk.
  • The Bruford Tapes (recorded live 12 Jul 1979): remastered. Adds a bonus track of "Manacles", recorded live on 17 Jul 1979, previously released as a bonus track on the earlier Winterfold release of One of a Kind.
  • Live at the Venue (recorded live 5 May 1980, London): with Bruford (drums, percussion), Dave Stewart (Prophet V synth, Minimoog bass, Yamaha CP70 electric piano), Jeff Berlin (bass, vocals), John Clark (guitar); mastered by Jakszyk
    1) "Hell's Bells" [Dave Stewart]
    2) "Sample and Hold" [Bruford/Stewart]
    3) "Land's End" [Stewart]
    4) "Joe Frazier" [Berlin]
    5) "Gothic 17" [Bruford/Stewart]
    6) "Plans for J.D." [Bruford]
    7) "Age of Information" [Bruford/Stewart]
    8) "Five G" [Berlin]
  • 4th Album Rehearsal Sessions, 1980: with Bruford (drums, cymbals), Dave Stewart (Prophet V synth, Minimoog bass, Yamaha CP70 electric piano), John Clark (guitar); recorded by Bruford using a "cassette boombox on the floor by the drummer". This was for a planned 4th studio album before their label cancelled.
    1) "Hell's Midriff" [Stewart]
    2) "Sketch 1" [Bruford]
    3) "Restless Spirit" [Stewart/Bruford], later became part of King Crimson's "Discipline"
    4) "Hope" [Bruford]
    5) "Consequential Circuits" [Stewart]
    6) "Matching Green" [Stewart], later used by Stewart in his band Rapid Eye Movement
    7) "Should've been Something" [Stewart]
    8) "There is No Reward" [Stewart], later used by Stewart in his band Rapid Eye Movement and then as the b-side for his 1980 single "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"
    9) "Hooligan Juice 1" [Bruford], with Berlin (bass)
    10) "Hooligan Juice 2" [Bruford]
    11) "Flat Bells, Claptrap and Trills" [Stewart]
    12) "Sketch 2" [Bruford/Stewart]
    13) "Bedrock" [Bruford]
    14) "Plotting the Heavens" [Stewart]
    15) "Marrowbones and Cleavers" [Bruford/Stewart], re-arrangement of theme from "If You Can't Stand the Heat..." on Feels Good to Me
    16) "Prophet Motive" [Stewart]
    17) "Sketch 1 [Reprise]" [Bruford]
    18) "Saturday, No School" [Bruford/Stewart]

Original master tapes were not available for Gradually Going Tornado and The Bruford Tapes. The box includes a 16-page colour booklet with an essay by Sid Smith with interviews with the band, producer, engineer and others; plus poster and photo prints. All are signed by Bill. The GonzoMusicTV YouTube channel has several videos about the boxset. I tweeted Burning Shed about whether there will be a subsequent non-limited edition, and they replied:

Of the individual albums? Possibly.

Not the box set though.

The box set was nominated for the Reissue of the Year in the Progressive Music Awards 2018, but failed to make the top 3 and lost to the Alan Parsons Project's Eye in the Sky 35th Anniversary Box Set.

In a Jul 2008 blog, Bruford said: "I think Voiceprint is about to release a live Gong album from the short time I was with them, but you'd have to check their website". As yet, there has been no announcement from Voiceprint or successor Gonzo. Bruford played with Gong for a few months in late 1974. An example set from Dec 1974 went: "Invocation", "Master Builder", "A Perfect Mystery", "Never Glid Before", "White Christmas", "Solar Musik Suite", "Flute Salad", "Oily Way", "Inner Temple", "Outer Temple", "Sprinkling of Clouds".

Phil Manzanera's website had described a possible archival collection entitled Rare Two including material with Bruford, but news of the release was withdrawn. In Apr 2003, bassist Bill MacCormick answered a question about the relevant sessions on the Phil Manzanera/Roxy Music forum saying:
Some of the early sessions for the Listen Now album [...] involved Bill Bruford + Phil, [Brian] Eno and me (not sure about Eddie [Jobson] though he certainly played on other sessions).  These tracks were never used though I believe Phil still has the 24-track masters somewhere.  Every now and then we talk about what we might do with them.  We haven't come up with an answer yet.
King Crimson
Various Crimson re-releases and archival releases continue. Bruford is on archival material included on the 2018 Tour Box: see under Levin for more. News of the current band, including Levin, is over there.
News about UK archival releases is here. This includes the Eddie Jobson compilation 1971-1979 The Band Years, with several tracks from UK with Bruford.

Other news
Material written by Bruford, it appears, has been recorded for a forthcoming Steve Howe Trio album: see under Howe.

Steve Peters leads The Fright Watch, who make improvised music inspired by King Crimson, using an existing set of drum loops by Bruford (from Keyfax Software). A 13-track debut album came via KickStarter, with 5 tracks using Bruford drum loops. The band consists of Peters (all other instruments, loop editing, art, design), Pete Stone (percussion, 3 tracks), William Pompilii (percussion, 3 tracks), Paul Elliott (keys, 1 track), Scott Montgomery (bass, 2 tracks) and Jim Hill (guitar, 8 tracks).

Tony Kaye Facebook page; YouTube channel

Kaye guested with Yes on 2018 touring in celebration of the band's 50th anniversary and will be back with them for the Cruise to the Edge 2019: details on the main page.

Kaye has been working on multiple projects with Billy Sherwood, chiefly CIRCA: follow those links for more details. Kaye, Billy Sherwood and Jay Schellen finished off an incomplete Peter Banks recording for the new compilation of his music, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky... The Anthology: see under Banks for details.

He guested with Sherwood on Time Horizon's Transitions (details on main page) and on Dave Kerzner's (working with Steven Wilson, Jon Anderson) Sonic Elements Yes tribute album, Yesterday and Today: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Yes.

Brian Chatton (ex-Warriors, ex-Flaming Youth, ex-Jackson Heights, worked with Jon Anderson) has a number of songs on his MySpace page that were produced by Kaye. Kaye has also been helping Chatton with some videos to accompany his autobiography "Rolling with Rock Royalty" (Facebook), out soon.

Kaye's wife is singer Daniela Torchia and he continues to support her work.

Peter Banks Peter Banks Home; Remembering Peter Banks Facebook page
Peter Banks Musical Estate releases
Peter Banks died in 2013. The Peter Banks Musical Estate are releasing multiple albums to make Pete's music available. As Banks died intestate and had no known relatives, relatives were traced, who appointed in 2017 Daniel Earnshaw (copyright manager for Yes; working with Bill Bruford, Jon Anderson, worked with Rick Wakeman, Billy Sherwood, Thijs van Leer) "enduring exclusive authorisation to handle all administrative affairs, relating to the musical and rights aspects of the Banks estate".

