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Jon Anderson

Anderson news is on its own page.
Bill Bruford Official website for Bill Bruford and Earthworks; News; Webstore; MySpace page

Bruford has retired from performance. He focuses now on teaching, research and speaking engagements. He was awarded a PhD in Feb 2016 after studying part-time at Surrey University. In a (mid?)2015 interview, he described the PhD as on: "drummers’ experience(s) of creative performance. I hope to write a book on the topic in due course." He continued that, "I have not been playing any music. I’ve not touched the drums for five years."

In a Jul 2008 blog, Bruford said: "I think Voiceprint is about to release a live Gong album from the short time I was with them, but you'd have to check their website". As yet, there has been no announcement from Voiceprint or successor Gonzo. Bruford played with Gong for a few months in late 1974. An example set from Dec 1974 went: "Invocation", "Master Builder", "A Perfect Mystery", "Never Glid Before", "White Christmas", "Solar Musik Suite", "Flute Salad", "Oily Way", "Inner Temple", "Outer Temple", "Sprinkling of Clouds".

As for the possibility of future archival material on Winterfold, in a Dec 2003 interview with Voiceprint radio, Bruford was asked whether he has any unreleased material in the archives. He replied:

Somewhat. The bands I'm in always tended to be playing new material, which [...] was likely to be recorded for some upcoming album. If that album never got made, then you find that that album is available in stocks... the material is available in some live concert. For example, the Stewart/Berlin/Holdsworth or John Clark group was working on a fourth studio album after Gradually Going Tornado, but it never got made. So there are some demos from rehearsal rooms and things which are just great and several tunes played live that were also very interesting. However, the only minor fly in the ointment back then of course is that the recording... bootleg recordings were pretty low quality. There's usually some guy just sticking up a cassette in a venue somewhere and not terribly great. And we didn't spend a lot of money recording things live all the time.
However, in a Jan 2012 interview, Bruford said:

I think the Summerfold and Winterfold catalogues are full and complete now. I suppose, if you push me, there are the cassette demos, recorded at rehearsals, for the fourth Bruford band CD that never got made. I'm talking to Dave Stewart about that but, right now, I give them a one per cent chance of ever reaching the public domain.

Another interview in Jan 2012 has this:

Bruford: I've got dozens of old demos, but I wouldn't play them to my neighbour's dog. This [From Conception to Birth—see below] was the best of the unreleased tracks. Though from the Bruford band in 1979/80 there was to be a fourth album, but the plug got pulled. And the boom box stuff of that is fantastic but it all got snarled up with Dave Stewart, and it's too complicated. I'm not sure of the audio quality.

Interviewer: Did you record in 1976 with Rick Wakeman or Jack Bruce?

Bruford: I auditioned with Jack Bruce, but there are no tapes. And none with Rick and John Wetton, though we met two or three times. Rick did a very good version of my Beelzebub [...]

Interviewer: Was anything recorded before Yes with The Breed [...]?

Bruford: [...] We did a single with The Breed, [covering] Graham Bond's Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? It was the first time I'd been in a recording studio, when I was 16, and it was excruciatingly bad. [...] heaven knows what we did with it.

Phil Manzanera's website had described a possible archival collection entitled Rare Two including material with Bruford, but news of the release was withdrawn. In Apr 2003, bassist Bill MacCormick answered a question about the relevant sessions on the Phil Manzanera/Roxy Music forum saying:
Some of the early sessions for the Listen Now album [...] involved Bill Bruford + Phil, [Brian] Eno and me (not sure about Eddie [Jobson] though he certainly played on other sessions).  These tracks were never used though I believe Phil still has the 24-track masters somewhere.  Every now and then we talk about what we might do with them.  We haven't come up with an answer yet.
King Crimson
Pending release is the King Crimson Collectors' Club release #42, Rehearsals & Blows (May-November 1983) (CLUB42), although releases #43-45 have been released previously. Rehearsals & Blows complements The Champaign-Urbana Sessions 1983 (CLUB21) and chronicles the extended development period between Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair. The line-up on the album is Bruford (drums), Robert Fripp (guitar), Adrian Belew (guitar) and Tony Levin (bass, Stick). Tracks, described as "work-in-progress sketches, outtakes, bright ideas, dead-ends and cul-de-sacs":
  1. "Adrian and Robert"
  2. "Slow Groove"
  3. "Funk Groove"
  4. "Sleepish"
  5. "Slow Sleepless"
  6. "An Entry of the Crims"
  7. "Sacramento"
  8. "Perfecting Three of a Perfect Pair"
  9. "Open Hearted"
  10. "Working on Sleepless"
  11. "Easy to Solo Over"
  12. "Do You Dig Me?"
  13. "Industrial"
  14. "Steinberger Melody"
  15. "Shidare Zakura"
The King Crimson 40th Anniversary series of CD/DVDA re-releases, with mixes by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, No-Man, has done mixes for Jethro Tull, Caravan), continues. Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair are expected at some point. A 5.1 and stereo mix of Beat have been completed, but Fripp has reportedly yet to decide to release it. Previews from both are on the two The Elements of King Crimson releases (see below).

A box set of 1980s material is planned for late 2016. David Singleton described it online, saying, "unreleased gems from the 1980s being unearthed even as I write".

Previously was Larks' Tongues in Aspic. This was released in 3 formats: a CD/DVDA and a 2CD release with old and new mixes in various formats. Extras centre on 30 minutes of live footage of the band, most of which is previously unseen. Plus there was a limited edition, 15-disc (13 CDs, 1 DVD-A, 1 Blu-ray) box set (7000 copies; possibly now sold out) with "every known live performance and studio recording by that band", i.e. the 1972-3 quintet with Bruford, Robert Fripp, John Wetton, David Cross and Jamie Muir.

The Road to Red, a similar sort of boxed set to the Larks release, followed in 2013 and has sold out. This focused on King Crimson's final North American tour of Apr-Jul 1974. This includes complete, unedited concerts (some parts of which were released previously on The Great Deceiver), and a new stereo mix of Red by Fripp and Wilson. This is a 24-disc set with 20 CDs of live material covering 10 concerts recorded on stereo soundboard cassettes from the band's mixing desk and previously unreleased on CD; 5 concerts professionally recorded on multi-track tape, parts of which were previously included in the USA & The Great Deceiver releases, but all included here in full on CD for the first time; and 1 CD from an audio-restored high-quality bootleg of the band's final 1974 New York concert previously available only via mail order and now remastered. The 21st CD contains the new stereo mix of Red. There is 1 DVD with High Resolution Stereo mixes of the Asbury Park/USA concert in various configurations (24bit/48khz). There are 2 Blu-ray discs: one has full lossless audio 24/192 transfers of four complete professionally recorded concerts transferred at the highest possible resolution from the original analogue Dolby SR half inch mix-downs in DTS-HD master sound stereo; and the others has a 24/192 transfer of the Asbury Park/USA concert, a new stereo mix of Red in 24/96 DTS-HD master sound stereo by Fripp/Wilson, the original stereo mix of Red, a 5.1 mix of Red in 24/96 DTS-HD, and (as yet unspecified) bonus audio material. Sid Smith described here how the live material covers:
One concert from audio restored bootleg - Central Park - July 1st 1974 - previously only available as a [...] Collectors’ Club release.

A number of concerts drawn from the band’s own stereo soundboard cassettes.

Four of these are unreleased in any format: June 5th & 8th from Texas, June 16th from Colorado, June 23rd from Michigan.

A further group of concerts are issued on CD for the first time - having been available from DGMLive as downloads only.

The complete concerts from this tour previously issued on CD only in edited form on The Great Deceiver and/or as downloads from DGM live are also included:

Pittsburgh, Toronto, Penn. State University & Providence, as is the Chris Murphy mix of the Asbury Park concert - These CDs were all mixed from multitracks & appear as they did on the CDs as released.
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Given some of this material was previously released, Smith also said, "We allow for this fact when we're setting the price of the set." Further tour dates are covered by bootlegs, but will not be included in this set to keep the price down. They may receive separate release later.

A 40th anniversary edition of USA, with a previously unreleased stereo mix of the album by Fripp/David Singleton (also included within The Road to Red boxset) and an accompanying DVD with new High Resolution Stereo mixes of all three editions of the album (this new one, Ronan Chris Murphy's mix for the 2006 CD, and the 2002 expanded version of the original vinyl), was also released. Sleeve notes are by Smith again, with rare photos and archival material.

A multi-disc CD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray box set, entitled Starless, chronicling Starless & Bible Black and associated touring, followed in Oct 2014. This contains live and studio recordings from Oct 1973-Apr 1974; DGM previously announced, "This set will feature the first complete release of the Blue Tapes – the highest quality reel-to-reel direct to stereo/soundboard live recordings, with many appearing on CD for the first time." The Blue Tapes were quarter-inch, two-track recordings from the band's 1974 European tour. Thus, in total, the set contains are 19 CDs of live material (some previously released, but now re-mastered or re-sourced) and a 20th CD with the 2011 Steven Wilson/Robert Fripp remix of Starless & Bible Black. There are then 2 DVD-A discs, one of Starless & Bible Black in 5.1 and one of live material in stereo and quadraphonic audio. Two Blu-Ray discs then also have 5.1 mixes of Starless & Bible Black, plus live material and video from a Paris show. Further material is included an additional concert (with bootleg quality audio) available via an included download ticket. There is an album-sized booklet with rare or unseen photos, notes by Sid Smith, technical notes on the recordings by David Singleton, and further memorabilia.

