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In Sep 2018, Steve Howe was awarded the Prog God award in the 2018 Progressive Music Awards. The award was presented by Bill Bruford. Howe dedicated the award to his son, Virgil, who died Sep 2017.

Howe remains in Yesósee details on main news page.

In an Apr 2016 interview, he talked of having several solo studio projects on the go. In a Sep 2016 one, he said, "I have a lot of projects started that are behind me. What I will do is go back through them and start to refine them. I usually come across one that makes me want to get back at it. All these projects and I am doing them all at once and they kind of a stock pile and none of them are finished. They will get finished when I think that it is time for that one to get sorted. One of the upcoming releases has me looking through back room stuff, but that is a process that doesn't happen overnight." It is not known what this release is. A Mar 2017 Q&A described at least 3 forthcoming projects:

Iíve got [a solo album] in progress, and itís gonna be quite exciting. Iím looking forward to announcing it. But other than that Iím not saying much about it until itís finished. Watch this space. And other projects with Dylan of course, weíve been having several years working on a trio album thatís absolutely great. And also Iíve done a record with Virgil which is fantasticÖ A duo record.
The projects with Virgil, who has since passed away, and with Dylan (i.e., a Steve Howe Trio album) are described below. The one with Virgil, Nexus, was released late 2017. In the Feb 2018 issue of Eclipsed, Howe described a solo album as almost finished and that 2018 could see both a solo and a Trio album released. In a Jul 2018 interview, Howe talked about how he used to make solo albums "which I call my jamboree approach. I try to show everything I do". However, starting with Turbulence, he described how he has moved to making albums "that have one particular idea that I can then move around in." He goes back to the first approach and continues:
theyíre really like jamboree. I mean, Iím playing jazz here and weird, psychedelic stuff here and a band here and then Iím singing and then Iím not singing. I kind of like those, but I think I should be more in the Turbulence mindset, where I pick a style and put all of my music around that. Iíve actually got a new album coming that, strangely enough ó well, it is not finished yet so I canít tell you the title, even though I do have it ó it is actually a mixture of instrumental and songs, but not quite in the same way.
In the Mar 2017 Q&A, asked about the possibility of touring the US with his sons and of seeing him perform solo material with a full band, Steve said that was unlikely in 2017 because of his Yes touring commitments, but he goes on to hint at something, saying:
I have a solution but itís just that Iíve been close to doing some things and then realised that it was a bit too much. [...] When I do [a solo tour] in other countries [i.e., not the UK] it takes a lot more organising and youíve gotta get the CWA and IRS involved [...] But I would say that Iíve missed not doing either really. The solo tours Iíve done in America, the last one I think was way back in 2010, maybe 2008. So Iíve missed doing that in America. [...] doing a full band tour would be wonderful too. And like I say, I think Iíve got a vehicle for the future that will make that work. So, hold your breath on that one.

Asked about a next solo album in a Mar 2015 interview, Howe replied:

Iíve always got a backlog of music [...] I create a sort of nest egg [...] of music and song that I can back to. And theyíre most probably going to be on another solo album, because once I start to become secretive or very introverted about them Ė because they really are personal, certainly if there are lyrics [...] Ė then Iíll tweak Ďem an awful lot, Iíll go back loads of times, and think, ďWell, you know, I just want this to be something else. Howís this going to live up to my new expectations?Ē

So certainly there is a work in progress, but Iím not terribly clear which way itíll go. But as you prepare, eventually you start to spot that youíve got tracks that really are going in a startlingly different direction, and I think thatís what Iím waiting for. Iím not going to make another Turbulence. [Laughs.] Even though itís a nice album!

[...] So the style of the music, I havenít put my big toe in so deep yet. It might be that Iím waiting to see enough material in another style [...] and just say, ďWell, when I feel itís there, then thatís the album Iím going to do,Ē and Iíll start really building that album. [...] Iím not really pushed to do anything.

Howe plays a one-off London show on 31 Oct 2018, a gala night for the Ed Renshaw Music Award. He will be playing a 75 minute set, with the first half including performances with some of the award winners. The Ed Renshaw Music Award is intended to help young musicians (16-25 years old) in south east London achieve their potential.