The fourth Estate release is the The Complete Recordings (PBME004CD; promo video) by Peter Banks's Harmony in Diversity, released 7 Sep 2018 in the UK and 14 Sep in the US, consisting mostly of previously unreleased material. This is a 6CD set (but much less than a 6CD price!). Harmony in Diversity was Banks' final band project, an improvisational trio with Banks (guitar, MIDI guitar), Nick Cottam (ex-Pulse Engine; bass) and Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum, Henry Fool, ex-Pulse Engine; drums), and latterly Dave "Jick" Speight (drums). The set has been overseen and mixed by Booker and Cottam, with the additional approval of Speight. The release also includes a 36-page booklet about the band, written by Booker and Cottam and including some contemporary notes by Banks, and new artwork. Andrew Booker talked to me about the release in an interview available here. Details in Yescography.

Tracks: CD 1—Struggles Discontinued (described by Booker as various "bits and pieces", with some 2018 bass and drum parts added):
  1. "The Number of the Beat"
  2. "Swing It"
  3. "On the Sixth Attempt They Trod on It"
  4. "Inversible Flaw"
  5. "Last Run for the Empire"
  6. "Harmogeny A"
  7. "Dregs Addiction"
  8. "Harmogeny B"
  9. "Everything Ends in Nothing"
CD 2—What is This? (summer 2005 sessions with just Banks and Booker, at the time planned for a standalone release):
  1. "Lots and Lots of Disjoint Dots"
  2. "Plenty to Hear in Orbit"
  3. "Each to Their Own Devices"
  4. "Procyon B"
CD3—Trying (previously released on a limited scale (see in Yescography), but remastered; studio recordings):
  1. "No Harm"
  2. "After You"
  3. "Mind the Doors"
  4. "Swayed by Nothing"
  5. "The Klincher"
  6. "Sods at Odds", not on the original release
Peter Banks's Harmony in Diversity: The Complete

Buy Harmony in Diversity's The Complete Recordings

CD4—Try Again (studio recordings, mostly from one Sep 2004 session):
  1. "Prelusion"
  2. "Some Things are Best Left Upside Down"
  3. "Everything is Green"
  4. "Cracking"
  5. "Almighty Dog"
  6. "Try Again"
  7. "Over"
CD5—Hitting the Fans (Live) (live shows mainly from around 2006):
  1. "Tropical Moon"
  2. "Out of the Garage"
  3. "Forecasting an Indian Summer"
  4. "Procyon A"
  5. "Industrial Power Washing"
  6. "The Consequence of Going Nuts"
  7. "Dystopian Workshop"
  8. "Gallopsiding"
  9. "Not Over Yet"
CD6—Spontaneous Creation (with Speight; assembled by Cottam; these appear to be the sessions reported on Speight's MySpace some years back as, "HiD live album is currently being mixed and will feature live recordings captured in the UK and Eastern Europe in 2006/2007."):
  1. "Budanopest"
  2. "One Night in Budapest"
  3. "Wizz Bang Crash"
  4. "Sitting on the Buffalo"
  5. "Bruno"
  6. "Floating World"
  7. "Now Now"
  8. "Do It Now"
  9. "Where's Jamie?"
  10. "Boing"
  11. "Looking Forward"
The third Estate release, out 9 Mar 2018, commemorating the fifth anniversary of Banks' passing, was the 2CD Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky... The Anthology (PBME003CD), a compilation from across his solo career, including three previously unreleased pieces. Tracks: CD 1—The Best of Peter Banks:

  1. "No Place Like Home", from Instinct
  2. "All Points South", ditto
  3. "Fogbound", ditto
  4. "The Age of Distortion", from Reduction
  5. "Knights", from Two Sides of Peter Banks, with Ray Bennett and Mike Hough (both ex-Flash)
  6. "Fade to Blue", from Reduction
  7. "It's All Greek to Me – Oriental Bent", from Self Contained
  8. "It's All Greek to Me – In an Idyll Momentum", ditto
  9. "Tone Down", from Reduction
  10. "Dirty Little Secret", ditto
  11. "As Ever", ditto
  12. "Small Beginnings (Flashback Version)", from Small Beginnings: Flashback, the hard-to-find limited edition release that came with Banks' autobiography "Beyond and Before"
  13. "Knights (Reprise)", from Two Sides of Peter Banks, with John Wetton (ex-Asia, ex-King Crimson, ex-UK), Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis, ex-GTR) and Phil Collins (ex-Genesis)
  14. "Massive Trouser Clearance", from Self Contained
  15. "Lost Days", ditto
Be Well
                anthology cover

Buy Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky...

CD 2—Can I Play You Something More?, focusing on rarities:
  1. "Can I Play You Something?", from Can I Play You Something?
  2. "Bang/Crash", ditto
  3. "Peter Gunn Theme (Live)", ditto, performed by the Peter Banks Band
  4. "Hippie Loop", ditto
  5. "Warning: Rumble Strips", this and the next track are Pete's two pieces on Guitar Workshop Volume Two
  6. "Dancing Angel", as previous
  7. "Lima Loop", from Can I Play You Something?
  8. "Astral Traveller", from Tales from Yesterday, with Robert Berry
  9. "Knights (Revisited)" (duration 1:21), this was an unfinished re-recording of the piece by Banks on guitar, newly finished by Billy Sherwood, Tony Kaye and Jay Schellen, who had all previously worked with Banks in different projects
  10. "Yesterdays", from Can I Play You Something?
  11. "Endless Journey (Endless Version)", a previously unreleased version of the track on Ant-Bee's Electronic Chuch Muzik; included in the cover disc for Prog magazine's Apr 2018 issue
  12. "Cinnamon Touch", from Can I Play You Something?
  13. "As Night Falls... and Continues…", a previously unreleased, longer version of "As Night Falls" on Reduction
  14. "Small Beginnings (Epic Flashback Version)", from Small Beginnings: Flashback
  15. "No Time", from Can I Play You Something?
CD2 thus includes all the Peter Banks solo recordings from Can I Play You Something?, most of which are very short. Across the set, the music has been remastered, and it includes new artwork plus an original poem contributed by Bill Ward (Black Sabbath). Details in Yescography.

"Knights (Reprise)" from Two Sides of Peter Banks is also included on the forthcoming Phil Collins' 59-track, 4CD anthology Plays Well With Others featuring his collaborative work, relased 28 Sep. There are also tracks with Flaming Youth, Argent, Brian Eno, Brand X, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Adam Ant, Paul McCartney, Tears for Fears, Genesis, John Martyn, The Bee Gees, his Big Band and many others.

