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Dave Bainbridge of The Strawbs had described plans for a 50th anniversary celebration weekend for the band in Apr 2019 in New Jersey, with guests including Wakeman. However, Dave Cousins of the band reported Jan 2019 that:

I am very sad to have to say that Rick Wakeman will not be able to join us for the 50th Strawbs celebration.

Rick has had to cancel his appearance at Strawbs 50th Anniversary celebration and regrettably had to withdraw from all performances and trips outside of the UK until the second half of 2019 due to a serious family health issue which has necessitated him needing to be in England until at least mid-June.

I have sent him my very best wishes and support at this difficult time.

The nature of the family health issue is unknown.

In his Jan 2016 GORR, Wakeman talked of a new year's resolution "to actually finish off as much as I can as regards projects that I had started and were lying half completed", spurred on by the recent deaths of several friends.

Solo releases
After the success of Piano Portraits, Wakeman has released two more piano albums, Live Portraits and Piano Odyssey (Sony Classical Records). Another, Christmas Portraits, is due late Nov 2019, with recordings due in Aug at the Granay on piano.

Tracks for Piano Odyssey:

  1. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", The Beatles cover
  2. "Liebesträume/After the Ball", Franz Liszt piece/Rick Wakeman solo piece from White Rock
  3. "And You and I"
  4. "Rocky (The Legacy)", by Wakeman, a new piece, about an Asian black bear rescued by Animals Asia from the bile trade; LP1 side B begins; YouTube video
  5. "The Boxer", Simon & Garfunkel cover
  6. "Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud", David Bowie cover, originally the b-side to "Space Oddity"—Wakeman played on the original
  7. "Strawberry Fields Forever", The Beatles cover; LP2 side A begins
  8. "Roundabout"
  9. "Cyril (Wolverine)", by Wakeman, a new piece, about another rescued Asian black bear; YouTube video
  10. "Jane Seymour", from The Six Wives of Henry VIII; LP2 side B begins
  11. "Largos", credited to Handel and Dvorak
  12. "Bohemian Rhapsody", Queen cover; recorded with a string section, choir and Brian May (Queen) on acoustic guitar (Wakeman had tried to do the album on Piano Portraits, but had felt it didn't work with a purely piano arrangement)
The album is with a string section and choir (who are mostly doing wordless vocals, although they do sing a few lyrics on "Roundabout" and "Bohemian Rhapsody"). Wakeman played a Steinway Model D grand piano throughout and shared conducting with Guy Protheroe. Engineering was by Erik Jordan and Toby Wood.


The album entered the UK chart at #7 (19 Oct 2018). It was still #2 in the Progressive Album chart in the UK for Dec 2018.

In his Jan 2018 GORR, Wakeman wrote that, "The first part of [2018] is very much one of preparation for recording of a new album, more details of which will be in the next GORR as arrangements are currently being finalised. [...] I am going to be spending much of January and February locked in my music room and studio every day, writing and recording as well as doing some orchestrations." Wakeman then said in the Feb 2018 GORR:

I’m also spending quite a bit of time deciding on what pieces of music will be on the new piano and strings album, Piano Portraits Plus, to give it its working title. I already have half a dozen pretty firm choices and it’s just a matter of sifting through the shortlist of others.
In his Mar 2018 GORR, he talked of work in the second half of Mar, "making preparations for a new solo album". He continued, "more work in the studio [...] will spill over into April", referring to both this and work for a Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman album. The Apr 2018 GORR then brought more:
as March came to a close [...] my manager completed an agreement with Sony Classical / Masterworks for a new album [...]

untitled as yet, the album will be piano pieces of variations on some classically inspired music, some contemporary music and some original music [...] some will simply be piano, whilst others will have just choir or strings and a few will have both.