Starless came first in the best reissue category of Prog magazine's Critics' Choice for 2014. (The Yes Album was second.) It was nominated in Prog magazine's annual awards in the Storm Thorgerson Grand Design category.
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The Elements of King Crimson was a limited edition 2CD boxset available on the band's 2014 tour (see under Levin) and online, containing "extracts, elements from studio recordings, alternate takes, live tracks, rehearsals and finished recordings from 1969 - 2014 (much of it previously unreleased on CD)." Several of these tracks were previously made available at the DGM website as "Hot Tickles". Another tour boxset to accompany the band's 2015 touring followed; tracks:

Disc one:

  1. "Wind Extract" (1969), from In the Court of the Crimson King 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A
  2. "Epitaph 2015", Steven Wilson 2015 instrumental mix, previously unreleased
  3. "Catfood", from In the Wake of Poseidon recording sessions, previously unreleased on CD
  4. "Bolero", from Lizard recording sessions, with overdub by Levin—originally on Frame by Frame boxed set
  5. "Islands (extract with oboe)", from Islands 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A
  6. "A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls", from Islands 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A
  7. "LTIA II (2014 rehearsal extract)", from 2014 band rehearsals, previously unreleased
  8. "LTIA II" (1974 Asbury Park), from USA CD/DVD-A
  9. "Fracture" (1974 Gottingen), from Starless boxed set
  10. "One More Red Nightmare (guitars extract)", from Red studio sessions, previously unreleased on CD
  11. "One More Red Nightmare" (2014 Los Angeles), from Live at The Orpheum
  12. "Elephant Talk (12" mix)", 12" single version, dubbed from vinyl, from Discipline 40th Anniversary edition CD/DVD-A, previously unreleased on CD
  13. "Absent Lovers", from Beat studio session, on forthcoming Beat 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A
  14. "SF soundcheck extract" (2014 San Francisco), previously unreleased
  15. "Larks' III/Sleepless", Three of a Perfect Pair studio sessions, on forthcoming Three of a Perfect Pair 40th anniversary edition CD/DVD-A

Disc two:

  1. "Jurassic THRAK (edit)", from THRAK recording sessions, on THRAK BOX
  2. "The Hell Hounds of Krim" (2014 Los Angeles), from 12" Cyclops Picture Disc EP
  3. "VROOOM" (1995 London), from THRAK BOX
  4. "VROOOM Coda Marine 475" (1995 London), from THRAK BOX
  5. ProjeKct 4: "ProjeKction" (1998 San Francisco), previously released only on mail order CD
  6. "Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part IV/The ConstruKction of Light", from The ConstruKction of Light recording sessions, previously unreleased on CD
  7. ProjeKct 3: "Sus Tayn Z" (May 2000), previously unreleased on CD
  8. "The Power to Believe II (demo)", 2002 recording from the forthcoming The Power to Believe 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A
  9. "The Power to Believe II", 2003, from Live in Milan
  10. "Ex Uno Patres" [by Fripp/Belew/Levin/Mastelotto] (2004), previously unreleased on CD
  11. "The Light of Day" (2010), alt take from A Scarcity of Miracles CD/DVD-A, previously unreleased on CD
  12. "Ba Ba Boom Boom" [by Harrison, Mastelotto] (2008), previously unreleased on CD
  13. "ATTAKcATHRAK (end edit)" (1996), from THRAK BOX
  14. "21st Century Schizoid Man" (2014 San Francisco), from 12" Cyclops Picture Disc EP
THRAK BOX was a 16-disc release out 16 Oct 2015, with 12 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 DVD-A and 2 Blu-rays, consisting of:
CD1: JurassiKc THRAK, material from the recording sessions, compiled by David Singleton, akin to Keep That One Nick on the Larks’ Tongues box set
CD2: Max VROOOM, a re-release of the mini-album VROOOM, plus tracks & edits from the Collectors' Club release The VROOOM Sessions—all remastered

CD3: THRAK, 2002 remaster

CD4: ATTAKcATHRAK (The Vicar’s THRAK), similar to THRaKaTTaK, compiled from live improvs; produced by Singleton, mixed from multi-track tapes
CD5: THRAK, a 2015 Jakko Jakszyk/Fripp remix

CD6: Byte Size THRAK, singles edits, live tracks from promos, a 12" mix edit, plus extracts from writing sessions from the final Nashville rehearsals in 1997

CDs7/8: Kcensington THRAK, newly mixed release of the band live in London in 1995; mixed from multi-tracks by Jakszyk, mastered by Singleton/Fripp
CDs 9/10: New YorKc THRAK, complete setlist from the 1995 run of shows, includes some material previously released on VROOOM VROOOM and Collectors' Club release On Broadway; mixed from multi-track tapes by Adrian Belew & Ken Latchney and all remastered
CDs 11/12: AzteKc THRAK, complete setlist from the 1996 Mexico City shows, includes some material previously released on VROOOM VROOOM; mixed from multi-tracks by Fripp/Ronan Chris Murphy/Singleton and all remastered
The Blu-rays consist of:
Blu-Ray 1: 5.1 Surround Sound mixes of THRAK, ATTAKcATHRAK and Kcensington THRAK; Hi-Res stereo of THRAK in both original and new stereo mix, plus JurassiKc THRAK, THRAKaTTAK and B’Boom.

Blu-Ray 2: previously unreleased full concert from the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, 1995 in HD with 5.1 Surround Sound mixed by Singleton; HD version of "Live in Japan" (recorded in 1995), with Surround Sound remastered by Singleton/Neil Wilkes; "Tony's Road Movies", footage of the band on the road filmed by Levin in HD with a soundtrack of previously unreleased material from the line-up's earliest rehearsals in 1994 (without Belew) at Bruford's studio (audio recorded in stereo on DAT, up-mixed to Surround Sound); electronic press kit of the making of THRAK with newly mixed Surround Sound.
The DVD and DVD-A repeat some of the Blu-ray content. The box will come with a lengthy booklet including previously unseen photos.

 Full details are here.

There is also a CD/DVD-A release of the new remixes of the album. THRAK came 3rd in the Prog Readers' Poll 2015 in the Reissue of the Year category (won by Fragile).

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Meanwhile, several King Crimson pieces from Bruford's time in the band are covered on District 97 with John Wetton's live album, One More Red Night (Live in Chicago) (Cherry Red Records, PP002CD), out 6 Oct 2014 in the UK. The album was recorded live on 17 Oct 2013 at Reggie's Music Joint, Chicago, IL and produced by Jonathan Schang, with Wetton (lead vocal), Leslie Hunt (lead & backing vocals), Jim Tashjian (guitar, backing vocals), Rob Clearfield (keys, additional guitar), Patrick Mulcahy (bass) and Schang (drums). Bruford had this to say about the release: "I love the CD...the sheer skill and gusto with which they tackle it makes you laugh out loud. Great drumming. Jonathan [Schang] plays and writes like a demon."

Crimson! by Delta Saxophone Quartet with Gwilym Simcock, released 26 Feb 2016 in the UK and 8 Apr in the US, is a 6-track album of 5 King Crimson covers (3 co-written by Bruford) arranged by Simcock and one original piece by Simcock, who played in Bill Bruford's Earthworks. Tracks:
  1. "A Kind of Red" (Simcock)
  2. "VROOOM/Coda: Marine 475"
  3. "The Night Watch"
  4. "Dinosaur"
  5. "Two Hands"
  6. "The Great Deceiver".
The quartet are Chris Caldwell, Pete Wyman, Tim Holmes and Graeme Blevins, while Simcock plays piano on the album.

Eddie Jobson was playing UK, King Crimson and Bruford material live in UK and solo—see here.

Other news
2 tracks with Bruford appear on Steve Howe's 2015 compilation Anthology: see under Howe for details. Material written by Bruford, it appears, has been recorded for the forthcoming Steve Howe Trio album: again, see under Howe.

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Writing and academic work
Bruford's autobiography is titled "Bill Bruford: The Autobiography—Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks and More" (Jawbone Press; 336 pages; ISBN: 1906002231). The book has gone into a second printing. An Italian and a French translation (the latter by Aymeric Leroy) is now available, with deals for Spanish and Japanese versions expected. Foruli Books have released a signed, limited edition (475 copies + 25 deluxe copies) version, with new introductions by drummers Mark Guiliana (Avishai Cohen, Donny McCaslin) and Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, Transatlantic) and over 80 more photos. Each copy comes with a 10" vinyl double album, From Conception to Birth and two limited edition art prints. The deluxe version has an additional slipcase and accompanying 10" bronze Bruford Signature splash cymbal, made by Paiste for Foruli. On his website, Bruford described the album thus:

a vinyl album called ‘From Conception to Birth’, which offers the ‘sketch’ or ‘demo’ of the master first, each demo followed immediately by its master. This invites comparison of first thought with final production. Sometimes the difference is marginal, sometimes substantial, but always intriguing, I hope.

The album has 8 demos and then clips from the finished pieces, including "Lingo" (released on Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich), "Original Sin" (released on Bruford Levin Upper Extremities) and material from If Summer had Its Ghosts and the Earthworks albums Earthworks, All Heaven Broke Loose, A Part, and Yet Apart and Sound of Surprise, plus an additional, previously unreleased demo, entitled "Banyan".

Bruford has been doing non-performing Evenings with Bill Bruford, talking about his career, mainly at academic institutions, but some are open to the public. He has done some teaching at the Academy of Contemporary Music (Guildford) and Kingston University, but is now focusing on research work. A Jan 2012 interview with Drummer has Bruford saying he is:

doing postgraduate research in notions of creativity and the drum set at Surrey University.


I recently prepared the syllabus for and taught a short course in Musicianship for Drummers at the ACM in Guildford, and have also participated in the MA course in Music Performance there. However, I think I'm going to throttle back on all that in favour of research studies at Surrey University music department.

He is studying part-time for a PhD at Surrey University.

Tony Kaye Facebook page; YouTube channel
 Live in Japan banner

Kaye has been working on multiple projects with Billy Sherwood, some also including further Yesmen. These chiefly include CIRCA: and a duo (live album recorded 2011 out Apr 2016): follow links for more details. Kaye also guested on Sherwood's Citizendetails on the main page. More projects led by Sherwood are detailed on his page.

Kaye's "End of Innocence" is a 46 minute orchestral interpretation of the events of 9/11. It is now available on YouTube. He first mentioned the project in May 2007 in his MySpace blog. In an interview published Mar 2008, Kaye talked further about the project, saying:

I’m working on an instrumental album based on the events of 9/11. My wife [Daniela Torchia] co-wrote and sings on one of the songs. It’s mostly orchestral and I’d like to have an actual orchestra perform it, but they are very expensive.