The second Peter Banks Musical Estate release was The Self-Contained Trilogy (PBME002CD), released 2 Mar 2018, with remastered versions of his three out-of-print solo albums from the 1990s: Instinct, Self-Contained and Reduction. The budget-priced release includes new artwork, while the booklet features the original album artwork, liner notes and credits.

The first PBME release was The Complete Recordings of Empire, Banks' band with his sometime wife and lead singer Sydney Foxx (now Jordan) that went through various incarnations in 1974-9. The Complete Recordings (PBME001CD), now out, includes all the material on Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and The Mars Tapes, remastered and in a different order. The release is endorsed by Jordan and comes with a 40-page booklet with new text from Jordan and drummer Mark Murdock, the original liner notes from the previous One Way Records releases, and a 1974 article about the band, plus numerous photos. Tracks: CD 1—The Best of Empire:
  1. "Out of Our Hands" (on Mark I)
  2. "Destiny" (on Mark III)
  3. "Faraway" (on Mark III)
  4. "Foundation" (on Mark III)
  5. "Sky at Night" (on Mark I; also included as a bonus track on The Mars Tapes), featuring Phil Collins (ex-Genesis)
  6. "Where Yes Means No" (on The Mars Tapes)
  7. "Off  with the King's Head" (on The Mars Tapes)
  8. "More Than Words" (on Mark I)
  9. "Shooting Star" (on Mark I)
       "Part 1 – From the Top"
       "Part 2 – Common Ground"
       "Part 3 – Iceland on the Rocks"
       "Part 4 – Shooting Star"
  10. "For a Lifetime" (on Mark I)
  11. "Do What You Want" (on Mark II)

                Self-Contained Trilogy

Buy The Self-Contained Trilogy

Empire: The Complete Recordings

Buy Empire's The Complete Recordings

CD 2—The Mars Tapes (as The Mars Tapes release minus two tracks on CD1):
  1. "Out of Our Hands"
  2. "Foundation/Destiny/Faraway"
  3. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill"
  4. "Do What You Want"
  5. "Dancing Man"
  6. "Something's Coming"
  7. "The Fall of the Empire"
  8. "When the Banks Overflow"
  9. "Ascending to the Planet Mars"
  10. "As Silence Prevails"
CD 3—The Rest of Empire:
  1. "Everything Changes" (on Mark II)
  2. "Sky at Night" (on Mark II)
  3. "Still Out of Our Hands" (on Mark II)
  4. "Goodbye" (on Mark III)
  5. "Destiny" (on Mark II)
  6. "Someone Who Cares" (on Mark I)
  7. "Ain't That Peculiar" (on Mark III)
  8. "Dancing Man" (on Mark III)
  9. "Hear My Voice on the Radio" (on Mark I)
  10. "Who", featuring Ray Bennett (Flash); originally released on Bennett's Angels and Ghosts. At the Remembering Peter Banks page on Facebook I run, Jordan explained, "'Who' was recorded at De Lane Lea studios in the UK and had Andrew McCullough (Greenslade) on drums, Ray Bennett (Flash) on Bass and Peter on guitar. They were demos. And the vocal sound is horrendous...A bit heavy sound wise but might be someone's cup of tea! The high point of this session was when Peter Townshend dropped by"

As well as Banks on guitar, keys and vocals and Jordan on lead vocals, Mark I of the band was with Jakob Magnusson (keys, vocals), John Giblin (ex-Brand X, worked with Jon Anderson, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Fish, Paul McCartney; bass, vocals) and Preston Ross-Heyman (drums), with Sam Gopal also guesting on tabla. Mark II had Jeffrey Fayman (Globus, worked with Robert Fripp; drums), Chad Peery (bass) and Robert Orellana (keys), with Magnusson guesting. Mark III was with Mark Murdock (drums), Paul Delph (keys) and Brad Stephenson (bass), and this was also the line-up on The Mars Tapes. Jordan also said on Facebook:

This is the release that Peter and I always wanted for our band 'Empire'. The One Way release was a thrown together, on the fly release that used silly 'publicity photos' of us as the album covers and inferior mastering. I was not involved in that release nor did it seem Peter was to much extent. But this Right Honourable Recording Company/Cherry Red Records release is the one that Peter and I always wanted. I am very grateful to Daniel Earnshaw and QEDG Management for their time and the expense to make this release happen. Peter would have loved it. And I hope that the long liner notes and photos will give people a glimpse what our 7 year journey with Empire was like.

Unreleased later recordings
In an interview in the Jul 2015 issue of Prog, when asked if there are any older recordings he might put out, David Cross (ex-King Crimson) described a 1-day session with Banks: "he was astonishing. [...] I couldn't keep up with what he was doing. [...] It was a big experience for me. I've got that tape hidden away. But who knows? Perhaps one day that will get released."

The New Empire
The instrumental album Out to Sea from Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner band) is out on Bandcamp. It includes as its opening track and first single a piece entitled "The Architect (Tribute to Peter Banks)" (4.10; available on YouTube). The piece was written, performed and produced by Perdomo. Another version of the piece is on Dave Kerzner & Sonic Elements' Yesterday and Today: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to Yes with Perdomo, his live band, and Kerzner: see under Yes.

The New Empire consists of Perdomo (guitars, bass, backing vocals), Mark Murdock (Masheen Messiah, ex-Empire; drums, lead & backing vocals), Kame Akiyama (Masheen Messiah; keys, synths) and Marisol Koss (worked with Perdomo, Kerzner; lead & backing vocals). The group intend to play Banks's material live and to "create new material in the spirit of the original Empire." They released a digital single of Empire's "Out of Our Hands" on 19 Sep through Bandcamp, produced by Murdock/Perdomo and mixed/mastered by Zach Ziskin. The song will also be on a forthcoming tribute album to Banks, further details on which are not known.

Other news
Mabel Greer's Toyshop have used a guitar recording by Banks on "The Secret", the final track of their new album of the same name: see on main page.

A documentary about Pete is being filmed. Entitled "Claiming Peter Banks", it's been organised by George Mizer, a close friend of Pete's, with some of the interviews done by Heidi Hornbacher. Participants include Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Oliver Wakeman, author Chris Welch, Mike Hough (ex-Flash), Andrew Booker (Harmony in Diversity), Nick Cottam (Harmony in Diversity) and drummer Joe Vitale. Mizer said on Facebook in Jan 2018 that "we have put a band together to promote the Banks documentary [...] It will include past Flash members and now we hope to have Fern[ando Perdomo] join in on the fun."