In a Mar 2015 interview for Rhino, Howe said of subsequent touring:

we canít say itís definitely going to happen, but if it can, it may have legs, this idea. I havenít done America solo since 2008 [...] knowing that later in the year [2015] Yes are quite busy, Iím obviously not looking at prolonging the idea too much, but itíll be something similar in length to the UK dates. I juggle whether to do Japan or Australia or America, and I have a loyalty to come back to America [...] Or Canada! [...] I do like solo shows. Theyíre challenging, but I donít find it a stressful challenge. Yeah, itís something I definitely have a need to keep doing. That gives me a lot of premium and a lot of exploration of what my music is about

Howe released a solo 2CD compilation, Anthology, in 2015. A 3CD release, Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations (Rhino), followed 11 Aug 2017. Details in the Yescography. Tracksódisc 1:

  1. "Maybellene" by The Syndicats [originally released as a single; and on Mothballs]
  2. "On the Horizon" by The Syndicats [originally released as a single; and on Mothballs]
  3. "Finger Poppin'" by The In Crowd [on Mothballs]
  4. "Blow Up" by The In Crowd [on some versions of Blow-Up: The Original Soundtrack Album]
  5. "You're on Your Own" by The In Crowd [on Mothballs]
  6. "My White Bicycle" by Tomorrow [on Tomorrow]
  7. "Claramount Lake" by Tomorrow [on Tomorrow]
  8. "Revolution" by Tomorrow [on Tomorrow]
  9. "Why" by Tomorrow [on 50 Minute Technicolor Dream: Unreleased & Live]
  10. "The Spanish Song" by Canto [on Bodast's Spectral Nether Street]
  11. "Beyond Winter" by Bodast [on The Bodast Tapes]
  12. "Nothing to Cry for" by Bodast [on Spectral Nether Street]
  13. "Roundabout" by Yes [on Fragile]
  14. "Montreux's Theme" by Yes [first released on YesYears and then as a bonus track on Going for the One re-releases]
  15. "Tempus Fugit" by Yes [on Drama]
  16. "Heat of the Moment" by Asia [on Asia]
  17. "One Step Closer" by Asia [on Asia]
  18. "Lyin' to Yourself" by Asia [b-side to "The Smile has Left Your Eyes"]
  19. "Masquerade" by Asia [previously unreleased instrumental band version of the piece on Yes's Union, with Howe/Wetton/Downes/Palmer]
  20. "When the Heart Rules the Mind" by GTR [on GTR]
  21. "Toe the Line" by GTR [on GTR]

Disc 2:

  1. "Brother of Mine (Rock Edit)" by ABWH [b-side to the single]
  2. "Dangerous (Look in the Light of What You're Searching for) [Backing Track]" by Yes [this is not the backing track to the Union version, but a previously unreleased and significantly different take]
  3. "Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day (Backing Track)" by Yes [ditto]
  4. "Bring Me to the Power" by Yes [on Keys to Ascension 2]
  5. "From the Balcony" by Yes [on Open Your Eyes]
  6. "Nine Voices (Longwalker)" by Yes [on The Ladder]
  7. "We Agree" by Yes [on Magnification]
  8. "Kenny's Sound" by Steve Howe Trio [on The Haunted Melody]
  9. "Sweet Thunder" by Steve Howe Trio [on The Haunted Melody]
  10. "Wish I'd Known All Along" by Asia [on Phoenix]
  11. "Over and Over" by Asia [on Phoenix]
  12. "Through My Veins" by Asia [on Omega; a new remix by Mike Paxman]
  13. "Light the Way" by Asia (4:30) [on Omega; new remix by or with Paxman]
  14. "Hour of Need (Long Version)" by Yes [Japan-only bonus track on Fly from Here]
  15. "Reno (Silver and Gold)" by Asia [bonus track on some versions of XXX; new remix by or with Paxman]
  16. "Believe Again" by Yes [on Heaven & Earth, but edited version removing Howe's middle section]
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Disc 3:

  1. "Traveller" by Billy Currie [on Transportation]
  2. "Time and a Word" by Fish [on Outpatients '93 by The Funny Farm Project; re-released on Fish's Yin]
  3. "Sweet Eternity" by Paul Sutin & Steve Howe [on Voyagers]
  4. "Voyager" by Paul Sutin & Steve Howe [on Voyagers]
  5. "Lily's in the Field" by Steve Howe & Annie Haslam [single]
  6. "Turn of the Century" by Steve Howe & Annie Haslam [on Tales from Yesterday]
  7. "The Forgotten King" by Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe [on The 3 Ages of Magick]
  8. "Most of a Man" by Dean Dyson & Steve Howe [previously unreleased; Dyson appeared on Portraits of Bob Dylan]
  9. "Cross That Bridge" by Keith West & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  10. "Heaven" by Keith West & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  11. "Strange Girl" by Keith West & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  12. "Luxury of Love" by Keith West & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  13. "Curved Ball" by Keith West & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  14. "Running in the Human Race" by Max Bacon & Steve Howe [previously unreleased; a later version was released on Turbulence]
  15. "Hot Touch" by Max Bacon & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  16. "Runway" by Max Bacon & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  17. "Forever" by Max Bacon & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  18. "Tell the Story" by Max Bacon & Steve Howe [previously unreleased]
  19. "Slim Pickings" by Ray Fenwick & Steve Howe [previously unreleased, from 2002]