I have already started on the choice of music and have made a short list of 60 pieces which I will whittle down to 20 and then record them all, choosing the 14 that I feel work the best. It is very possible that 2 of the original compositions will be 2 that I have written for 2 wonderful Moon Bears [see below for more on Wakeman's bear work]. [...] The piano will all be recorded at the Granary on my favourite piano and the orchestra in a London Studio.

Then next month [i.e. May] it’s into the studio for a few days to record the strings and choir before the music is mixed and delivered for mastering.
By his May 2018 GORR, he was able to report the album was being mixed. Here he described, "whittling down the short list of 40 potential pieces to the final chosen 12, I set about preparing the piano arrangements at home over a 2 week period followed by one month of doing the orchestrations. [...] I created variations of the selected pieces, hopefully keeping all the flavours of the originals". He recorded piano parts over a week at the Granary, with Erik Jordan as the recording engineer. Wakeman "then spent a further week "tweaking" the orchestrations and talking to Guy Protheroe who would be sharing the conducting with me. We then spent three solid days in Angel Studios with the Orion Strings and the English Chamber Choir with Toby Wood engineering." Piano Odyssey has now been mixed by Toby Wood and is to go for mastering soon. He doing some filming for album promo on 13 Jul 2018.

Wakeman played a supporting 20-date, Piano Odyssey, England tour Sep/Nov 2018, plus 7 more Xmas dates with a modified set in Dec. (The 26 Oct Ipswich show was sold out or close to being so, with a capacity of 1500. The 16 Dec Bristol and 17 Dec London shows have sold out, the latter having a capacity of 900.) There were then more dates in England, with 10 shows 4 May-21 Jul 2019 and possibly a final show on 15 Aug. Two more shows are listed on Wakeman's website for 16-7 Nov 2019, although he has also described an Aug show as being the last in the series. The set list draws from Piano Portraits, Piano Odyssey and possibly earlier music, with an encore of [SPOILERS—highlight to read] nursery rhymes played in different styles. The 2018 Xmas set included "Liebesträume". There are then 12 English piano shows 5-21 Dec 2019, in support of Christmas Portraits. After that, he plans no more piano shows until 2022, when he "will probably do one final piano tour, but hopefully with a bit of a twist which I'm currently working on", to quote his Aug 2019 GORR.
Piano Portraits (UMC) was Wakeman's 100th solo album, an instrumental piano album of covers, released early 2017 on CD. Details in Yescography. Wakeman did an 11-date English tour in support May/Jul 2017. The set included 10 pieces from the album and some additional music. A second leg saw 19 UK dates Oct/Nov and there was a Mar 2018 Italian date. Wakeman recorded a special 7 Mar 2018 show at Lincoln Cathedral for a live CD/DVD, Live Portraits (trailer), backed by a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic. Erik Jordan was the recording engineer. This was released mid-2018.

On 1-3 Mar 2018, Wakeman played 3 concerts with orchestra and choir (Guy Protheroe conducting) in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The 2 Mar show was almost sold out, while the 3 Mar show was a free event. Wakeman announced his planned set (subject to change) as "Life on Mars" (solo piano), "Suite from Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table", "After the Ball", "Cathering of Aragon" (solo piano)/"Catherine Howard", "Gone But Not Forgotten", "And You and I/Wonderous Stories" (solo piano), "Help/Eleanor Rigby", "Dance of a Thousand Lights", "Sea Horses", "Suite from Journey to the Centre of the Earth", encore: "Merlin the Magician", "The Jig". The show in the Teatro Colón opera house was recorded. Wakeman said in his Apr 2018 GORR that "hopefully it should see the light of day in the not too distant future as part of a special limited edition collection." It was mixed in Jun 2018 and was announced as being due out around mid-2019.

Wakeman appeared with his Green Dolphin Trio at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival on 29 Apr 2017, tickets selling out. Wakeman formed The Green Dolphin Trio in 1966 for club work; the band lasted about a year. He revived the name for this performance, a line-up with Dave Colquhoun and Matt Pegg. The set included "Merlin the Magician", "Eleanor Rigby", excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII, "Georgia on My Mind", "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Baby Face" (with a 50 strong audience choir). Edited highlights are to be released on CD: this was expected late 2017, but has yet to appear.