Patrick Moraz PatrickMoraz.com; PatrickMoraz.net; MySpace page; Facebook

There are plans for Moraz to tour with Yes in 2019: see here on main page. He guested with Yes live in 2018, playing "Soon" on 20-1 Jul; he was also at the US YesFanFest on 21 Jul: again, see on the main page.

In an Oct 2015 interview, Moraz plots out his future plans:
I’m [...] planning to do some concerts by myself. More than ever, I’m back in the saddle to record. I have multiple projects in the pipeline, and they will come out as they come out. I also have some classic music in preparation, and some other new stuff that’s going to knock your socks off.


I have other symphonic works [in development; in addition to A Way to Freedom] as well, including the completion of my “Children’s Concerto” for orchestra. I’ve added some orchestral colors to it…but I like to keep some mystery about what I’m doing!

I have also been expressing myself by writing poems, either in French or in English. And I’ve already recorded some of them. And I’ve almost completed a double CD with my other group in Switzerland [possibly a reference to Random Kingdom]; that’s going to come out..probably not this year [2015] or next year [2016], but after that. I have at least two other albums schedule to come out. But for now, MAP is taking priority


Because my children are grown up, and because I’m not committed, contracted yet – yet! [laughs] – to tour with a big band with my music, I have more time. And I’ve developed a very interesting studio here in Florida.

In a Jan 2017 interview, he said, "I'm playing seven hours a day, and I'm also recording every day and every night[.] I've composed many hundreds of pieces of music."

Solo shows
The latest Moraz solo show was on 5 Aug in Sellersville, PA.
He had a solo show in Winter Park, FL on 30 May; the set included "Soon" and material from i. He next played at The Iridium, New York, NY on 26 Jul and had another show, I think again The Iridium, on 30 Jul. 30 Jul set: [SPOILERS—highlight to read] "Light Elements", "Aural Contact", "Soul Eternal", "Rite of Passage", "Temples of Joy", "Galatea", "Cachaça", "Imps Dance", "The Best Years of Our Lives", "Talisman—Caravan", "Isle of View", film scores medley, "For Mom", "Krazy Kapers", poem: "If YOU Think You Can...", "Nights in White Satin", "Soon", Variations and medley on Chopin/Mozart/Beethoven, 3-4-5-notes improvisation, "Modular Symphony". He previously played a solo piano Earth Day concert on 22 Apr in Sarasota, FL, when pieces included "Aural Contact I: Sacrifices".

Moraz played 2 solo piano shows on 17 Jan 2017 at The Iridium, NY. These celebrated the 40th anniversary of his i solo album winning Best Keyboard Album from Keyboard magazine (he also won Best New Talent). The sets included "Blue Brains" and "Cachaça (Baiao)". One piece was played to a backing tape of an orchestra. He played another solo show there in early Apr (shortly before Yes's Hall of Fame induction), which was sold out. This included several pieces—"Blue Brains", "Cachaça (Baiao)", "Temples of Joy" and an improvisation—with (Yes fan) Joe Cass on drums. At the end of the show, Geoff Downes (piano) and Billy Sherwood (vocals) performed Asia's "The Smile has Left Your Eyes". On the Cruise, he told one fan that he would be coming to Australia in the next 18 months. Moraz returned to the Iridium for 2 more solo piano shows, 20-1 Oct. There is a live streaming video of the 20 Oct show on the KISWE app. He also performed at a 1 Oct benefit for Hurricane Irma relief in Osprey, FL, including a performance of "Nights in White Satin" with Joseph John Orchulli II (vocals), and George DeJong and band.

Band projects
Random Kingdom (sampler; promo video) is a new album from Moraz & Friends. This largely Swiss ensemble is based around Moraz (guested with Panorama Syndicate; piano, synth, voice, percussion), Gonzague Ruffieux (Panorama Syndicate, worked with Daniela Simmons; drums, Synclavier, Hartmann Neuron synth) and Patrick Perrier (Panorama Syndicate, Moraz Alban Project, Antimatière, Pairs & Impairs; bass), with Philippe Aguet (worked with Joe Walsh; guitar), Richard Pizzorno (Panorama Syndicate; solo synth), Johnny Visan (violin) and Valentine (worked with Ruffieux; soprano vocals). The project dates back to at least 2012, but it was released in early 2018. Moraz co-wrote all 7 tracks. Tracks include:

The album was produced, recorded, mixed, edited and mastered by Ruffieux. It is available from Perrier's website. Further release details are unknown.

Moraz and Ronnie Ciago (Facebook) (ex-CIRCA:, Brand X, worked with Bill Ward, Mick Taylor, Jaco Pastorius, Robert Downey Jr.; percussion) have been working on an album together; one piece with Ciago appeared on Moraz's solo album Change of Space. Ciago said on Facebook in late Sep 2011: "there is also 2 Moraz & Ciago cd's due out in the next few months, Patrick Moraz & Ronnie Ciago "Live On The Radio" and The new studio cd ( Moraz & Ciago ) with known guest musicians."

Solo albums
In a late 2014 interview, Moraz said of the project, "In LA, I was in the finishing stages of a very important album — actually it's for a rock album — which I just finished the production of, which took quite some time to do. I composed all the tunes and all the music. [...] I composed 14 pieces, of which we chose nine. I arranged everything. [...] A couple of weeks ago, I received the final mastered version and that album is going to be released hopefully very soon. We're just in the middle of preparation of the sleeve and the credits and this and that." The project was begun 10 years ago.

In the Oct 2015 interview has more on the making of the album and news of plans for a follow-up:
It was a balance between the two [beginning with Moraz' compositions or not]. We played together and jammed and so on. The music was composed, first and foremost. Actually I composed more than nine pieces – at least fourteen pieces – and then I let him choose the ones that felt the most comfortable. [...]

Greg and I and John Avila, we can now play that music with our eyes closed! We can play it the way it is [written], but we can also jam. And that’s what we will do for the next album. We are really, really determined to put out a bunch of albums together. We had so much fun making this album

Moraz also said they are "discussing and planning how we’re going to do" live dates, continuing, "Not only promotional dates, but proper concerts."

Moraz has released through his online store a limited edition 19CD box set of his solo albums: Change of Space, Coexistence, ESP - Etudes, Sonatas, Preludes, Future Memories I and II, Future Memories II, Future Memories Live on TV, Human Interface, i, Live at Abbey Road, Mainhorse, Music for Piano and Drums - Live in Maryland (2CD), Out in the Sun, Patrick Moraz III, Patrick Moraz in Princeton, Pianissimoraz, Resonance, Time Code and Windows of Time.