The last 12 tracks are all previously unreleased and, except "Running in the Human Race", are with Virgil Howe on drums. The pieces with Max Bacon come from the period after GTR and are with S Howe, Bacon (vocals), Phil Spalding (bass) and V Howe (drums; Nigel Glockner on "Running in the Human Race"). Spalding mentioned these tracks online in Aug 2017 as being "post GTR '87 stuff that's never been heard". The Keith West tracks are from 1985. Album design is by Roger Dean. On 11 Aug 2017, the album was #71 in Box Sets on Amazon.co.uk (#474 in physical releases overall).

A 3CD compilation with accompanying DVD was mooted in 2001 under the name So Far, which appears to be the same as a project earlier tentatively entitled Headstock. In a Jan 2009 interview for Notes from the Edge, Howe talked about "a lot of my films that I've been preparing for many years that will eventually come out on a DVD" (including performances of "Corkscrew"), which may have been related to this project or be something else. Howe has previously talked about a documentary of his career, concentrating on his solo work from 1975-1994.

An Apr 2013 interview reported that Howe was in talks with Warner Classical about a follow-up to his album with a classical ensemble, Time. In a Mar 2015 interview, referring to Time, Howe said, "I'd love to make another record like that". In a Feb 2013 interview, Howe talked about possibly doing another solo album along similar lines to Time.

Howe has been working further with Paul Sutin. In a Jan 2012 interview, Howe they have some "new tracks we haven't released yet", "kind of a mix up of some things we've done where we've re-arranged them, re-played them, they're almost like different tunes because they have such a different feel", plus some new tracks which are "almost Europop influenced". He goes on to describe how they've worked together: "What I like to do [...] if you've got a sort of semi Euro dance track, I don't play like semi Euro dance track guitar. [...] I play [...] different sorts of things [...] It came alive because of the contrast."

Howe's previous solo album was Motif Volume 1 (HoweSound). This solo guitar album consists of existing pieces plus four new compositions. Howe explained that the album:

is the first part of a collection that will cover all my solo "one man" guitar tunes. Several solos have premiered on group CDs, or live CDs. There seemed no one place to go to reference this most enjoyable aspect of my work. These tunes have become my exclusive repertoire, allowing my writing a long leash, arranging opportunities, and the pick of any tune that I want to interpret.

[...] This was to build up a complete overview of my solo guitar music, afresh in the studio. I've occasionally changed the style of guitar used on previously released tunes, and recorded the first studio versions of others.

He has been working on a second volume, due "perhaps this year [2009]" according to a May 2009 Billboard article, and "soon" according to a Jul 2009 article. In an update on his website in Mar 2010, Howe describes Volume 2 as being "in the planning stage" and that he will tour in support of it in due course. In the Oct 2011 interview, he talks of working on Volume 2 and says "maybe next year [2012]" for when it will appear. In another Oct 2011 interview, Howe said:

Yes and Asia have kept me busy for three years [...] that's got to stop, and I do want to play solo. I'm a solo guitarist, and that means that I do want to go out and do it. I am writing new material, I am going to follow up 'Motif, Volume 1' with, surprisingly, wait for it, 'Motif, Volume 2'. I've got new material, I'm going to record it in the studio, as opposed to how I've done it before. I enjoy that side of my life, probably more than Yes or Asia, I don't want to make that seem unappreciative, but the older I've got the more I've dug in to that solo side. That's why 'Motif, Volume 1' was a very important release for me, because it pulled together that side of my life that had been spread over Yes, Asia, solo records, Trio records

Promo for his 2015 solo tour still referred to the Motif series, and in one of the Mar 2015 interviews, Howe said, "I hope to do Volume 2".