Previously, Wakeman has talked of working an instrumental prog album along similar lines to The Six Wives of Henry VIII. He has also talked of a new piano album with son Adam.

In his Apr 2011 GORR, Wakeman said:

I am finishing off writing the music for a double CD of piano which we will be recording at The Granary on my favourite piano. 70% of the music has been recorded so we’re on the last stages now. Hopefully this will see the light of day around summertime.

He continued in his May 2011 GORR: "Quite a bit of recording going on as well in May with Erik Jordan engineering for me as always, whilst we finish off two piano albums that we have been working on, (off and on), for nearly two years now. These will be recorded at The Granary on my all time favourite Steinway concert grand piano." In the Jun 2011 GORR, describing activity for that month: "Jordan and myself will be finishing off the piano recordings we have been doing at The Granary with my favourite piano." And in the Aug GORR, Wakeman described finishing recording on what is now three piano albums, saying, "It's possible they will be released in time for Xmas." It is unclear what has happened to these.

Another piano album of Yes music performed in a classical manner was also announced as forthcoming but has yet to appear.

Sound & Vision
Sound & Vision is the name of a live event at The Queen's House, Greenwich, London, UK that teams Wakeman with artist Maria Rud, in aid of Animal Asia and their work with the Asian black bear (or moon bear). Originally scheduled for 10 Dec 2017, this date has been cancelled and the  event is now planned for near Xmas 2018. Wakeman was due to be performing with son Adam, Ed Scull (Orion Symphony Orchestra) with a "mass of percussion", and a "very large" choir. Rudd will be painting live to the music, her work being projected on to the buildings. Wakeman will be playing new arrangements of existing material and some new material for the show. The event was planned not to be seated: the audience were to be able to move around to watch the performers and the art.

With the English Rock Ensemble
In his Aug 2019 GORR, Wakeman writes of further English Rock Ensemble shows being planned. Wakeman and a full band (so presumably the ERE) are one of the headliners for HRH Prog 9 in Sheffield and London, Mar 2020.

Wakeman played 2 final UK performances of Journey to the Centre of the Earth, 13-4 Jul at London's Royal Festival Hall, with the Orion Orchestra, English Chamber Choir and the English Rock Ensemble, plus Alfie Boe (vocals on "Never is a Long, Long Time" and "Still Waters Run Deep") and Robert Powell (narration). Guy Protheroe conducted. The rest of the band were Adam Wakeman (keys), Tony Fernandez (drums), Matt Pegg (bass), Dave Colquhoun (guitars), Ashley Holt (vocals) and Hayley Sanderson (vocals). The set was to integrate two songs from Return to the Centre of the Earth into the running order of the original album.

Wakeman re-recorded The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, with the English Rock Ensemble (the same line-up as on The Journey to the Centre of the Earth re-recording, except Lee Pomeroy was replaced by Matt Pegg on bass), the Orion Orchestra and the English Chamber Choir, with Guy Protheroe conducting (orchestral scores by Protheroe and Ann Manly; choral arrangements by Wakeman). Vocalists are Hayley Sanderson and Ashley Holt. Jun 2016 saw a live performance of the album: Wakeman headlined the second day of The Stone Free Festival, London, 19 Jun 2016, playing a 90 min. set including all of The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The band included son Oliver Wakeman. He was planning a performance of the album in Tintagel, UK. This was to be in Sep 2018, again involving Oliver, and (according to an interview conducted Mar 2017) a large orchestra and choir. Plans then shifted to Sep 2019, but the logistics proved not workable and this is not going ahead.

Further live shows
The Grumpy Old Rock Star Tour covers 22 dates in US and Canada from 21 Sep-27 Oct 2019. The format is a solo show by Wakeman with music (including solo, by Yes, early Bowie and The Beatles) and chat. He then plays 8 Xmas dates in England 6-19 Dec 2019.