Due for some time has been a new studio project, entitled A Way to Freedom. This project dates back some years and has been described as an "electro-ethnic" solo album. In the Oct 2015 interview, Moraz said:
I want to keep it a surprise. But what I can tell you is that it’s not just one CD, one album. It’s a bunch of different works for myself at the piano, with a band, with a trio, orchestra and choirs. That’s why it’s taking so long. In this kind of work, you can never say exactly when it’s going to be ready.
In an interview circa May 06 (Notes from the Edge #299), Moraz said:
A WAY TO FREEDOM seems to be taking a long time to come out. It's not the lack of material, but more about the inherent inertia which has surrounded the project from the beginning. I have lots and lots of recorded material already, but I never seem to be able to put the finishing touch to the production as a whole.

In an Aug 2013 interview, asked about the project, Moraz replied:

It’s still on the front burner, it’s just that I’ve got different projects and different productions that take precedence. [...] I’ve got several pieces that I’ve had rendered for a symphony orchestra and percussionists and a jazz brass band. All of the music is written and arranged; it’s on paper. It’s just that it takes time. I could have finished it and released it, but in some way I have been enjoying my right to be a little bit of a perfectionist. (Laughs.)

Asked about the project in the late 2014 interview, Moraz said, "I am in the finishing stages of A Way To Freedom, because I've got some other productions that take precedence. [...] that's going to be my solo album. I've been working on that for several years on and off."

A Jun 2014 interview described it as "due in the very near future". It also describes as upcoming Cantata, a piece for a soprano-alto-tenor-bass choir in 7 movements, "paying homage to 'Our Planet.'" The latter was previously described on Moraz' website as EcoCantata. His site website also said Moraz is "progressing in the compositional development, production and "finition" of a "Futuristic Ballet" and other works featuring electronic arrangements as well as innovative, rhythmic instrumentation and acoustic orchestrations."

Other news
Moraz played a one-off show in Mar 2011 at Bergen Community College. This was about 1.5-2 hours long and the set included a version of "Soon", the intro to "Sound Chaser", "Jungle Alien", "Symphony of the Trees", "Gentle Storm", "Rite of Passage", and a new piece written for the concert and dedicated to his wife, as well as improvisations. Moraz' set-up consisted of a grand piano, two keyboards, a computer and various percussion instruments. Three guest musicians also made brief appearances. The night before, Moraz did a free lecture/demonstration at the same venue. A DVD of the show (possibly to include the lecture) has been expected.

In the late 2014 interview, Moraz described another project:
seven years ago, I had a project [...] “Seven Days a Week: Music on the Road From A to Z,” [...] I was seeing real people in real time, and the idea was to record in one week, in seven days — actually seven different CDs, one CD every day with a different theme every day. I kind of started to prepare production, because it’s a rough animal to do that, but as of yet I haven’t had the chance to complete such the project. But it’s still in the future works, as a future operation.

In the Oct 2010 Classic Rock Presents... Prog, Moraz says:

I am so busy right on many projects. They vary from rock to classical. Right now, I'm working with some extraordinary musicians in Tampa, Florida. Moreover, there are various reissues being planned. And I'm currently writing my autobiography, when I will reveal the truth of what happened with Yes.

Moraz has been working on a CD with himself on piano and electronic keyboards and drummer Jacob Armen (ex-Prince). Moraz also appears on one piece on Armen's forthcoming solo album: called "Cachaca II", it is an arrangement for piano and drums of Moraz's "Cachaca" on The Story of i. In a 2007 Innerviews interview, Moraz says, "It features the piano base of the original track which you can't really hear on my album, in addition to the original chord structure from the middle of the piece. The rest of it is quite different—almost a different tune." In the Oct 2015 interview, Moraz said, "I have a very good friend of mine, Jacob Armen – on whose album I played a piece called "Cachaça" – and his album will be out very soon...I don't know when." The duo have played a small number of live dates and further shows. In late 2009, Moraz, Armen and bassist Matt Malley (ex-Counting Crows) were working on an album together at Malley's studio. In Oct 2009, Malley wrote on his website:

For the last couple of nights I've been recording with Patrick Moraz, (Yes, Moody Blues) and Jacob Armen, (Prince) in my studio and it is downright frightening how good they are.  No need to "explain" anything...no analyzing...just play.  Think with your heart and feel with your brain.  I would love to tour with this little combo!

In a Feb 2007 interview, Moraz talked of his desire to play live with a band and that he was rehearsing for live performances, but he did not seem to have any specific plans for shows. Moraz had said that Vega Music, a Japanese label who are re-releasing Moraz's solo album Resonance there (see below), would like to bring him to Japan for both some piano and electronic concerts. In the interview for Innerviews published in May 2007, Moraz talked about what material he might play live, describing delving deep into his back catalogue with material from Mainhorse, Refugee ("like "Papillon" or a bit of "Credo.""), The Story of i, Out in the Sun, Future Memories, and "even" Timecode. He adds, "Perhaps I'll play some Moraz-Bruford pieces like "Children's Concerto" as well" and that he "might consider playing something from Yes like "Soon"".

Moraz played on sessions for bassist Dave LaRue (The Dixie Dregs, John Petrucci) for a second solo album that has yet to appear.

Longer term plans
Moraz has talked of multiple further projects, but many of these appear to be some way from producing any output. He has plans for a third "Future Memories" show, which he discusses in a new interview on a forthcoming DVD release of the first two "Future Memories" TV programmes (see below). Moraz has also been working on an album with Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) for some time. A report circa Feb 2005 said that Moraz has two electronic albums close to completion, one of which seemed to be the one with Sanchez. It is unclear whether the other was A Way to Freedom, with Armen or some other project.

Moraz has expanded "Modular Symphony (1st Movement)" from his 1987 Human Interface album into an entire piano conerto, which he intends to release at some point according to a Mar 2005 interview.

Although he has no immediate plans, in his Mar 2005 interview, Moraz talked of his willingness to do a video or film project based on his solo album The Story of i. In his NftE interview (Jan 2001), he said, "I've also been writing and researching some stories. I'd like to do a movie of THE STORY OF I either in 3-D computer graphics, an animated version, or the real thing. I have also written a couple of other movie scripts; one is a science fiction story and the other is about the life and times of a composer who lived three hundred years ago." In an earlier interview (Oct 2000), he said: "I have just about 30 other projects that I have already composed, I've composed hundreds of pieces of music in the last 9 years. [...] I have also, maybe, studying to get a commission for a symphony orchestra perhaps in europe for next year [2001]." At some point, he has been planning to do a charity Christmas album.

In the 2005 interview, Moraz mentioned too his desire to do some live shows with flautist Syrinx to play music from their album Coexistence/Libertate, although again there are no specific plans at present. Moraz has said he may collaborate with Annie Haslam in the future.