Homebrew 6 (Howe Sound, HSCD006) is out. The album contains ideas and material used in Yes, ABWH, GTR and his solo output. Tracks:
  1. "It was All We Knew", demo of the Yes song on Heaven & Earth
  2. "Bar Riff", which became the middle section of "Believe Again" on Heaven & Earth
  3. "No Disguise", an instrumental demo that was the core of "Step Beyond" on Heaven & Earth
  4. "Rose", a version of the track on Howe's Time
  5. "Held to Ransom", Howe's parts of what became "King's Ransom" on Time
  6. "The Grand Scheme of Things", early version of the track on Howe's solo album of the same name; with Nick Beggs (bass), Dylan Howe (drums)
  7. "Passing Phase", early version of the track also on Howe's The Grand Scheme of Things
  8. "The Fall of Civilisation" [S Howe/Keith West/Jan Howe], as (7)
  9. "Maiden Voyage", as (7)
  10. "Edge of Town", which contributed the guitar riff in "Tempus Fugit" on Drama and part of "Beautiful Ideas" on The Grand Scheme of Things
  11. "Go Through This", a version of the Drama-era Yes song
  12. "Full Moon", earlier version of "At the Full Moon" on Homebrew, which evolved into ABWH's "Brother of Mine"
  13. "Sketches in the Sun", earlier version of the piece on GTR
  14. "With a Southern Accent", a version of the piece bootlegged as "God with a Southern Accent" recorded by ABWH before ABWH and Union, and which became the instrumental "Southern Accent" on Quantum Guitar
  15. "In the Hour of Need", musically a version of "Hour of Need" on Howe's Spectrum, but with an early version of the lyrics later used on the Yes song on Fly from Here
  16. "Hold on", early version of "Distant Seas" on Howe's Natural Timbre
  17. "Heat City" [S Howe/J Howe], a song version of what became "Sensitive Chaos" on Howe's Turbulence, with words from a poem by wife Jan Howe
  18. "Can't Live in the Past", musically, this became "Fine Line" on Turbulence, but with lyrics later used in Asia's "Wish I'd Known All Along"
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All tracks and instruments are by Howe unless otherwise stated. Tracks 1, 6, 11, 12 and 14-18 have vocals by Howe. The album was produced and engineered by Howe, and compiled by Paul K Joyce.

"High Flyer" on the earlier Homebrew 4 was described as having also been developed by GTR for an unreleased song called "The Future". The liner notes then continue, "which I plan to release as part of a forthcoming project called Radar which contains unreleased songs and tunes with friends".

Howe has talked about two new books, one called "The Guitarist's Survival Kit", and the second a collaboration. At the Steve Howe Appreciation Society workshop in Jun 2005, Howe read a chapter from an autobiography that he is writing (which I guess may be related to some of these other projects). In a Feb 2011 interview, asked about his autobiography, Howe said:

Quite a few years ago I started talking about the fact that Iíd written up quite a lot of my book. What I did, I got up to 1972, I think, in the book. And that was quite an achievement. What happened was, that Iíve had so much other things to do, I havenít really addressed that very much. But I have a plan. The plan is about expansion [...] I look at those 15,000 words and I think, ĎRight, well, that isnít quite right, it isnít quite thick enough, there isnít quite enough depth,í so I want to bring a little more to it. So when I get another block period, Iíll get back to it [...] What itís about is work in music. [...] My book will be about my work [Ö] I hope to finish it, maybe even next year [2012]. [...] It might be a realistic plan to have it out by 2012.

Asked about it in Feb 2015, Howe replied on Facebook: "it's in the works. It could be out in the Spring, next year [2016]". That didn't happen, but a Jul 2017 interview with him described plans for a two-part memoir, which he hopes to deliver to his publisher before the end of this year [2017] for publication during 2018."

In a Q&A for YesWorld in Jun 2013, Howe was asked about the possibility of a follow-up to his 1993 book "The Steve Howe Guitar Collection". He replied:

Iíve been thinking about it since the first collection is now out of print [...] Iíve had some ideas about something more like a Steve Howe catalog of great guitars that I did keep, because since then Iíve traded, given, and sold instruments; a few a year, so that my collection would get smaller. [...] itís more about things that, over the last thirty or forty years, I still value, as oppos ed to when the book was done, I was having a great time; buying shed-loads of guitars, and that doesnít interest me now. [...] I have done some preparation, itís just a matter of when and if I put it into action.

NVP (Nicolet Vidťo Productions) described on their website filming in Oct 2008 a 3D film and an accompanying one-hour, 2D film about Howe. It is unclear what has happened with this project or how it may be related to the projects described above.