Wakeman, with Guy Protheroe, played a private show with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra and a choir in Moscow, Russia in early Jul 2019. Brian Lane also accompanied them. Later that month, he again plaed the Starmus festival, also with Steve Vai, Brian May, Hans Zimmer and a symphony orchestra and choir.

Wakeman was due to be at Noisy Notes in London on 24 Feb 2019, an interactive concert for children with the Orion Orchestra (with whom Wakeman have worked before). The event was led by presenter and guest conductor Sue Perkins (worked with Dylan Howe). Wakeman and Perkins returned on 22 Jun 2019 for a London show exploring his career with the Marylebone Music Festival Choir.

5 Nov 2018 saw An Evening with Rick Wakeman in Reading, compered by Peter Egan and also with actress Lesley Nicol, in aid of Animals Asia. In Jan 2019, Wakeman did an interview with some piano pieces at a 27 Jan 2019 church event in north London, organised by Simon Mayo.

29-30 Jul 2018, Wakeman played at Ronnie Scott's in London with his Trio, which he's now calling KGB, with Colquhoun (guitars) and Pegg (bass). Both shows sold out. They next played Devizes on 19 Jan 2019.

Wakeman played two belated Xmas shows at the Granary in Suffolk on 24-5 Jan 2019.

Wakeman toured South America in Jul 2018, playing grand piano, with an orchestra and choir conducted by Protheroe. He played three more dates in this configuration 1-5 Dec 2018, 2 in the Czech Rep. (both sold out) and 1 in Ukraine. The South American dates went as follows:

He played two piano shows in Italy: 3 Aug 2018 in Treviso, and 4 Aug in Trieste. He may possibly also have a piano show 5 Aug in Faro, Portugal.

Wakeman played at the 2018 Marylebone Music Festival on 23 Jun 2018, in aid of a homelessness charity. The evening saw Rick interviewed by son Adam, with Wakeman performing a few solo pieces on piano and possibly a duet with Adam, while a string quartet will also play, as Rick puts it, "a couple of arrangements of music from my childhood that I loved and indeed, still love."

On 21 Apr 2018, Wakeman and Peter Egan did a private show to raise money for Animal Asia.

Wakeman had piano shows on 26-7 Apr 2018 at Tadcaster Methodist Church.

On 16 Mar 2018, Wakeman (piano) did a show in Elche, Spain with Valentina Blanca (vocals).

Wakeman guested at a charity show on 28 Jul 2017 in Birmingham, UK in celebration of Keith Emerson's life. Organised by comedian Jim Davidson, also performing were Rachel Flowers, Thierry Eliz, ELP tribute band Noddy's Puncture, a symphony orchestra and others. Wakeman played a piano piece based around themes from "Trilogy", "Lucky Man" and "Nutrocker". The event has been nominated for the Event of the Year category in the Progressive Music Awards 2018: you can vote here.

Over the last few years, Wakeman has previously talked about somewhat reducing his workload and a changed emphasis in what he does. He has stopped doing more substantial solo tours and is focusing more on TV and radio work (see below), shorter tours and one-off performances, although Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman sees a more significant commitment to touring. In the RWCC Winter Newsletter 2007, Wakeman explained:

I still intend to keep the live performances to a sensible amount and so long spells of touring are still not on the agenda and to be honest, won't be again. [...] with fewer performances each one became special and had a little something unique.

An Aug 2010 article said:

After 40 years of concert tours [...] he has called it quits.

Don't panic! Wakeman simply means no more touring, no more traipsing from gig to gig, giving the same concert night after night, sometimes as many as 140 in a year. He is not retiring.

"I wanted to do a lot more (musically). I want to be more (diverse) in the concerts I do," he told Reuters [...]

What that means is cutting back to maybe 40 appearances a year.