In a Dec 2008 interview on Yesfans.com, Kaye said:

It's an orchestrated work. I started writing it the day after 9/11 happened, and went into the studio and started writing a piece that actually musically follows what happened that entire day. [...]

it has 'Floyd-ey' YES-like moments [...] Band moments. [...] I keep reviewing and re-doing things, and it's getting closer to what I hear in my head. I think it's very different to do an orchestral album without an orchestra; Because of the purity of what it is. I'm a big fan of Trevor [Rabin], and what he's achieving now. But you see, he has the money to do it right, to get that purity of sound. [...]

to be totally authentic, I think to have a one-hundred piece orchestra is the way to go. But it's really a work in progress, and of course the subject matter is rather difficult [...] because of the intensity and the gravity of what it was [...]

Some of it is more melodic, it has Floydian rock and roll moments which kick-up the symphonic parts. [...]

I actually go between liking it and sort-of not liking it, which is why I keep going back to re-vamp it. It IS pretty dark and intense subject matter. I like playing inspirational music, but I also like to play with a song; With the lyrics, which this doesn't have. It's purely instrumental. It's not finished, not quite yet, but it's getting there. [...]

Some of it is pretty complex, and some of it is quite simple. It balances-out.

In a May 2010 interview, Kaye said: "I've been working on a project for quite some time [...] making a video, putting it to images [...] more of an orchestral piece of the day of 9/11 [...] and a little bit beyond, going into the repercussions of the day [...] I started writing it just after the day [...] I went to the studio that night and wrote the first piece [...] I've been working on it for years and years". He went on: "The visuals [...] have really changed it to something I'm really interested in working on right now". He also described the visuals as being very "political".

Kaye is guesting with Dave Kerzner's (working with Steven Wilson, Jon Anderson) Sonic Elements project on a cover of Yes's "Yours is No Disgrace": see on the main page for details. Sherwood and Kaye also both guest on a new album from Marcelo Paganini, also detailed on the main page.

Sherwood and Kaye are involved in a reunion of Mabel Greer's Toyshop: see main page for details.

A new version of Badger's One Live Badger, with Kaye, remastered from the original master tapes, is being released on CD by Esoteric (WECLEC2526) on 27 May 2016. The CD booklet comes with a new essay. This is the first UK release for the album on CD.

Out is a special and a deluxe re-release of David Bowie's Station to Station. The special editions includes, on two additional CDs, a complete live set from the accompanying 1976 tour, on which Kaye played keys; tracks: "Station to Station", "Suffragette City", "Fame", "Word on a Wing", "Stay", "Waiting for the Man", "Queen Bitch", "Life on Mars?", "Five Years", "Panic in Detroit", "Changes", "TVC 15", "Diamond Dogs", "Rebel Rebel", "The Jean Genie". (Two of these tracks were previously included on the 1991 release of the album.) The deluxe edition has 5 discs, adding a different mix of the album and a single edits EP.

Kaye's wife is singer Daniela Torchia (MySpace page) and he continues to support her work. On his MySpace page, drummer Paul Cassarino (stage production for CIRCA:) said he is, "Currently, working along side Tony Kaye [...] and his wife Daniela Torchia's solo project." I am unclear whether this is "End of Innocence", another album from Torchia or something else.

Brian Chatton (ex-Warriors, ex-Jackson Heights, worked with Jon Anderson) has a number of songs on his MySpace page which were produced by Kaye.

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Peter Banks Peter Banks Home; MySpace page; Facebook page

Peter Banks died on 7 Mar 2013. YesWorld set up a Facebook page to remember Peter and his music, gathering together quotes and memories from musicians and others who worked with him and from fans: go here.

One of Banks' last project was Harmony in Diversity, an improvisational trio with, latterly, Banks (guitar, MIDI guitar), Nick Cottam (ex-Pulse Engine; bass) and Dave "Jick" Speight (drums). There had been work towards compiling a live album; Speight's MySpace reported, "The latest HiD live album is currently being mixed and will feature live recordings captured in the UK and Eastern Europe in 2006/2007." One track was previewed on Banks' MySpace page. There are also earlier, unreleased sessions involving Banks and the first Harmony in Diversity drummer, Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum, Henry Fool, ex-Pulse Engine).

In an interview in the Jul 2015 issue of Prog, when asked if there are any older recordings he might put out, David Cross (ex-King Crimson) describes a 1-day session with Banks: "he was astonishing. [...] I couldn't keep up with what he was doing. [...] It was a big experience for me. I've got that tape hidden away. But who knows? Perhaps one day that will get released."
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Gonzo Multimedia have released a new 2CD Empire album entitled The Mars Tapes (HST245CD), recorded live at Mars Studios in Los Angeles, CA in 1979, and produced by Mark Murdock. Tracks: CD1:
  1. "Out of Our Hands" [Banks/Jordan]
  2. "Medley: (a) Foundation; (b) Destiny; (c) Far Away" [Banks/Jordan]
  3. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill" [Banks]
  4. "Do What You Want" [Banks/Jordan]
  5. "Dancing Man" [Banks/Jordan]
  6. "Where Yes Means No" [Banks]
  1. "Off with the King's Head" [Banks/Jordan]
  2. "Something's Coming" (from "West Side Story") [Bernstein, arr. Banks]
  3. "The Fall of the Empire" [Banks/Murdock]
  4. "When the Banks Overflow" [Banks/Jordan]
  5. "Ascending to the Planet Mars" [Banks/Empire]
  6. "Sky at Night" [Banks/Jordan], 'bonus track'
This is the same line-up as on Empire Mark III with Banks (guitar, backing vocals, keys), Sydney Foxx (Sidonie Jordan; vocals), Murdock (drums, additional synth on "The Fall of the Empire"), Paul Delph (keys, backing vocals) and Brad Stephenson (bass, backing vocals). "Sky at Night" is with Banks, Jordan, Phil Collins (ex-Genesis, ex-Brand X; drums, backing vocals), John Giblin (bass), Jakob Magnusson (keys), Sam Gobal (tabla), presumably the track on Empire Mark I, recorded in 1974

Rick Wakeman

Wakeman news is on its own page.

Patrick Moraz PatrickMoraz.com; PatrickMoraz.net; MySpace page; Facebook

In an Oct 2015 interview, Moraz plots out his future plans:
I’m [...] planning to do some concerts by myself. More than ever, I’m back in the saddle to record. I have multiple projects in the pipeline, and they will come out as they come out. I also have some classic music in preparation, and some other new stuff that’s going to knock your socks off.


I have other symphonic works [in development; in addition to A Way to Freedom] as well, including the completion of my “Children’s Concerto” for orchestra. I’ve added some orchestral colors to it…but I like to keep some mystery about what I’m doing!

I have also been expressing myself by writing poems, either in French or in English. And I’ve already recorded some of them. And I’ve almost completed a double CD with my other group in Switzerland; that’s going to come out..probably not this year [2015] or next year [2016], but after that. I have at least two other albums schedule to come out. But for now, MAP is taking priority


Because my children are grown up, and because I’m not committed, contracted yet – yet! [laughs] – to tour with a big band with my music, I have more time. And I’ve developed a very interesting studio here in Florida.

MAP is the Moraz Alban Project and their album, MAP, is now out. The project is with drummer Greg Alban (worked with Denny Laine, Mike Pinera), who previously played on Moraz's Timecode, as did John Avila (ex-Oingo Boingo), who plays bass on the album. Also appearing are Lenny Castro (worked with Toto, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Maroon 5, Slash, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Mars Volta; percussion on 6 tracks), Patrick Perrier (bass), Dave Van Such (sax) and Matt Malley (ex-The Counting Crows, worked with Jon Anderson; electric sitar on "Mumbai-Mantra"). (Malley previously described sessions with Moraz: see below.) Moraz said (Jun 2014 interview):

The current production that I am finishing should be released by the beginning of the fall [2014]. We’re finishing it this week and putting on the finishing touches. It’s a project for a really-really good friend of mine who is also an excellent drummer. I composed all of the music and the arrangements. There are also some luminaries like [Castro and Avila] and of course I do all the keyboards and music.

In a late 2014 interview, Moraz said of the project, "In LA, I was in the finishing stages of a very important album — actually it's for a rock album — which I just finished the production of, which took quite some time to do. I composed all the tunes and all the music. [...] I composed 14 pieces, of which we chose nine. I arranged everything. [...] A couple of weeks ago, I received the final mastered version and that album is going to be released hopefully very soon. We're just in the middle of preparation of the sleeve and the credits and this and that." The project was begun 10 years ago.

In the Oct 2015 interview has more on the making of the album and news of plans for a follow-up:
It was a balance between the two [beginning with Moraz' compositions or not]. We played together and jammed and so on. The music was composed, first and foremost. Actually I composed more than nine pieces – at least fourteen pieces – and then I let him choose the ones that felt the most comfortable. [...]

Greg and I and John Avila, we can now play that music with our eyes closed! We can play it the way it is [written], but we can also jam. And that’s what we will do for the next album. We are really, really determined to put out a bunch of albums together. We had so much fun making this album

Moraz also said they are "discussing and planning how we’re going to do" live dates, continuing, "Not only promotional dates, but proper concerts."

Moraz has released through his online store a limited edition 19CD box set of his solo albums: Change of Space, Coexistence, ESP - Etudes, Sonatas, Preludes, Future Memories I and II, Future Memories II, Future Memories Live on TV, Human Interface, i, Live at Abbey Road, Mainhorse, Music for Piano and Drums - Live in Maryland (2CD), Out in the Sun, Patrick Moraz III, Patrick Moraz in Princeton, Pianissimoraz, Resonance, Time Code and Windows of Time. The set comes with a unique signed card.

Moraz guested with Renaissance at two Newark, NJ shows on their Oct 2015 tour. See details under Tom Brislin, who tours with the band.

Due for some time has been a new studio project, entitled A Way to Freedom. This project dates back some years and has been described as an "electro-ethnic" solo album. In the Oct 2015 interview, Moraz said:
I want to keep it a surprise. But what I can tell you is that it’s not just one CD, one album. It’s a bunch of different works for myself at the piano, with a band, with a trio, orchestra and choirs. That’s why it’s taking so long. In this kind of work, you can never say exactly when it’s going to be ready.
In an interview circa May 06 (Notes from the Edge #299), Moraz said:
A WAY TO FREEDOM seems to be taking a long time to come out. It's not the lack of material, but more about the inherent inertia which has surrounded the project from the beginning. I have lots and lots of recorded material already, but I never seem to be able to put the finishing touch to the production as a whole.