Virgil & Steve Howe
Nexus (InsideOut; duration: 40 minutes), is an 11-track album now out on CD and 180g LP. It is by Virgil & Steve Howe. Steve's son, Virgil unexpectedly passed away in mid-Sep 2017. My condolences to the family. Steve said in a release: "Virgil and I had only recently completed recording "Nexus", which contains eleven of his tunes to which I added a guitar to suit each one. We delivered it to InsideOut Music in August [...] We started to work together in 2016 by selecting about nine tunes from his 'stockpile' of piano based music that he'd periodically sent Jan & I each time he'd written and recorded a new idea. I began adding guitars to them, then I'd play them to Virgil. He'd then surprise me by bringing up other channels of instrumentation which I'd never heard. The tunes went from straightforward 'duets' to something bigger & better, more of a complete picture than a mere shape. "Free Fall" & "Nick's Star" were added from earlier sessions [...] We hope that the music just completed will stand as a fitting tribute to his life and legacy". In a Dec 2017 interview, Steve talked more about the making of the album: "He'd been giving us these tunes over the years [...] basically in 2016 I compiled all these, and I said, 'Well, you've got absolutely loads of them. Why don't I pick the ones I feel I can play on more or less immediately,' and he said, 'Yeah, if you'd like to play on them, fantastic!' So I started to get tracks down and just find ways of bringing another guitar texture or something to them, and he was very happy and loved it."

Back in an Apr 2016 interview, Steve said Virgil had a forthcoming new album of piano music, supported by him on guitar. At his 8 Oct 2016 solo show, Steve again referred to an album that was nearing completion with Virgil. Virgil discussed the project on a 5 Jul BBC radio appearance by his band Little Barrie. He described the album with his father as, "Something very special to me [...] I had some piano tunes that I did, just over the years, just little ideas, and he [Steve] ended up playing guitar on some of them. Then I ended up putting drums on them, then I ended up mixing them and putting some more synths on them, and trying to make them sound cool and not like spa music... I didn't want like a new age album. So I made it quite trippy, psychedelic, spacey, it's a space theme kind of thing. [...] And it's just me and my Dad." In the Sep 2017 issue of Prog, Steve said the project is a "full-on collaboration", but that, "it's Virgil's bed and melodies but I've come in to add a little bit more." He also described the project: "Although it's got shades of mellow music, it doesn't sit still. It moves across electronic music and my guitars [...] it has a current feel." Compositions are by Virgil and Steve. Virgil played keys, piano, synths, bass and drums, with Steve on acoustic, electric and steel guitars. The album was engineered by the pair, and produced by Virgil. It was mastered by Simon Heyworth. Cover art is by Virgil's daughter, Zuni, with photos by sister Stephanie and logo by her partner Adam Carter; package design is by Doug & Glenn Gottlieb, with the logo by Adam Carter. Tracks:

  1. "Nexus" (4:57), available digitally from 13 Oct, streaming audio here
  2. "Hidden Planet" (3:27)
  3. "Leaving Aurora" (3:40), available digitally from 10 Nov, video here
  4. "Nick's Star" (3:41), dedicated to Virgil's late bandmate, Nick Hirsch
  5. "Night Hawk" (3:35)
  6. "Moon Rising" (3:31)
  7. "Passing Titan" (4:06)
  8. "Dawn Mission" (5:07)
  9. "Astral Plane" (3:37)
  10. "Infinite Space" (2:08)
  11. "Free Fall" (2:09)
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Steve recorded a video for "Leaving Aurora" in tribute and the Dec 2017 interview reports that more are being considered. "Leaving Aurora" was also included on the Jun 2018 compilation 25 Years of InsideOutMusic.

The interview also points towards a follow-up release: "Initially when I said to him, 'Look, you've got all these tracks,' it was about 20 or so[.] So since Virgil's passed away I've done an update on what's around. There's a fair bit of material there that could be developed into the same sort of area, 'cause I wouldn't like it to be too radically different. But basically there is sufficient music for another adventure." Likewise, in the Feb 2018 issue of Eclipsed, Howe said there was enough material for a second album in a similar style.

In a Feb 2013 interview, Steve said how his two sons (Virgil and Dylan) "[ha]ve just played on a whole project that's not been released, that's in the pipeline. Virgil plays drums." It's unclear whether this is related to any of the other projects discussed on this page.