Trevor Horn

Trevor Horn news it on its own page.

Trevor Rabin Homepage;
Facebook; Twitter

Rabin's main work of late has been Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman, but the rest of 2018 and possibly 2019 sees him re-focus on film scoring and a follow-up to Jacaranda. In a Jun 2018 interview, he talked about how he had initially thought ARW touring would be more limited ("I thought it'd be 5, 6 m[onths]"), but how the Hall of Fame induction "enlarged the whole idea of the thing" and that "there's all these people relying on the tour, the crew" and, thus, he has "continued and continued" with the shows. However, "next [year?]... I'm going to start... I've got an album to do, a solo album, and [...] the record company really want do so a second one [after Jacaranda] [...] so I'm gonna do that, but then I'm getting back into film." He continued later in the interview:
Once this... we [ARW] do Europe […] and then we've got some time off and then we do 9, 10 [dates?]... They wanted to do a hundred dates and I said, 'I'm old. The singer's 10 years older than me.' […] I said, no, […] you can always call me, we can look at things and if I'm not busy, we can do things. But once that tour is finished, I'm actually going to start bookings [for film scoring]. So I've promised [new manager] Rich [Jacobellis] that when I come back, in between now and doing the next tour [26 Aug-9 Sep 2018] […] I'll agree to start taking meetings, speaking to people and I'll phone my friends [like directors Renny Harlin and Jerry Bruckheimer]
However, in response to the hullabaloo online after that interview, his wife posted the following message to a fan Facebook group:
It has been suggested that YES(ARW) might be ending due to comments within this interview.
I want to make it very clear that it is not the case.
Rick Jon and I didn’t come into ARW in a vacuum.
We were all very busy. Other career interests don’t just disappear. We all fully intend to carry on doing what we were doing while putting full energy into YES.

Wakeman said in his Sep 2018 GORR that ARW are taking the rest of 2018 off as a group, while "Trev is doing the score for a new film".

 An Apr 2017 interview (conducted Mar) had laid out the following plan:
I’ve got two solo records which I’m scheduled to do and two scores which I’m not at liberty to mention [...] I pretty much signed on to them now, and so I’m pretty busy right up until the end of 2018 at this point.

I did an instrumental album in 2012 [Jacaranda]. I wanna follow that up with another [instrumental] album, and I also do wanna do a kind of vocal rock album to follow up on [...] Can’t Look Away [...] obviously, a priority goal for us is ARW

In an Oct 2017 interview, conducted around Aug, he said, "I'm still doing films but I haven't since we started this [ARW] because I've been so busy. But, I will be doing film again." In another Oct 2017 interview, he said, "I'll still be doing film [...] I'll work on some film projects coming up and so, I'm busy!"

In an Oct 2016 interview, Rabin was asked whether it will be a 20 year wait for his next solo album, referencing the 23 year gap before Jacaranda. He replied: "The answer to that is definitely no. The wait won't be quite that long." In a Jan 2017 interview, Rabin said, "I'm [...] about half way through a new solo project. I'[m] enjoying singing again." In one of the Oct 2017 interviews, he said, "I'm about halfway through a new solo album [...] There's no titles yet but there's about five or six songs I'm really excited about. There's another five that are written that I still have to do". In a Jun 2017 interview, Jason Becker, who is having Rabin guest on a piece of his, said, "[Rabin] is working on a symphony now": I am unclear what that is, and whether it is related to solo work, film scoring or ARW.

Summer 2014, his website announced the new album as "coming soon". In Jun 2014 on Facebook, Rabin described it: "the current album I'm working on is a vocal album. I'm not sure where it will ultimately land up. But it's definitely a rock album at this point. What I've been writing is definitely challenging my fingers. But I'm loving it." The day before, he'd posted:
sorry i've been missing in action,,,.but I have been 24/7 on the new solo album, and it's turning into something pretty cool.
I was hoping i'd be closing in by now.
Ufortunately it'll take a but longer. It's just taking time to let it all happen the right way. But i'm quite excited with where it's going.
I'm about half way through and very happy. Bare with me.

In Sep 2014, Rabin said the album will have "some surprise guests" and described 3 drummers will be involved, Lou Molino (who had already recorded parts), son Ryan Rabin and an as yet unnamed drummer. Recording sessions continued in Sep 2014. In Aug 2015, he posted to Facebook:
Sorry there's been little on the new album.
I'm had to take some breaks to fulfill some film obligations.
But it's going great, I wish it was happening a little faster.
I would say I'm half way there and will be back at it next week.
speak soon. all the best

The next day, in response to a question, he posted, "BTW...Yes it is very much a vocal album". A Jun 2015 interview described him as "now writing an album of all-original rock material and considering a tour." However, in Feb 2016, he said (again on Facebook) that he was "just working crazy at the moment" and "putting my solo album on hold". This appears to be connected to the ramping up of activity by Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman.

Back in Feb 2014, Rabin said on Facebook:
I've completed 2 tracks for my next solo album.
I wasn't sure what shape my voice would be in, as singing is something I do little of with scoring (or on Jacaranda), ... but voice exercises and singing a lot,....i'm in good shape.
Happy so far, ...long way to go!

Journalist Jon Kirkman said on Facebook (Jan 2014) that Rabin is keen to get the rock album out within 2 years and he already has some material for it. On Facebook in Feb 2014, Rabin talked of having completed two songs in the style of Can't Look Away and 90125.

He released his solo album Jacaranda in 2012 and said in one May 2012 interview that: "I've already starting thinking about material for a next album." He explained in another interview (published around May 2012, but possibly from some time earlier in that year):

I love my work and my work for the last 12 years, or so, has been making song scores, but I love going on vacation. I really do enjoy doing the movie stuff and I’m not going to stop. I am also not going to let that side of things get in the way of doing this [solo work], which is my favorite thing to do.

He has talked about two projects, an electric guitar concerto and a rock album with vocals. He says later in the latter May 2012 interview:

I am actually about halfway through an electric guitar concerto right now. I was very into it but there is so much work, right down to how to write it, that I have not  finished it yet. Right now, it has four guitars in it but it might end up having five guitars. What is a guitar concerto, you may ask? There will be four or five guitars that will each have very specific parts written for it.