In an Aug 2013 interview, asked about the project, Moraz replied:

It’s still on the front burner, it’s just that I’ve got different projects and different productions that take precedence. [...] I’ve got several pieces that I’ve had rendered for a symphony orchestra and percussionists and a jazz brass band. All of the music is written and arranged; it’s on paper. It’s just that it takes time. I could have finished it and released it, but in some way I have been enjoying my right to be a little bit of a perfectionist. (Laughs.)

Asked about the project in the late 2014 interview, Moraz said, "I am in the finishing stages of A Way To Freedom, because I've got some other productions that take precedence. [...] that's going to be my solo album. I've been working on that for several years on and off."

A Jun 2014 interview described it as "due in the very near future". It also describes as upcoming Cantata, a piece for a soprano-alto-tenor-bass choir in 7 movements, "paying homage to 'Our Planet.'" The latter was previously described on Moraz' website as EcoCantata. His site website also said Moraz is "progressing in the compositional development, production and "finition" of a "Futuristic Ballet" and other works featuring electronic arrangements as well as innovative, rhythmic instrumentation and acoustic orchestrations."

Moraz played on the Cruise to the Edge 2014 and returns for the 2017 Cruise. The cruises also feature Yes and many others. Moraz played a one-off show in Mar 2011 at Bergen Community College. This was about 1.5-2 hours long and the set included a version of "Soon", the intro to "Sound Chaser", "Jungle Alien", "Symphony of the Trees", "Gentle Storm", "Rite of Passage", and a new piece written for the concert and dedicated to his wife, as well as improvisations. Moraz' set-up consisted of a grand piano, two keyboards, a computer and various percussion instruments. Three guest musicians also made brief appearances. The night before, Moraz did a free lecture/demonstration at the same venue. A DVD of the show (possibly to include the lecture) has been expected.

In the Jun 2014 interview, Moraz also said that he has "just been asked to potentially participate in the recording of a piece with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra [link] in London." In the late 2014 interview, he said, "I've been working on tour very recently with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I just finished a track with them." This turns out to be a cover of Gentle Giant's "Think of Me with Kindness", as Moraz went on to describe: "I've just finished that song with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. They asked me to play within the band to play a piano part of "Think of Me With Kindness." It's not a solo piano per se; it's the piano as part of the orchestra. The conductor was extremely complimentary of the work I did, and that made me very, very happy. I think that's going to come out very soon, the whole album, as the Symphonic Rock Project or something like that." The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Prog Rock Classics (Cleopatra Records) is now out in the US; tracks according to Spotify:

  1. "ELP Suite: Tarkus/From the Beginning/Tarkus (Reprise)" (6:39)
  2. "Watcher of the Skies" (6:15, originally by Genesis)
  3. "Comfortably Numb" (6:47, Pink Floyd), with Ian Bairnson (ex-Alan Parsons Project)
  4. "Thick as a Brick" (6:28, Jethro Tull), with Richard Harvey (Gryphon)
  5. "21st Century Schizoid Man" (6:55, King Crimson), with Gavin Harrison (King Crimson) & Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson Band, ex-Asia)
  6. "Focus II" (4:02, Focus), with Thijs Van Leer (Focus)
  7. "Nights in White Satin" (4:35, The Moody Blues), with Mark Feltham (Nine Below Zero, worked with Rory Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Oasis, Roger Daltrey, Annie Lennox, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Talk Talk)
  8. "Think of Me with Kindness" (4:23, Gentle Giant), with Moraz
  9. "Roundabout" (8:40, Yes), with Jimmy Greenspoon (ex-Three Dog Night)
  10. "Red Barchetta" (7:27, Rush), with Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), probably recycled from 2012's The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Music of Rush
  11. "Tom Sawyer" (5:30, Rush), probably recycled from 2012's The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Music of Rush

Amazon UK and US have a different track list, without "Tom Sawyer", with "Watcher of the Skies" as the penultimate track and slightly different track times. The album was #31 in Classical (#1188 overall) on Amazon UK (2 Apr). An LP version is advertised (due 14 Apr in the US) as: side A:

  1. "ELP Suite"
  2. "Comfortably Numb"
  3. "Thick as a Brick"
  4. "Focus II"

Side B:

  1. "21st Century Schizoid Man"
  2. "Nights in White Satin"
  3. "Think of Me with Kindness"
  4. "Roundabout"

The vinyl has been as high as #20 in Classical Vinyl and #59 in Classic Rock Vinyl (#34,144 overall) on Amazon US (2 Apr).

In the late 2014 interview, Moraz described another project:

seven years ago, I had a project [...] “Seven Days a Week: Music on the Road From A to Z,” [...] I was seeing real people in real time, and the idea was to record in one week, in seven days — actually seven different CDs, one CD every day with a different theme every day. I kind of started to prepare production, because it’s a rough animal to do that, but as of yet I haven’t had the chance to complete such the project. But it’s still in the future works, as a future operation.

In the Oct 2010 Classic Rock Presents... Prog, Moraz says:

I am so busy right on many projects. They vary from rock to classical. Right now, I'm working with some extraordinary musicians in Tampa, Florida. Moreover, there are various reissues being planned. And I'm currently writing my autobiography, when I will reveal the truth of what happened with Yes.

Moraz has been working on a CD with himself on piano and electronic keyboards and drummer Jacob Armen (ex-Prince). Moraz also appears on one piece on Armen's forthcoming solo album: called "Cachaca II", it is an arrangement for piano and drums of Moraz's "Cachaca" on The Story of i. In a 2007 Innerviews interview, Moraz says, "It features the piano base of the original track which you can't really hear on my album, in addition to the original chord structure from the middle of the piece. The rest of it is quite different—almost a different tune." In the Oct 2015 interview, Moraz said, "I have a very good friend of mine, Jacob Armen – on whose album I played a piece called "Cachaça" – and his album will be out very soon...I don't know when." The duo have played a small number of live dates and further shows. In late 2009, Moraz, Armen and bassist Matt Malley (ex-Counting Crows) were working on an album together at Malley's studio. In Oct 2009, Malley wrote on his website:

For the last couple of nights I've been recording with Patrick Moraz, (Yes, Moody Blues) and Jacob Armen, (Prince) in my studio and it is downright frightening how good they are.  No need to "explain" anything...no analyzing...just play.  Think with your heart and feel with your brain.  I would love to tour with this little combo!

In a Feb 2007 interview, Moraz talked of his desire to play live with a band and that he was rehearsing for live performances, but he did not seem to have any specific plans for shows. Moraz had said that Vega Music, a Japanese label who are re-releasing Moraz's solo album Resonance there (see below), would like to bring him to Japan for both some piano and electronic concerts. In the interview for Innerviews published in May 2007, Moraz talked about what material he might play live, describing delving deep into his back catalogue with material from Mainhorse, Refugee ("like "Papillon" or a bit of "Credo.""), The Story of i, Out in the Sun, Future Memories, and "even" Timecode. He adds, "Perhaps I'll play some Moraz-Bruford pieces like "Children's Concerto" as well" and that he "might consider playing something from Yes like "Soon"".

Moraz and Ronnie Ciago (Facebook) (ex-CIRCA:, Brand X, worked with Bill Ward, Mick Taylor, Jaco Pastorius, Robert Downey Jr.; percussion) have been working on an album together; one piece with Ciago appeared on Moraz's solo album Change of Space. Ciago said on Facebook in late Sep 2011: "there is also 2 Moraz & Ciago cd's due out in the next few months, Patrick Moraz & Ronnie Ciago "Live On The Radio" and The new studio cd ( Moraz & Ciago ) with known guest musicians."

Plans were moving forward for 2012 US touring involving Moraz, Ciago, John Goodsall and Percy Jones. Goodsall, Jones and Ciago worked together in Brand X. The set list being proposed was to have included a suite from Relayer, plus material from Moraz' The Story of i, Refugee and Brand X. However, in Dec 2011, Moraz withdrew from the plan citing a lack of time available in the summer due to other plans. The door has not closed entirely on the possibility of later tour dates; meanwhile, the others are now moving forward with keyboardist David Sancious (ex-Jon Anderson) instead.

Moraz played on sessions for bassist Dave LaRue (The Dixie Dregs, John Petrucci) for a second solo album which has yet to appear.

Moraz guests on Sherwood's Citizen album—details on the main page.

Longer term plans
Moraz has talked of multiple further projects, but many of these appear to be some way from producing any output. He has plans for a third "Future Memories" show, which he discusses in a new interview on a forthcoming DVD release of the first two "Future Memories" TV programmes (see below). Moraz has also been working on an album with Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) for some time. A report circa Feb 2005 said that Moraz has two electronic albums close to completion, one of which seemed to be the one with Sanchez. It is unclear whether the other was A Way to Freedom, with Armen or some other project.

Moraz has expanded "Modular Symphony (1st Movement)" from his 1987 Human Interface album into an entire piano conerto, which he intends to release at some point according to a Mar 2005 interview.

Although he has no immediate plans, in his Mar 2005 interview, Moraz talked of his willingness to do a video or film project based on his solo album The Story of i. In his NftE interview (Jan 2001), he said, "I've also been writing and researching some stories. I'd like to do a movie of THE STORY OF I either in 3-D computer graphics, an animated version, or the real thing. I have also written a couple of other movie scripts; one is a science fiction story and the other is about the life and times of a composer who lived three hundred years ago." In an earlier interview (Oct 2000), he said: "I have just about 30 other projects that I have already composed, I've composed hundreds of pieces of music in the last 9 years. [...] I have also, maybe, studying to get a commission for a symphony orchestra perhaps in europe for next year [2001]." At some point, he has been planning to do a charity Christmas album.

In the 2005 interview, Moraz mentioned too his desire to do some live shows with flautist Syrinx to play music from their album Coexistence/Libertate, although again there are no specific plans at present. Moraz has said he may collaborate with Annie Haslam in the future.

Two tracks with Moraz are included on Howe's 2015 compilation Anthology: see under Howe for details.