The Steve Howe Trio
The Steve Howe Trio brings together Steve on electric guitar, son Dylan Howe on drums and Ross Stanley (Dylan Howe Quintet) on Hammond XK3 organ. Steve has mentioned a new Steve Howe Trio album as forthcoming several times, although it is unclear whether this refers to a studio release or a live release, both of which were mooted previously. He described the forthcoming album as having been completed in comments at his 8 Oct 2016 solo show. A Jul 2018 news item on his Prog God award mentions that Howe "is now looking to release his third album with the Steve Howe Trio."

A new studio album has been expected for a while. It has been expected to include some material written by Bill Bruford. In a Sep 2015 interview (conducted late Aug), Steve refers to "some [material] by a surprising ex-member of Yes" on the album, but does not identify who. But an Oct 2014 interview had already stated that Steve "[i]s currently planning to record a few of Bruford's compositions on the next release by [...] the Steve Howe Trio." In the 2015 interview, he says the album "isn't titled yet, isn't quite finished yet". In an Apr 2016 interview, published in Dutch, Steve said:

beide dingen zijn bijna klaar, er komt een trio album met Ross Stanley en Dylan Howe en mijzelf. Dat is echt spannend, het is allemaal originele muziek. Er staat een aantal nummers op van Bill Bruford eigenlijk hebben we ze nog (lacht) niet terug gehoord.

In a Sep 2013 interview, Steve said, "We've got a lot of new material for the new album, and we've been recording that. [...] [Music] partly of mine, but also bringing their music into play." At a Sep 2014 solo show, he said the Trio may change their name to Howe Stanley Howe. He said in an Aug 2014 interview that in Oct 2014 he will be "doing recording, and finishing up a new trio album [...] that's all original in music. No direct Jazz music in it at all. But we do swing". In an interview with Vintage Rock conducted around the beginning of Apr 2014, Howe said: "We're going to release a new album eventually ó well we've recorded most of it ó which is completely original, and not relying on a jazz kind of repertoire, which is maybe going to hold us back. Because, strictly speaking, I'm not into playing standards." In a Nov 2014 interview for YesFANZ, Steve said:

The Trio have just recorded a new album that should be out next year [2015] we hope, which is unlike, The Haunted Melody', because we just thought ďI know what we will try to surprise them or weíll deviate from theÖ.í  The program was you know we will take music from my career sometimes but also Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Roland Kirk.  A kind of jazz, but this time itís all original and itís new original music and I think that has been good for us.

He also says he would like to tour in support of the album. In the Mar 2015 interview, Steve said:

we have almost finished Ė and itís only a hairsbreadth away from being finished Ė a new Steve Howe Trio album. But weíre not in a hurry. [...] Weíre just going to take our time [...] we may be looking at much later in the year [2015] to release that, but if the albumís not ready Ďtil next year [2016], we wonít release it Ďtil next year. Iím not really pushed to do anything.

In an Apr 2013 interview, Steve said the trio would be working on the album in Apr/May 2013 (presumably after Yes's touring leg finished 12 Apr). He said of sessions:

Much like I pushed Asia and Yes to keep reinventing themselves, the trio is going through a bit of that. We may decide to do a completely original record this time without any jazz or blues references. We may not get that far ó we may decide we like something and we want to do it, but weíre certainly going to combine musical styles to come up with another phase of the trio.

Dylan had tweeted in Jul 2013 that the album was "soon to be released". I asked Dylan about the album on Facebook on 1 May 2014: he replied that it will be released, "Hopefully end of the year [2014] or before - still got some o/d's [overdubs] to do and then mix".

Meanwhile, a Mar 2016 interview with Steve opens: "[Howe ha]s spent a bit of time lately sifting through various concert tapes of the Steve Howe Trio [...] for a future live release. [...] "We're going to hone down to a final mix and then we'll look at how we should release it.""

The band last toured in Sep 2013, with 11 UK dates. The London set list was typical: set 1ó"Mood for a Day", "My Buzzard Friend" (new piece), "The Ancient" (excerpt), "The Haunted Melody", "Tune Up", "Heart of the Sunrise"; set 2ó"Dream River", "Devil of a Chance" (new piece), "Siberian Khatru", "Conversation" (originally by Joni Mitchell), "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", "Blue Bash", "Close to the Edge" (new arrangement compared to Travelling), encore: electric guitar solo piece by Steve, "Kenny's Sound". The Portsmouth set list was shorter: set 1ó"Mood for a Day", "My Buzzard Friend", "The Ancient" (excerpt), "The Haunted Melody", "Tune Up", "Heart of the Sunrise"; set 2ó"Dream River", new piece (probably "Devil of a Chance"), "Siberian Khatru", "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", "Blue Bash", "Close to the Edge", encore: "Kenny's Sound".