In a Nov 2012 interview, he describes two projects:
I've had something on the burner for a long time, but I've never really got centered on it [...] I have an electric-guitar concerto. I'm calling it that, which might sound a bit posh, but it's just a classical electric guitar. What I have sketched out is for full orchestra and electric guitar. I've also included four bagpipes, which just sounded so great. It's a great combination, these very legato, almost sitar-ish guitars and the drone of the bagpipes, which is an extraordinary sound. I really want to come to terms with this guitar concerto
I'm also very determined to do a rock album, whatever that means, with singing on it.
In a Jun 2012 interview, he said, "I will sing on a record in the future. I've started working on a followup to Jacaranda. I'm going to do a vocal." He also says, "I met with Robert Plant and we wanted to do something together, so I'd love to revisit that." And in another Jun 2012 interview, Rabin says, "I will sing soon! Yes, I will definitely be singing on my future albums and projects." And adds, "This album [Jacaranda] and the music I express on it is definitely a turning point for me. I will be far more creatively free from this moment on since creating Jacaranda." In my Jul 2012 interview with Rabin, he said: "I am so motivated by Jacaranda it certainly won't be 20 years between albums again." In an Aug 2013 interview, he said: "I am starting a new solo album as a follow up to Jacaranda".

In a Mar 2014 radio interview, Anderson mentioned a recent email from Rabin who had, in Anderson's words, "just written a piano concerto for Lang Lang" [official website].

Film scores etc.
As above, Rabin has new management, Rich Jacobellis at Fortress Talent Management, and is seeking film scoring work.

In a May 2018 interview, Anderson said that, "Trevor [Rabin] has been doing music for a Broadway show as well as film soundtracks". Further details are absent. Anderson appears to be describing recent activity, but that is not clear.

Rabin was one of many score composers to be included in the 2017 film "Score: A Film Music Documentary", released on DVD Sep 2017.

Collaborations, guest appearances & other news
Rabin said in an Aug 2013 interview that he "would love to do an album with my son, Ryan, at some point. However, he is very busy".

On Facebook in Sep 2014, Rabin described guesting on a track on an album by Jason Becker (worked with David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe). Becker described the album in Aug 2014: "I have a few new songs. It is kind of like modern classical with a little Pink Floyd, and I have a cover of 'Blowin in the Wind' and a couple of new versions of my song 'River of Longing' with guest players like Trevor Rabin [...] and [Joe] Satriani and more to be announced." Rabin said in an Oct 2016 interview that he had yet to mix a piece he has done for the album. In a Jun 2017 interview, Becker said, "Some players have soloed over my piece, River of Longing, such as Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan, Steve Morse, Aleks Sever, and Trevor Rabin. Trevor actually played guitar and piano over the whole piece. He is working on a symphony now, so we just hope he has time to get us the stems." The album is being funded by an IndieGoGo campaign and was expected in summer 2017, but has yet to appear. Dan Alvarez is producing.

Gary May (Trevor's brother-in-law, I think) said on Facebook in early 2015 how he had had "Trevor produce, orchestrate and play on one of my songs", with photo taken in Rabin's Jacaranda studio on 31 Oct 2014.

Billy Sherwood

Billy Sherwood news is
on its own page.
Igor Khoroshev Homepage

Khoroshev often works with Mike Plotnikoff (engineer on The Ladder and House of Yes; worked with INXS, Aerosmith, KISS, My Chemical Romance) as a production team. Released Sep 2016 was Five (Napalm Records) from the metal band The Agonist. Khoroshev provided string arrangements and contributed to mixing. Plotnikoff produced and mixed the album, while Maor Appelbaum (worked with Yes, Billy Sherwood) mastered it. The lead single was "The Raven Eyes" (video).

Starset's Vessels (Razor & Tie) was released Jan 2017. Khoroshev provided strings, orchestral arrangements and programming; Rob Graves (worked with Natalie Grant, All That Remains, RED) produced. Details in Yescography. The album made #11 in the US (#2 on the Alternative chart), #85 in Germany, #60 in Canada, #52 in Australia and #56 in Austria. The lead single, "Monster" (video), made #2 in the US Mainstream Rock chart, with the second single, "Satellite", out Nov 2017, making #12 in the same chart. A third single, "Ricochet" (video), was released Apr 2018.

Out the following month was Madness (Razor & Tie) by metal band All That Remains, produced by Howard Benson (worked with P.O.D., My Chemical Romance, Santana, Keely Clarkson) and co-produced by Plotnikoff. Khoroshev did the string arrangement for track "Back to You" (3:25). The album made #50 in the US (#9 on the Rock chart, #1 Hard Rock) and #77 in Canada.

String arrangements for Gone by Christian hard rock band RED, released Oct 2017, were by Khoroshev and Graves. The album was also produced by Graves, while Khoroshev also provided programming. There is a 10-track regular album and a 17-track deluxe edition. The album made #38 in the US (#1 on the Christian chart, #2 Hard Rock, #5 Alternative and #7 Rock).

In Oct 2015, Khoroshev met with Mark Trueack (ex-Unitopia) to discuss the possibility of Khoroshev appearing on Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope, a double album from his band United Progressive Fraternity. This is now expected in two parts, with Loss Part 1 Planetary Overload due early 2019: see main page for details.

Oliver Wakeman - Rick's son. Homepage; Oliver Wakeman Band Facebook page; Twitter; YouTube
Oliver's Oct 2018 Newslist describes three major projects. First, he writes how, "I have been working on a new project which is very exciting and I have a meeting during this month to finalise the details and so look out for news in the next newsletter." More details are not given. However, I would guess this is the same project he mentioned in a review of 2016 on his website: "There is my large scale musical project which I have been working on all year [2016] with a well known music producer and my business partner. We are confident that it will see the light of day this year [2017]." Oliver also tweeted 3 Mar 2018: "I've been getting lots of comments and emails recently from people asking why I haven't released any new music recently. I have been working on a special project which is still in development but I will hopefully have news to share soon!" In a May 2018 tweet, he talked of "working on my next album rough mixes".

Secondly, he writes, "I have also been working on a collection of instrumental piano pieces based on music I have written for my family or commissions for other peoples loved ones. I was encouraged to put it together following the nice comments from people who heard some of the pieces at the solo piano shows and by the people who have commissioned pieces from me. I am still working on it but it is coming together nicely and I am hopeful for a release in the New Year." This would appear to be the same album he described in an Aug 2018 tweet, saying he was, "currently looking into the release of a new instrumental album for later in the year". It would also appear to be the same project described in a 31 Oct 2018 tweet: "Starting to put some plan[n]ing for a new solo instrumental album due next year... more info soon."