Trevor Horn Official site; SPZ website; ZTT Records website; Official Facebook; Twitter

Note Horn continues to work on a number of projects with Geoff Downes, including Billy Idol's latest album and possibly more from The Buggles.

Horn is working on a musical set in a recording studio, written with Lol Crème (Producers, Art of Noise, ex-10cc, worked with Yes, Seal). A Jan 2014 interview with Horn described him as currently writing the project, while one the following month said the pair had "just finished writing a musical about a day in the studio." An Aug 2013 interview had more, describing "a stage production set appropriately enough in a recording studio", with Horn saying, "I've nearly finished it[.] I'm a big fan of musicals." (In a 2008 interview, Horn said he had an upcoming "Musical/Show project", while way back in a Yahoo chat in Oct 1999, Horn wrote: "I'm writing a musical [...] about Robots.")

The Trevor Horn Band Official website; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube
The Trevor Horn Band consists of Trevor Horn (bass, vocals), Steve Lipson (Twitter; working with Ultravox, Ronan Keating, worked with Grace Jones, S Club 7, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Annie Lennox, Will Young; guitar), Lol Crème (Art of Noise, ex-10cc, worked with Yes, Seal; guitar, vocals, keys) and Ashley 'Ash' Soan (Sinéad O'Connor, Adele, Will Young, Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, ex-Del Amitri, ex-Squeeze, worked with Seal, Robbie Williams; drums), who were earlier performing as Producers. The band play the Wickham Festival, Hampshire on 6 Aug 2016, with guest vocalists to be announced.

They played the Cornbury Music Festival in Oxfordshire on 12 Jul 2015; Amsterdam on 13 Jul; and at Melt! Festival 2015, 17-9 Jul in Grafenhainichen, Germany. The line-up for these dates included Horn, Crème, Lipson, Soan, Seal, Jamie Squire (no relation), Julian Hinton, Kirsten Joy, Vula Malinga (Twitter; backing vocals) and another instrumentalist (possibly Simon Bloor?), plus Jaz Ellington  (backing vocals) on 12 Jul. 13 Jul set: "Welcome to the Pleasuredome", "Two Tribes", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "The Plastic Age", "All the Things She Said", "Rubber Bullets", "Louise" (originally by Jett Rebel); Seal then joined the band and sang "Slave to the Rhythm", "Kiss from a Rose", "Prayer for the Dying", "Owner of a Lonely Heart", "I'm Not in Love", "Crazy"; then, without Seal, "Relax"; encore: "Message in a Bottle" (originally by The Police), "Leave Right Now". The Melt! Festival show included "Video Killed the Radio Star" inc. "Check It Out" insert. The 12 Jul show included "Message in a Bottle" with Police drummer Stewart Copeland guesting.

Horn (bass, lead & backing vocals), Lipson (guitar), Crème (guitar, lead & backing vocals, keys), Soan (drums) plus Geoff Downes (keys), Luis Jardim (percussion), Hinton (keys), Kate Westall (working with Nitin Sawhney; lead & backing vocals),  Joy (lead & backing vocals), J Squire (lead & backing vocals, percussion), Phil Palmer (electric & acoustic guitars) and Bloor (keys, guitar) played London on 5 Mar 2014. Seal was due to guest, but appeared on stage to explain he was unable to due to flu. Other guests were Gabrielle Aplin, Mr Probz and Ella Eyre. Support was by Will Heard. Rehearsals began 23 Feb. Set: "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" opening (originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood; lead vocals shared by Westall/Joy/Squire), "The Plastic Age" (The Buggles; Horn lead vocals, although Seal had asked to sing it), Seal then came out to apologise for not being able to perform, "Slave to the Rhythm" (Grace Jones; Westall lead vocals), "All the Things She Said" (t.A.T.u.; Westall/Joy lead vocals), "Rubber Bullets" (10cc; Crème lead vocals), "The Power of Love" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood; Aplin lead vocals, synth piano), "Why" (Annie Lennox; Aplin lead vocals, Horn electric upright bass), "Two Tribes" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood; instrumental), "Soon" excerpt (Yes; Westall lead vocals)/"Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Yes; Squire lead vocals, having planned to be Seal), "Heart" (on the band's set list, but crossed out), "Waves" (Mr Probz; Mr Probz lead vocals), "Gravity" (DJ Fresh feat. Ella Eyre; Eyre lead vocals), "I'm Not in Love" (10cc; Squire lead vocals, having planned to be Seal; Crème on synth piano), "Prayer for the Dying" (Seal; Squire lead vocals, having planned to be Seal; further Seal songs planned for the set cancelled—"Crazy" and "Kiss from a Rose" had been implied in advertising for the show), "Video Killed the Radio Star" inc. "Check It Out" insert (The Buggles; Horn lead vocals), "Relax" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood; Squire lead vocals), encore: "Downtown Train" (Tom Waits, produced by Horn when covered by Rod Stewart; on the band's set list, but not played), "Leave Right Now" (Will Young; Squire lead vocals). My review of the show is here. In an Apr 2015 interview, Horn referred to doing "more in the summer" and said he would "love to come play in America".

As Producers, their debut album, Made in Basing Street, was released in 2012 and also involved former member Chris Braide (Tumblr; DBA, Malmo, worked with Lana del Rey, Paloma Faith, Leona Lewis, written for Cheryl Cole, Glenn Tilbrook, Clay Aiken, Will Young, Kylie Minogue, Pixie Lott, S Club 7; keys, vocals) and Geoff Downes (DBA, Yes, Asia; keys) on every track, while Ryan Molloy (ex-Frankie Goes to Hollywood, "Jersey Boys", ex-"Jerry Springer—The Opera", worked with Sting) contributed several vocals. All songs were written and produced by Braide/Crème/Horn/Lipson/Soan. Japanese release on Sony Japan and a German release on India Media Group followed. The band played UK and Japanese dates in 2012. Lipson said in a May 2012 interview that the band's ambitions for the future were, "More gigs and ideally new material."

Lipson, Crème and Soan all commonly appear on Horn's productions. Horn, Crème, Braide and Soan were all in The Buggles line-up for a 2010 show, while Lipson and Crème were there for a 2011 show, and The Buggles' set contained elements from The Producers' usual set (see above).

The Buggles
On 21 Feb 2016, Geoff Downes tweeted, "heading out to LA to do some work with my old chum, Trevor Horn. #thebuggles". Then on 25 Feb came this: "Been really great working this week with my old Buggles buddy, Trevor H. Got some new tunes on the go! More news to follow... 👍🏻😃" In a late Mar 2016 interview with BBC Radio Oxford, after the interviewer talked about Yes, Asia and The Buggles, Downes, "I'm still involved with all three bands today. […] I was working with Trevor Horn a couple of weeks ago in L.A." And in this Apr 2016 interview: "I've been doing some more stuff with Trevor and the Buggles recently". A Mar 2016 article quoted Downes as saying, "We're looking at releasing some of the old Buggles stuff at some point and we worked on another couple songs fairly recently[.] There's the option of maybe putting some more stuff out. [...] next year [2017] we might do some gigs. We'll take it as it comes, really."

Horn and Downes have re-visited The Buggles on a number of occasions, most recently a live show at the British Music Experience in Oct 2011, with Horn (bass, lead vocals), Downes (keys) and co-founder Paul Robinson (drums) joined by Steve Lipson (The Producers, worked with Grace Jones, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Annie Lennox; electric guitar), Lol Crème (The Producers, Art of Noise, ex-10cc, worked with The Buggles; guitars), Julian Hinton (worked with Seal, Olivia Safe, Don Black, Sarah Brightman; keys) and three backing vocalists (Kirsten Joy, Holly Petrie (works with Jess Glynne) and Kate Westall). Note also that in a 31 Dec 2013 tweet, Downes said, "It's ASIA, it's YES, it's BUGGLES, it's NDO, it's 2014 !! It's all coming your way soon."

Back in a blog entry in Jun 2005, Downes described a discussion with Horn, "about a new Buggles album we've been talking about for some time". At the Produced by Trevor Horn concert in 2004, Horn said his original idea had been a low-key Buggles tour. Downes also previously hinted at the possibility of live Buggles work, saying in an interview in early 2004: "The Buggles was much more a studio environment idea, which we never actually took on the road. Things may change though". Asked about the possibility of a new Buggles album in an Aug 2011 interview, Downes mooted the possibility of some more live shows. He talked of "a few isolated shows here and there and maybe do some more writing" towards an album. And, asked in another Aug 2011 interview about whether there will be more Buggles activity, he said, "Yeah, I think so. [...] we've discussed that." At the Oct 2011 show, when an audience member said he had given up on there ever being a third Buggles album, Horn, smiling but emphatically, said, "Good". In a Nov 2011 interview in Record Collector, Horn said, "we're planning a tour now and we might put out a new single later this year [2011]." In an interview around Dec 2011, Horn said The Buggles would tour in 2012. In an early Feb 2012 tweet, asked about more Buggles shows, Downes said, "Hoping for some more shows later this year [2012]". In an online chat in Jun 2012, he said: "Buggles quiet at the moment". In a Dec 2012 interview with BBC Radio Wales, Downes said he had talked about doing another Buggles album with Horn, but that Horn is often busy with other projects. "It's something that's always there," Downes concluded, also mentioning that he had talked with original Buggle Bruce Woolley who had suggested getting together too. Asked about working again with Horn in a Jan 2013 video interview, Downes said, "Hopefully we'll do some more stuff together in the future, y'know, maybe some Buggles, maybe some Yes, or whatever." When the follow-up question asked about The Buggles, he replied: "We're still talking about it. Maybe one day it might come to fruition." And in a Mar 2013 interview, again asked about The Buggles, Downes said:

I am still in touch with Trevor and that is something that is always going to be there. There's not much in touring because the whole concept of the Buggles was a studio creation. But if the opportunity arose in the future and Trevor and I have the time, then I would probably consider it.

And asked about the possibility of a Buggles reunion and new music in a Jun 2013 Q&A with YesWorld, he said:

Well you never know! Trevor’s a really busy guy most of the time [...] but I don’t think we’d ever discount the possibility. [...] I’d love to collaborate with Trevor again. [...] I’m pretty busy myself right now [...] yeah, it’s not impossibility, just a matter of making the planets align so that one day we can hopefully make it happen.
And in an interview published early Jul 2014, asked the same question, Downes said, "I still see Trevor and speak to him, and if the planets align, our diaries match up and we get the time it could well happen, never say never."