Guest appearances & collaboration
Howe may guest on Jon Anderson's 1000 Hands, but probably doesn't: see under Anderson for details.

Howe has professed to being a fan of Alison Krauss & Union Station, particularly their dobro player Jerry Douglas (worked with Ray Charles, Phish, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello). In an Apr 2011 article, he said they have discussed collaborating:

"I asked them if they would work with me and they said yes," Steve says. "It has taken some time, but I have not stopped writing tunes [for the project]. I have a country side that I want to explore. I will do country records.

Asked about the collaboration in the Feb 2013 interview, Howe said:

Iíve got immense respect for Alison and the band. I just love them to bits. Things were mooted and there were was a little opportunity to try something. In the time that these things were talked about and mentioned, shifting sands changed here and there. So I never count on things like that. [...] My determination is to do some recordings that reveal some more of my connection with country and bluegrass through people like Chet Atkins [...] also Mel Travis and Tony Rice, Stevie West, Jimmy Bryant, I could go on and on. Iíve written 30 solo pieces, half of which are in the country style
Paul K Joyce, who collaborated on Howe's solo album Time, launched a Kickstarter to fund Celestial, a contemporary orchestral music project featuring songs, soundscapes and the spoken word. However, it failed to reach its funding goal. The project is inspired by and features the childhood poems of Johnnie Douglas-Pennant, who died aged 17: you can read more about "Johnnie's Poems" in this article. The music was to be performed by a 40-piece orchestra with Howe on guitar and with the poems read by actor Michael Sheen. This builds on Joyce's 2014 commission to set some of the poems to music.

In the Jan 2012 interview, Howe describes planned work with Italian classical guitarist Flavio Sala, and then further possible collaborations:

At the moment I've got a sort of beautiful backlog of guitarists that I'm gonna be playing with. I met a young guitarist a few years ago, he's only 28, and he plays amazingly. So I'll play with Flavio Sala [...] He's from Italy, highly, highly regarded classical guitarist, but he, like me, he's not really going to be content with one repertoire, y'know, he's looking to build repertoires, and I hope we're going to do a couple of tunes together.

[...] of course Steve Morse and I have always had a point in destiny where [...] we're going to do more, but time might run out, we might not do that, but I'd love to do that

[...] Martin Taylor [...] I'd love to get back with him

Sala's website describes how he's been inspired by Howe, inter alia, and goes on that he is "working on new CDs, that will be released between 2012 and 2014, with classical, pop, flamenco and fusion repertoire." In a Jul 2012 interview, Howe said, "There's an Italian guitarist I've been doing a bit with. His name is Flavio Sala". Sala also participatied in Howe's guitar retreat in Aug 2013. Discussing the retreat in this Apr 2013 interview, Howe said of Sala: "We started meeting up and we have recorded a tune together that we're both sort of holding back to see how we use. So we've done a duet together."

Howe guests on Sala's "discographical project", Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores, playing acoustic guitar on the first piece, "Sabrosa". The piece by Renť Touzet was recorded at Howe's studio in Jun 2012 and released 21 Dec 2014. Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores is a free, bimonthly download available by signing up to Sala's regular mailing list. Others guesting on the project include Rafael "El Pollo" Brito, Israel El Pirana, Antonio Serrano, Fabrizio Bosso, Pasqualino Garzia and Euro Zambrano.

In a Mar 2015 interview, Steve Hackett (ex-Squackett, ex-Genesis) said: "Steve Howe and I just started talking recently about possibilities of things [...] At this point in time, obviously there's a lot of other things on the agenda, first of all. So we'll see how that goes." In an Apr 2016 interview, bassist Phil Spalding discussed the post-GTR demos with Steve Howe/Max Bacon/himself/Robert Berry, but he said there wasn't a second album as such. The interviewer summarises this as "fragments" existing. At which point, Spalding said that "some of those fragments are going to see the light because, believe it or not, I've had some GTR action today [...] between Max and Steve Howe, and Max and Steve Hackett. There is some stuff that Steve Howe has curated and kept that he made with Max and I, he's looking to find an outlet for it." This was presumably a reference to Anthology 2 (see above), now out, with 5 of these post-GTR songs, credited to Max Bacon & Steve Howe. Spalding later continued: "On the back of conversations we had today, I'm due [...] to write with [Bacon] because we are... there's something brewing [...] I can't really say that much [...] Max and I have got to go see Hackett too." Are these hints at some new recordings, perhaps tying in with Hackett's 2015 comments?