Thirdly is Cultural Vandals: "With all the work that has been going in my life for the last few years (Yes, Gordon Giltrap, Piano solo shows & Sessions) my own rock band has taken a back seat which meant that my 'Cultural Vandals' project never got finished. I am intending to try and get this finished and released next year as well. I have all the music written and most of the instruments and vocals have been recorded, it just needs some final recording done and then a jolly good mix and an interested record label!" The band has been himself (keys, piano), Paul Manzi (Arena; vocals), David Mark Pearce (works with Lisa LaRue; guitars), Paul Brown (ex-Medicine Man; bass), Dave Wagstaffe (Landmarq, ex-Peter Banks, ex-John Wetton; drums). He continued to write material during his tenure in Yes and had, at one point, decided on 9 songs for the album. He was re-working this material from Jan 2011. Manzi and Pearce were also working on creating a rough mix of the album. Wakeman said on Facebook in May 2011: "The album itself will be a mixture of different styles and lengths of songs but I don't really like to give away song titles or descriptions before an album is released because that way no-one will have any pre-conceived ideas on how it will sound!" In a Sep 2011 blog, he said:

Cultural Vandals is coming along really well. We are currently discussing the options for releasing it which will hopefully be towards the end of the year [2011] or early 2012. I have been working on another project for the last few months and I hadn't listened to it for a while. I mentioned in my last blog that I always like to let albums sit for a while and then revisit them to make sure that I am happy with them. I sat and listened to it in full yesterday to see what other work was required and it felt really good to me. I can't wait to start recording [...] a finished version

Manzi was recording vocals with Wakeman in May 2012, presumably for this project.

In a May 2009 interview, Oliver says:

I have a lot of solo material that I'd like to record too – four very different albums' worth. One will be a rock album, another Celtic rock, the third is a rock opera, and the fourth is made up of piano pieces. I really hope to start recording them before the end of the year [2009]. I like to use a studio in Virginia Water, Surrey, where I have a great relationship with the engineer Karl Groom. I produce my own recordings myself.

In the Jun 2008 interview, Oliver also said that he was "a fair way through a solo project on the piano". Oliver had also started work on a singer-songwriter-style album featuring various musicians he has worked with over the years.

On 13 Mar, Oliver tweeted about being, "Back in the studio working on the new @dexibellMI project..." Dexibell are an Italian musical instrument company. Further details as to what this project entails have not been forthcoming so far.

Oliver is available for writing commissions.

is a forthcoming, 10-track album from Rodney Matthews (drums), due late 2018. Matthews is best known as an artist, has worked with Oliver and Rick Wakeman, Asia, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Michael Moorcock and others, while as a musician, he used to play drums in Squidd, who opened for Yes. Each track on the album is based on a piece of Matthews' art. Performing are Jeff Scheetz (guitars), Oliver (keys; he also said he was "assisting with arrangements, production and a little bit of composing"), Rick Wakeman (on "Trinity" only), John Payne (ex-Asia; bass, vocal), Tony Clarkin (Magnum; bass), Pete Coleman (multi-instrumentalist), Steve Amadeo (bass on 3 tracks), Sarah Prothero (vocal), and Charles McNeal (alto sax). Tracks (order to be determined):

Mark A Williams may also have contributed narration. The album appears to have been mixed by Matthews, Scheetz, Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart.

Oliver tweeted on 5 Aug 2014 about "Had a great day in the studio working with Rodney Matthews on songs for a new CD based on his artwork." On 3 Mar 2016, he tweeted, "More work this pm on the epic track for Rodney Matthews new cd. Put a moog solo in but had to extend the track." And he was back working on the album through at least Mar-Oct 2016. As well as performing, Oliver co-composed a track, on which Amadeo plays bass. Dad Rick Wakeman tweeted on 30 Dec 2016 about visiting Oliver and how he "did some recording for [...] Rodney Matthews". As well as the appearances by Payne listed above, Matthews in Dec 2017 said Payne was to play bass on three more tracks. On 9 Sep 2017, Oliver tweeted, "In the studio working on final piece for @RodneyMStudios. Tricky piano reworking of a classical piece." Presumably this was "Extract from Night on the Bare Mountain". A May 2018 tweet of Oliver's implies the album is in the final stages of mixing, and Oliver described it as mixed in late Jun. In his Oct 2018 Newslist, he said, "There is still a final bit of work to be done on the album. Mastering and organising the layout for the sleeve."

Oliver did a solo piano show at an art exhibition by Matthews in Bourton-on-the-Water on 4 Nov 2017. He also performed a solo piano show as part of Matthews' Mythopoeia – The Art of Literary Legends, 25 Aug 2018. Wakeman played for 80 minutes, with an audience of over 120.

Guest appearances
Oliver tweeted 31 Oct 2018 how he was, "Working on lots of sessions at the moment. Delivered another one this evening".

Oliver performed with dad Rick at the Stone Free Festival performing all of The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and more. Another show is planned for 2018: see under Rick Wakeman for details. Oliver has also done some engineering work for his father.

Oliver worked on a new album by John Vehadija, described on the main page as it also involves Billy Sherwood: see here for details. Both also appeared on an album from John Holden.

Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon; keys, backing vocals) & Oliver Wakeman (keys) were working on a third album, which may or may not be based on the "Frankenstein" story.

Oliver was replaced in Yes by Geoff Downes. Oliver was on initial album sessions for Fly from Here, but Downes joined the sessions partway and recorded most of the keys on the album, although a small amount of Oliver's playing remains on the album. Oliver also co-wrote one of the songs ("Into the Storm"). The band, with Oliver, had developed further material for the album that then wasn't used, as Howe discussed in a Jan 2012 interview by Anil Prasad. Some of this material was (co-)written by Oliver, as Howe explains:

We also allowed Oliver to go off with his music and not keep him waiting forever, wondering if we would release it. We’re most likely not going to release anything we did with Oliver, because he’s doing that music himself and good luck to him. We’re very pleased for him to do that. If we tried to keep Oliver’s songs in the can, they would have been forever held up.

Material planned for Yes was being re-used by Oliver for both his project with Giltrap and Cultural Vandals. Some years ago, he explained on Facebook in a conversation with fan Sanders Thornburgh:

There were a few tracks that started to get recorded in the studio [for Fly from Here]. Others that were written in preparation of the album and others written whilst staying in LA. A few have ended up on the forthcoming Cultural Vandals album and a couple will be on the album I'm writing with Gordon Giltrap. Nothing goes to waste! None of them will feature the Yes guys performances though.

[...] Maybe when the Giltrap/Wakeman and Cultural Vandals albums are released people will have an idea of what the album [Fly from Here] might have resembled!

In a Facebook chat around Feb 2018, he said:
I got the rights back to my songs which will see the light at some point. Plans in the pipeline! I also have lots of demos of stuff from the FFH sessions [...] [including] the 2 songs I wrote and the one I co-wrote with Chris - a cool 10 minute piece.

Benoît David

David news is on its own page.

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YES and projects with several Yesmen
Igor Khoroshev
Oliver Wakeman

Benoît David
Jon Davison

Anderson Rabin Wakeman
Others associated with the band

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