Production and solo work
Horn reunited with Yes, at least for 2 nights: he guested live at the 9 May Oxford and 10 May London shows on the band's 2016 European tour. He rehearsed with the band in Wales in late Apr (e.g., see this tweet by Downes) and one report has that they discussed the possibility of Horn producing Yes's next album.

Horn and Seal worked together on Seal's latest album, 7 (Reprise Records). Tracks: "Daylight Saving", "Every Time I'm with You" (with promotional video), "Life on the Dancefloor" (additional production by Jamie Odell), "Padded Cell", "Do You Ever", "The Big Love has Died", "Redzone Killer", "Monascow", "Half a Heart", "Let Yourself", "Love". The Target edition of the album in the US comes with 2 bonus tracks ("We Found You", "Whatever You Need"). Performers on the album include Horn and Trevor Horn Band members Lol Crème, Ash Soan, Luis Jardim, Julian Hinton, Phil Palmer and Simon Bloor; Mr Probz has also performed with the Band. Regular Horn collaborators also include Jamie Muhoberac, Anne Dudley, Isobel Griffiths, Nick Ingman, Dave McCracken, Steve Sidwell and Tim Weidner, while son Aaron Horn contributed programming. Trevor Horn co-wrote 7 of the tracks, with Aaron co-writing two. See details in Yescography. The album made #45 in the US, #13 in the UK, #18 in France, #45 in Italy, #40 in Spain, #21 in Canada, #7 in the Netherlands, #2 in Hungary, #64 in Australia, #69 in Ireland, #9 in Switzerland, #23 in Flanders and #13 in Wallonia.

An Aug 2013 newspaper report described Horn as "currently working" on the album; a Feb 2014 interview then had Horn saying, "I'm working with him at the moment [...] We just started, but we've got a couple of absolutely beautiful tracks." In a Jan 2015 announcement, Horn said, "We've been working on his album for a year now." In a Feb 2015 interview, Horn said, "We're coming up to a year [...] on and off" working on the album, "and it's nearly finished." (Seal performed live with the Trevor Horn Band in 2014 and 2015: see above.) Seal re-signed to Perfect Songs and had a 2 week writing period in Horn's Los Angeles, CA studio booked for Oct 2012.

Horn worked on the Billy Idol album Kings & Queens of the Underground (BFI Records, via Kobalt Label Services), out Oct 2014. Idol tweeted 17 Mar 2014: "Did some final vocal touch ups today on a couple of tracks & the [...] album is now nearing completion. One more song to add & that will be it." Performing on the album are Idol (lead vocals), Steve Stevens (worked with Chris Squire, Tony Levin; acoustic & electric guitars), Billy Morrison (ex-The Cult; rhythm guitar), Horn (bass [1, 4-11], programming [5, 7, 8], keys [6, 8, 11]), Geoff Downes (keys [1, 4-10]), Ash Soan (Producers; drums [1, 4, 6-10], percussion [1, 8]), Julian Hinton (worked with Producers, Seal, Olivia Safe, Don Black, Sarah Brightman; orchestral arrangements & programming [4, 6, 8, 10]), Greg Kurstin (worked with Lily Allen, P!nk,  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Clarkson, All Saints, The Flaming Lips, Kylie Minogue, Donna Summer, Little Boots, Kesha; bass, guitar, drums, keys), Matt Chamberlin (drums), Tim Weidner (worked with Yes; percussion [4, 9, 11], programming [7]), Josh Campbell (additional guitar, backing vocals, bass), Renate Sokolovska (flute [6]), Tracy Ackerman (backing vocals), Pete Murray (keys [7]), Cameron Gower Poole (keys, synths, additional guitar), Joel M Peters (drums [11]). Horn produced tracks 1 and 4-11, with tracks 2 & 3 produced by Kurstin, and Japanese bonus tracks 13 & 14 produced by Keith Forsey. Tracks:
  1. "Bitter Pill" [Idol/Eric Bazilian/Glen Goss]
  2. "Can't Break Me Down" [Idol/Kurstin/Dan Nigro], lead single
  3. "Save Me Now" [Idol/George William Lewis/Kurstin]
  4. "One Breath Away" [Idol/Stevens/Morrison]
  5. "Postcards from the Past" [Idol/Stevens/Morrison]
  6. "Kings & Queens of the Underground" [Idol/Stevens/Morrison]
  7. "Eyes Wide Shut" [Idol/Stevens/Morrison]
  8. "Ghosts in My Guitar" [Idol/Stevens]
  9. "Nothing to Fear" [Idol/Stevens/Morrison]
  10. "Love and Glory" [Idol/Stevens/Morrison]
  11. "Whiskey and Pills" [Idol/Brian Tichy]
  12. "Hollywood Promises" [Idol/Tichy], iTunes & Japanese bonus track
  13. "Crade of Love" [Idol/David Werner], Japanese bonus track, live from Vienna
  14. "Dancing with Myself" [Idol/Tony James], Japanese bonus track, live from Vienna
Buy from Amazon (UK):

Buy from Amazon (US):

The album made #35 in the UK album chart (#4 in the Indie chart) and #35 in the US (#9 in Rock; #5 in Alternative). It was as high as #3 in Indie, #17 in Rock (18 Oct) and #54 overall on UK Amazon (24 Oct). On US Amazon, it was as high as #2 in Alternative Rock, #13 in Rock, #31 in Pop and #31 overall (24 Oct). The album made #8 in Germany, #10 in Switzerland, #17 in Austria, #24 in Denmark, #37 in Finland, #75 in the Netherlands, #81 in Australia, #102 in France, #109 in Flanders, and #127 in Wallonia.

Horn produced the 3 new tracks with Spandau Ballet that appear on their new compilation, The Story: The Very Best of Spandau Ballet (Rhino), released Oct 2014. Brothers Martin (guitars) and Gary Kemp (bass) tweeted about the sessions in Jul 2014; the rest of the band are Tony Hadley (vocals), Steve Norman and John Keeble. The new tracks are "This is the Love", "Steal" and "Soul Boy". There is a 19-track, regular version, as well as a 35-track, 2CD deluxe version of the album. The album made #8 in the UK album chart.

In a Prog Magazine podcast (Jun 2014), Chris Squire said, "I was actually with Trevor Horn yesterday, doing a little bit of work in his studio", but it is not known for what project this was.

Art of Noise
In the Apr 2008 interview for Future Music, asked about whether the Art of Noise will be doing anything new, Horn said, "We keep talking about it." He also describes how they worked on a "visual sampler" before The Seduction of Claude Debussy: "So when you hit a note, you get a picture as well as sound. [...] there's about a 20 minute video that Lol Creme did, and I'm going to put it on DVD." JJ Jeczalik told a source that the original band line-up met up in 2014 to discuss a reunion.

Buy deluxe edition (MP3 version) from Amazon (UK):

Released Feb 2015 was the 2CD/1DVD At the End of the Century, consisting of two earlier versions of The Seduction of Claude Debussy. Back in the late 1990s, Horn had assembled a group to be called Image of a Group with Anne Dudley, Paul Morley and Lol Crème and they recorded a concept album about Claude Debussy to have been called Balance - Music for the Eye, but Horn shelved the project and started again when JJ Jeczalik released the Art of Noise band name. That process then produced The Seduction of Claude Debussy. The second disc of At the End of the Century is the initial promo version of The Seduction of Claude Debussy, featuring some alternate mixes and a different track order. There are also four remixes of "Dreaming" by Brothers in Rhythm, which were planned for a single release but not used at the time. The DVD (Region 0) then features two complete live shows (1 Jun and 22 Mar 2000), plus electronic press kits, rehearsal footage and promotional videos. Tracks: disc 1: Balance - Music for the Eye:

  1. Part One: "Intro"
  2. "Dans le Style D'une Sarabande, Mais Sans Rigeur"
  3. "The Falling Rocket"
  4. "A Distant Ringing of Horns"
  5. "Bayonet"
  6. "Bored on a Sunday"
  7. "Hummingbird"
  8. "Dans le Style D'un Chanson Populaire"
  9. Part Two: "Intro"
  10. "The Food of Love"
  11. "Music for the I"
  12. "Dreaming In Colour"
  13. "Speechless Creatures"
  14. "Middle, Index and Thumb"
  15. "It's All in the Ears"
  16. "On CD"
  17. Part Three: "Intro"
  18. "Driving Rain Plus"
  19. "The Case for a Complete Performance"
  20. "Blue Murder"
  21. "The Interrupted Serenade"
  22. "Ce N'est Pas Fini!"
  23. "The Reflection of a Reflection"
  24. "In the Balance (Across the Century)"
  25. "Fin-de-Siècle"
  26. "Un Tendre et Triste Regret"
Disc 2: The Production Of Claude Debussy (The Producer's Cut):
  1. "Il Pleure (At the Turn of the Century)"
  2. "Born on a Sunday"
  3. "Dreaming in Colour"
  4. "On Being Blue"
  5. "Rapt: In the Evening Air"
  6. "Metaforce"
  7. "The Holy Egoism of Genius"
  8. "La Flûte de Pan"
  9. "Out of This World"
  10. "Metaphor on the Floor"
  11. "Approximate Mood Swing No. 2"
  12. "Pause"
  13. "Dreaming (Colour Yellow)"
  14. "Dreaming (Colour Green)"
  15. "Dreaming (Colour Black)"
  16. "Dreaming (Colour Silver)"

DVD: "The Image of a Group at the End of a Century"
  1. "Born Again"
  2. "Born Again"
  3. "The Art of Debussy" short film
  4. "Serenade of the Dolls (Out-take from The Art of Debussy)"
  5. "Rain (Out-take from The Art of Debussy)"
  6. "Blue Murder (Out-take from The Art of Debussy)"
  7. "Out of This World (Version 138)"
  8. "Something is Missing"
  9. "Born on a Sunday"
  10. "Moments in Love"
  11. "Rapt: In the Evening Air"
  12. "Metaforce"
  13. "On Being Blue"
  14. "The Holy Egoism of Genius"
  15. "Beat Box/Close (to the Edit)"
  16. "Peter Gunn"
  17. "Information"
  18. "Il Pleure (At the Turn of the Century)"
  19. "Art of Noise is for..."
  20. "Something is Missing (Reprise)"
  21. "La Flûte de Pan"
  22. "Dreaming in Colour"
  23. "Out of This World (Version 138)"
  24. "Something is Missing"
  25. "Born on a Sunday"
  26. "Moments in Love"
  27. "Rapt: In the Evening Air"
  28. "Metaforce"
  29. "On Being Blue"
  30. "The Holy Egoism of Genius"
  31. "Beat Box/Close (to the Edit)"
  32. "Peter Gunn"
  33. "Information"
  34. "Il Pleure (At the Turn of the Century)"
  35. "Art of Noise is for..."
  36. "La Flûte de Pan"
  37. "Dreaming in Colour"
  38. "A Sales Device"
  39. "Dreaming in Colour"
  40. "Metaforce"
  41. "Something is Missing"
  42. "Something is Missing (Coexistence, Take 4)"
  43. "La Flûte de Pan (Coexistence, Rehearsals)"
  44. "A Public Audience with Art of Noise live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire (Paul Morley intro)"
  45. "A Public Audience with Art of Noise live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire (Paul Morley outro)"
There was also a 2014 12" picture disc of the band recorded live in 1999; tracks: "Out of This World", "Born on a Sunday", "Moments in Love".