Hackett recorded a new version of GTR's "When the Heart Rules the Mind 2018" with himself on vocals and guitar, and with Steve Rothery (Marillion; additional guitar), Amanda Lehmann (additional vocals) and Roger King (keys, programming). A digital single was released 2 Feb 2018 (streaming on YouTube). Details in Yescography. He was also playing the song on his 2018 touring. The song is also included on the 6CD/2DVD Broken Skies Ė Outspread Wings (1984-2006) (InsideOut Music), out 5 Oct 2018, that compiles his solo albums Till We Have Faces, Guitar Noir, Darktown, Feedback 86 (which includes Hackett's studio version of GTR's "Prizefighters", co-written by Howe: see in Yescography), To Watch the Storms and Wild Orchids, plus the DVD "Somewhere in South America". All the albums are remastered and there are various bonus tracks, including "When the Heart Rules the Mind 2018", and three previously unreleased live videos and selected 5.1 mixes on the DVDs. The release includes a 60 page book with liner notes, rare photos etc., plus new artwork by Roger Dean.

Jonathan Mover, who drummed in GTR, had announced some years ago that he is planning a "a two volume collection of works from various artists that I've played with over the past twenty or so years. Mainly, a variety of tracks that are dear to me in one way or another and have not had the chance to see the light of day." On his website, he refers to "unreleased GTR (1985)". As GTR was released in 1986, presuming this is not a typo, Mover would appear to be referring to material before the first album.

Buy from Amazon (UK):

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Bodast ft Steve Howe
Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red) have re-released the Bodast material as Towards Utopia (ECLEC2593), out Sep 2017. Bodast existed for about a year in late 1968/early 1969 and consisted of Howe on guitar, acoustic guitar and bass, Dave Curtis (sometimes Curtiss) on bass and vocals, the late Clive Skinner (later Muldoon) on vocals and acoustic guitar, and Bobby 'Clarke' Woodman on drums. The material was first released as The Bodast Tapes, mixed by Howe, and then as Spectral Nether Street, with the original mixes by producer Keith West, with bonus tracks including 4 by Canto, an earlier version of the band before Skinner joined. This new remastered release consists of the core Bodast material and 3 of the Canto songs, and uses the West mixes. Tracks:
  1. "Nether Street" (recycled as "Starship Trooper: WŁrm")
  2. "Tired Towers"
  3. "Mr. Jones"
  4. "Do You Remember"
  5. "Beyond Winter"
  6. "Once in a Lifetime"
  7. "Black Leather Gloves"
  8. "I Want You"
  9. "1000 Years"
  10. "Nothing to Cry for"
  11. "The Spanish Song" (Canto)
  12. "The Power of Music" (Canto)
  13. "Come Over Stranger" (Canto)

Before Bodast, Howe was in Tomorrow. The band's drummer Twink has organised Live Recordings: 1967​-​1968, released 31 Dec 2017 through Bandcamp. Tomorrow were Keith West (vocals), Howe (guitar), John "Junior" Wood (bass) and John "Twink" Alder (drums). This release brings together the complete live recordings of the band. Tracks:
  1. "Three Jolly Little Dwarfs" (2:24)
  2. "Revolution" (4:09)
  3. "Real Life Permanent Dream" (2:33)
  4. "Colonel Brown" (2:51)
  5. "Caught in a Web" (3:21)
  6. "Shotgun & the Duck" (5:53)
  7. "My White Bicycle" (3:07)
  8. "Real Life Permanent Dream" (2:32)
  9. "Revolution" (3:33)
  10. "Why" (3:22)
  11. "Mr. Rainbow" (2:42)
  12. "Strawberry Fields Forever" (4:10)
  13. "Blow Up" (1:59)
  14. "Strawberry Fields Forever" (4:26)
  15. "Now Your Time has Come" (4:06)
  16. "Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase" (3:52)
Tracks 1-4 are from John Peel's Top Gear BBC radio show, recorded 21 Sep 1967; tracks 5-12 are from 21 Dec 1967 and the Christmas on Earth all night show at Olympia Exhibition Hall in London; and tracks 13-16 are a later Top Gear show, recorded 31 Jan 1968. Tracks 1, 2, 5-12 were all on the 1998 release 50 Minute Technicolor Dream, but I think the others have not been previously released.

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