As executive producer

Work continues on the debut album from opera singer Olivia Safe (La Mia Bocca, worked with Robbie Williams, The Squad), produced by Graham Archer (worked with Robbie Williams, John Legend, Olly Murs) and Julian Hinton (works with Horn, Producers, worked with The Buggles, Seal, The Squad) and with Horn as executive producer. The album will be on SONYArista. It is described as a collection of covers, including of pieces by Damien Rice, Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright and Tim Buckley. Hinton described "putting the finishing touches to [...] Olivia Safe's debut album" on his website.

Material from Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells II, co-produced by Horn, is on Oldfield's 2CD singles/rarities compilation The Best Of: 1992-2003 (Rhino Records), out Apr 2015.

Horn produced and played some keys on parts of Paul McCartney's 1989 solo album, Flowers in the Dirt. The whole of McCartney's solo discography is being successively re-released through his new label, Concord Music Group, with new bonus material, although details for the Flowers in the Dirt re-release are some way off.

Other news
Horn heads up the SPZ Group, the entertainment business which includes two record labels, ZTT (MySpace page) and Stiff Records; Sarm Studios (who operate recording studios and manage record producers and engineers); Perfect Songs (music publishing company); Music Bank (backline hire and rehearsal studio facilities); and The Workplace (a London business centre). Horn is managed by Sandy Dworniak. The new SARM Music Village in Ladbroke Grove, London officially opened in Apr 2015.

Horn appeared in BBC4's 10cc documentary in early Dec 2015.

Trevor Rabin Homepage; News
; Facebook; Twitter

Rabin is continuing with a solo career and with scoring. Summer 2014, his website announced a new album as "coming soon". On 22 Jun 2014 on Facebook, Rabin described it: "the current album I'm working on is a vocal album. I'm not sure where it will ultimately land up. But it's definitely a rock album at this point. What I've been writing is definitely challenging my fingers. But I'm loving it." The day before, he'd posted:
sorry i've been missing in action,,,.but I have been 24/7 on the new solo album, and it's turning into something pretty cool.
I was hoping i'd be closing in by now.
Ufortunately it'll take a but longer. It's just taking time to let it all happen the right way. But i'm quite excited with where it's going.
I'm about half way through and very happy. Bare with me.

On 14 Sep 2014, Rabin said the album with have "some surprise guests" and described 3 drummers will be involved, Lou Molino (who had already recorded parts), son Ryan Rabin and an as yet unnamed drummer. Recording sessions continued in Sep. On 22 Aug 2015, he posted to Facebook:
Sorry there's been little on the new album.
I'm had to take some breaks to fulfill some film obligations.
But it's going great, I wish it was happening a little faster.
I would say I'm half way there and will be back at it next week.
speak soon. all the best

The next day, in response to a question, he posted, "BTW...Yes it is very much a vocal album". A Jun 2015 interview described him as "now writing an album of all-original rock material and considering a tour." However, on 5 Feb 2016, he said (again on Facebook) that he was "just working crazy at the moment" and "putting my solo album on hold". This appears to be connected to the ramping up of activity by Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman.

Back on 20 Feb 2014, Rabin said on Facebook:
I've completed 2 tracks for my next solo album.
I wasn't sure what shape my voice would be in, as singing is something I do little of with scoring (or on Jacaranda), ... but voice exercises and singing a lot,....i'm in good shape.
Happy so far, ...long way to go!

Journalist Jon Kirkman said on Facebook (1 Jan 2014) that Rabin is keen to get the rock album out within 2 years and he already has some material for it. On Facebook in Feb 2014, Rabin talked of having completed two songs in the style of Can't Look Away and 90125.

He released his solo album Jacaranda in 2012 and said in one May 2012 interview that: "I've already starting thinking about material for a next album." He explained in another interview (published around May 2012, but possibly from some time earlier in that year):

I love my work and my work for the last 12 years, or so, has been making song scores, but I love going on vacation. I really do enjoy doing the movie stuff and I’m not going to stop. I am also not going to let that side of things get in the way of doing this [solo work], which is my favorite thing to do.

He has talked about two projects, an electric guitar concerto and a rock album with vocals. He says later in the latter May interview:

I am actually about halfway through an electric guitar concerto right now. I was very into it but there is so much work, right down to how to write it, that I have not  finished it yet. Right now, it has four guitars in it but it might end up having five guitars. What is a guitar concerto, you may ask? There will be four or five guitars that will each have very specific parts written for it.

In a Nov 2012 interview, he describes two projects:
I've had something on the burner for a long time, but I've never really got centered on it [...] I have an electric-guitar concerto. I'm calling it that, which might sound a bit posh, but it's just a classical electric guitar. What I have sketched out is for full orchestra and electric guitar. I've also included four bagpipes, which just sounded so great. It's a great combination, these very legato, almost sitar-ish guitars and the drone of the bagpipes, which is an extraordinary sound. I really want to come to terms with this guitar concerto
I'm also very determined to do a rock album, whatever that means, with singing on it.
In a Jun 2012 interview, he said, "I will sing on a record in the future. I've started working on a followup to Jacaranda. I'm going to do a vocal." He also says, "I met with Robert Plant and we wanted to do something together, so I'd love to revisit that." And in another Jun 2012 interview, Rabin says, "I will sing soon! Yes, I will definitely be singing on my future albums and projects." And adds, "This album [Jacaranda] and the music I express on it is definitely a turning point for me. I will be far more creatively free from this moment on since creating Jacaranda." In my Jul 2012 interview with Rabin, he said: "I am so motivated by Jacaranda it certainly won't be 20 years between albums again." In an Aug 2013 interview, he said: "I am starting a new solo album as a follow up to Jacaranda".

In a Mar 2014 radio interview, Anderson mentioned a recent email from Rabin who had, in Anderson's words, "just written a piano concerto for Lang Lang" [official website].

Earlier in the Nov 2012 interview, Rabin explained that, "I miss the feeling of being on stage playing, but I certainly don't miss the travel or the hotels and the inevitable griping that goes on in bands. I can do without that." Asked about touring in support of Jacaranda, he then replies:
"We've been looking at possibly going on the road, and I've got some friends who I know could do justice to it, but I couldn't afford them," Rabin says without the slightest hint of gallows humor. "It would be difficult because it's not just three guitars hacking 12-bar; it's very specific parts, and some of them are quite challenging. They'd have to be integrated, and the sound would have to be right."
Rabin's 2003 solo album, Live in L.A., recorded on his 1989 tour, has been re-released on Varèse Sarabande with a bonus track of a previously unreleased live recording of "Solly's Beard" (of unknown origin). Details of the original release are in the Yescography.

Film scores etc.
Rabin scored the family adventure film "Max", about a military working dog returned from Afghanistan, released 26 Jun 2015. A 17-track, digital-only score album was released 23 Jun in the US, with a CD version released 22 Jun in the UK.

Rabin and longstanding collaborator Paul Linford did the score for the first episode of SyFy's series 12 Monkeys (based on the 1995 film directed by Terry Gilliam, which itself was based on the short 1962 film "La Jetée"), broadcast from Jan 2015. Linford then scored the rest of the first season. 12 Monkeys – Original Television Soundtrack by Rabin and Linford was released on CD and digitally by Varèse Sarabande. Rabin and Linford then scored season 2 of the show, which began airing Apr 2016 in the US, and they also scored the first season of TNT's thriller Agent X, which aired Nov/Dec 2015 in the US, but has since been cancelled.

Rabin's name has been associated with Warner Bros.' shark action movie "Meg".

Rabin is one of many score composers to be included in the forthcoming "Score: A Film Music Documentary".

Collaborations, guest appearances & other news
Rabin, Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson are working on a project together, with a release and live work expected late 2016 and beyond: see here. He also said, in this Aug 2013 interview, that he "would love to do an album with my son, Ryan, at some point. However, he is very busy drumming, writing and producing his band Grouplove".

Malibu, CA's first annual Concert on the Bluffs music event is on 12 Jun 2016, with music for "all individuals from classical to film to pop", according to press. This orchestral concert involves musicians from the Malibu Chamber Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic, and performers from the New York City ballet (including Rabin's niece, Indiana Woodward), plus, again quoting press, "composers Marco Beltrami, Maria Newman, Trevor Rabin and Sting". The orchestra will be performing some of Rabin's score music and he is reportedly also to attend.

On Facebook in Sep 2014, Rabin described guesting on a track on an album by Jason Becker (worked with David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe). Becker described the album in Aug 2014: "I have a few new songs. It is kind of like modern classical with a little Pink Floyd, and I have a cover of 'Blowin in the Wind' and a couple of new versions of my song 'River of Longing' with guest players like Trevor Rabin [...] and [Joe] Satriani and more to be announced."

Gary May on Facebook in early 2015 said how he had had "Trevor produce, orchestrate and play on one of my songs", with photo taken in Rabin's Jacaranda studio on 31 Oct 2014.
Rabin is signed to Kraft-Engel Management. Rabin also paints and his work can be viewed and purchased at the Entertainers Art Gallery.

Billy Sherwood

Billy Sherwood news is
on its own page.

Igor Khoroshev Homepage

Khoroshev has been working with Mike Plotnikoff (engineer on The Ladder and House of Yes; worked with INXS, Aerosmith, KISS, My Chemical Romance) as a production team. The pair worked with Los Angeles band Checkpoint Charlie (Facebook), consisting of  Brian Aspinwall (vocals), Jorge Sotomarino (lead guitar), Ben Bonomo (rhythm guitar, bass), Ryan Salhany (bass), Mason Amlee (drums). They recorded a 4-track EP in 2011 and then a full album, called Love Karma, produced by Khoroshev/Plotnikoff, mastered by Howie Weinberg. Love Karma was released in 2014; tracks: "Love Karma" (4:36), "Doing It All for You" (4:28), "Falling Into Place" (4:30), "Sexy Baby" (3:22), "Just Leave", (4:16), "Vagabond" (4:36), "Tinman" (3:41), "Acrobat" (5:11), "We are One" (5:27). There is also a video for "Vagabond" available.

In Oct 2015, Khoroshev met with Mark Trueack (ex-Unitopia) to discuss the possibility of Khoroshev appearing on Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope, a double album from his band United Progressive Fraternity. The band previously worked with Jon Anderson, who may also be appearing on this album, so details are on Anderson's page.

Oliver Wakeman - Rick's son. Homepage; Oliver Wakeman Band Facebook page; Twitter; YouTube
Oliver's regular band consists of himself (keys, piano), Paul Manzi (Arena; vocals), David Mark Pearce (works with Lisa LaRue; guitars), Paul Brown (ex-Medicine Man; bass), Dave Wagstaffe (Landmarq, ex-Peter Banks, ex-John Wetton; drums). Wakeman and Manzi have also worked together as a duo.

Oliver has been working on a follow-up to his last solo album (Mother's Ruin) with his current band called Cultural Vandals. He continued to write material during his tenure in Yes and has decided on 9 songs for the album. He was re-working this material from Jan 2011. Manzi and Pearce have also been working on creating a rough mix of the album. Wakeman said on Facebook in May 2011: "The album itself will be a mixture of different styles and lengths of songs but I don't really like to give away song titles or descriptions before an album is released because that way no-one will have any pre-conceived ideas on how it will sound!" In a Sep 2011 blog, he said:

Cultural Vandals is coming along really well. We are currently discussing the options for releasing it which will hopefully be towards the end of the year [2011] or early 2012. I have been working on another project for the last few months and I hadn't listened to it for a while. I mentioned in my last blog that I always like to let albums sit for a while and then revisit them to make sure that I am happy with them. I sat and listened to it in full yesterday to see what other work was required and it felt really good to me. I can't wait to start recording [...] a finished version

The plan has been then to tour Europe in support of the album, and the US and Japan if there is sufficient interest. Manzi was recording vocals with Wakeman in May 2012, presumably for this project. However, less has been heard about the project since.

In a May 2009 interview, Oliver says:

I have a lot of solo material that I'd like to record too – four very different albums' worth. One will be a rock album, another Celtic rock, the third is a rock opera, and the fourth is made up of piano pieces. I really hope to start recording them before the end of the year [2009]. I like to use a studio in Virginia Water, Surrey, where I have a great relationship with the engineer Karl Groom. I produce my own recordings myself.

In the Jun 2008 interview, Oliver also said that he was "a fair way through a solo project on the piano". Oliver has also started work on a singer-songwriter-style album featuring various musicians he has worked with over the years. Oliver has also now been commissioned to do a new instrumental album in the same style as Enlightenment and Inspiration.

Oliver has been working on an album by Rodney Matthews, who, as an artist, has worked with Rick Wakeman, Asia, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Michael Moorcock and others, while as a musician, he used to play drums in Squidd, who opened for Yes. Oliver tweeted on 5 Aug 2014 about "Had a great day in the studio working with Rodney Matthews on songs for a new CD based on his artwork." On 3 Mar 2016, he tweeted, "More work this pm on the epic track for Rodney Matthews new cd. Put a moog solo in but had to extend the track." Pieces on the album include "The Leavetaking" (with Tony Clarkin, bass).

Ravens & Lullabies (Esoteric Antenna) is a 13-track album out in the UK from Oliver (keys, Moog, vocals) and Gordon Giltrap (worked with Rick Wakeman; guitar). Also performing are Paul Manzi (Arena, Oliver Wakeman Band; vocals), Steve Amadeo (Aynsley Lister; bass), Johanne James (Threshold; drums), plus Benoît David (ex-Yes, Mystery; vocals) guests on one track, "From the Turn of a Card", which was written by Wakeman during Yes's 2010 recording sessions for Fly from Here (although rumour suggests it was never a candidate for the album). The album was recorded and mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold, mixed Yes's In the Present, worked with John Wetton, Arena, Pendragon). A 2CD limited edition (200 copies; EANTCD21012) also included live recordings from their 2012 tour and re-recordings of pieces from both men's back catalogues.

Buy from Amazon (UK):

Giltrap said of the project (c. Jan 2012):

I have started the painful process of composing material for a new more rock orientated album, with almost a return to my Prog Rock Roots of the 70's.I'm currently working on a piece dedicated to Hilary called 'One For Billie' that I started nearly 20 years ago, and which in its original form is on YOUTUBE. What I have done is basically to de-construct the piece and start afresh with new ideas and a new approach which I believe has improved the piece beyond recognition, whilst retaining the essence of the original.

Development took place through Mar/Apr 2012. In May 2012, Wakeman said they had written all the material and were working on arrangements, prior to recording, with demo mixes largely completed by early Jul. Recording with further musicians took place in c. Oct/Nov 2012, with mixing at the end of Nov and mastering in Dec.

There were 13 duo dates in the UK in late 2012, then 13 more Feb-May 2013. Touring in the autumn consisted of duo shows 3 Oct-12 Nov, interspersed with supporting John Lee's Barclay James Harvest on 8 dates 7-23 Nov, plus one full band show at the Summer's End Festival on 5 Oct (with Manzi on vocals/guitars, James on drums, and Steve Anderson on bass) and a trio show (with Manzi) on 7 Dec (in Rotherham). A 7-date band tour of England followed 3-27 Apr 2014, with Manzi, Anderson, James and Nick Kendall. John Wetton (Asia, UK, ex-King Crimson) guested at the 26 Apr show. The 5 Apr show set included "Moneyfacturing", "Maybe Tomorrow", "A Perfect Day", "Fiona's Smile", "LJW", "Is This the Last Song I Write?", "Heartsong" and material from Jabberwocky and Hound of the Baskervilles.

Wakeman has re-released his The 3 Ages of Magick album with Steve Howe on Esoteric Recordings, with bonus tracks: "Hit 'n Myth", "The Faerie Ring" and "Dream Weaver" (a demo version of "The Storyteller"). The album also has new liner notes including unseen photos from Wakeman's personal archives. Meanwhile, Steve Howe's "Ultra Definition", on which Wakeman appears, is included on Howe's 2015 compilation Anthology: see under Howe for details.

Guest appearances
Oliver performs with dad Rick at the Stone Free Festival performing all of The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and more: see under Rick Wakeman for details.

Oliver tweeted on 23 Apr 2016 that he had "Just sent the rough key mix for the next track I've played on for John Vehadija's upcoming album." On 19 May, he tweeted, "Finished recording the piano for the final song for the John Vehadija cd this evening. Album due out in the summer."

Oliver is among many guests on Telergy's album, Hypatia, a concept album about the Greek mathematician Hypatia (c. 360-415). Profits from the album go to Cross Roads House Homeless Shelter in New Hampshire. Others involved include Oliver Palotai (Kamelot), Durga McBroom-Hudson (ex-Pink Floyd, ex-Blue Pearl, working with Dave Kerzner), Scott Page (worked with Pink Floyd, Toto, Supertramp), David Ragsdale (Kansas), Parker Lundgren (Queensrÿche), Anna Phoebe (ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra, worked with Jethro Tull, Jon Lord), Chris Caffery (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, ex-Savatage), Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, worked with Kitaro), Bryan Hicks (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Corey Glover (Living Colour), Mike LePond (Symphony X) and Oliver Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire, Coldseed, ex-Blind Guardian). The album is composed and produced by Robert McClung (worked with The Commitments).

Oliver was in the 2007 Starcastle reunion and was subsequently working with lead vocalist Al Lewis on a new project.

Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon; keys, backing vocals) & Oliver Wakeman (keys) were working on a third album, which may or may not be based on the "Frankenstein" story.

Oliver was replaced in Yes by Geoff Downes. Oliver was on initial album sessions for Fly from Here, but Downes joined the sessions partway and recorded most of the keys on the album, although a small amount of Oliver's playing remains on the album. Oliver also co-wrote one of the songs ("Into the Storm"). The band, with Oliver, had developed further material for the album that then wasn't used, as Howe discussed in a Jan 2012 interview by Anil Prasad. Some of this material was (co-)written by Oliver, as Howe explains:

We also allowed Oliver to go off with his music and not keep him waiting forever, wondering if we would release it. We’re most likely not going to release anything we did with Oliver, because he’s doing that music himself and good luck to him. We’re very pleased for him to do that. If we tried to keep Oliver’s songs in the can, they would have been forever held up.

Material planned for Yes is being re-used by Oliver for both his project with Giltrap and Cultural Vandals. He explained on Facebook in a conversation with fan Sanders Thornburgh:

There were a few tracks that started to get recorded in the studio [for Fly from Here]. Others that were written in preparation of the album and others written whilst staying in LA. A few have ended up on the forthcoming Cultural Vandals album and a couple will be on the album I'm writing with Gordon Giltrap. Nothing goes to waste! None of them will feature the Yes guys performances though.

[...] Maybe when the Giltrap/Wakeman and Cultural Vandals albums are released people will have an idea of what the album [Fly from Here] might have resembled!

Benoît David

David news is on its own page.

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