His Sep 2011 GORR had this: "Although I have set a date of May 2014 to cut right back and not work 18 hours a day minimum 7 days a week anymore, (It'll be 4/5 days a week instead), the next two years are going to be more manic than ever, especially if most of what's in the pipeline comes to fruition." And the Oct GORR began:

I’m about to head into one of the busiest travelling periods I’ve had for years and it is highly unlikely ever to happen again either! Much as I love performing on stage, my love of hotel rooms and airplanes dissipated about five years ago, but sometimes things happen that means that personal rules have to be broken and the next couple of months are such a period.

Wakeman's Music Emporium &c.
Wakeman's Music Emporium is now available through Glue Music. Wakeman also has a new YouTube channel that includes some full albums and other material.

The "Exclusive Emporium Collection" was announced as consisting of 2 new solo albums (a reduction from an original plan of 6 albums). Movements, a synth album, was due Apr 2016, but has yet to appear. The second was announced as due Nov 2016, also yet to appear.

Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble performed at the Starmus festival in 2015, with Brian May (Queen) guesting. Their set, including "Starship Trooper", was released on DVD, entitled "Starmus" (MFGZ019DVD).

Wakeman wrote a soundtrack for the 1925 silent film "The Phantom of the Opera", which was released in 1990 as Phantom Power. Phantom of the Opera (RIC2716) is a 2CD/1DVD release of the film with the unedited soundtrack, with different mixes to The Phantom Power release. DVD bonuses include a commentary by Wakeman, a featurette on the soundtrack and the original trailer.

The Complete Gospels (RIC2736) is a signed, limited edition boxset combining the 2CD The Gospels, the 2CD The New Gospels, a DVD about the project and, previously unreleased, a CD/DVD of The Gospels performed in California. The release was 21 Oct 2016.

Gastank was a 1982-3 Channel 4 TV series where Wakeman interviewed other musicians. Each episode saw Wakeman, the house band and the interviewee perform. This was released 16 Dec 2016 through the Emporium as a 2DVD (RIC2718), a 3CD (RIC2717; buy from Amazon UK) or a signed deluxe box set with both and further extras (RIC2715). A general UK release for the CD followed in 2017. Guests included Eric Burdon, John Entwistle, Andy Fairweather Low, Godley & Creme (worked with Yes), Steve Hackett, Phil Lynott, Ian Paice, Rick Parfitt, Suzi Quatro and others. The first 2 episodes are on Wakeman's YouTube channel, with the implication that 6 will be in due course.

Other solo work
Wakeman was scheduled to do the score for "Hawk the Hunter", a planned sequel to the 1980 fantasy film "Hawk the Slayer", if the film secured funding through a planned Kickstarter that started 30 Aug 2015. That Kickstarter was unsuccessful and the project team are looking at possible next steps.

In an Aug 2007 interview, he said, "I'm currently involved in a stage musical, two other films and a stage juggling show!" In a May 2005 report, Wakeman says that after ending live work in 2006, he "will concentrate on recording and writing for films wherever and whenever possible." In recent years, Wakeman has been doing some soundtrack work. He has been director of the music division at Write Good Films. IMDB.com report that Wakeman is doing the music for a UK film currently in production called "Out of Reach". In an Apr 2004 interview, he says, "I've got this soundtrack thing coming up", but no details were given. In his Christmas 2004 Newsletter, he says he hopes to do more film and TV work. In Apr 2005, Wakeman said he was doing music for an animated children's feature about Noah. He had previously said that he would finish recording of his "Noah" project (performed live with the English Chamber Choir in 1997), but I am unclear whether this is connected or not. In the Nov interview, he said he would like "to do more work with orchestras and choirs and also some more film scoring which I really enjoy."

Wakeman had been working on a follow-up to Hopesongs with music for weddings and funerals, presumably again with Howard Prior.

Collaboration with Tim Rice and Alfie Boe
In his Feb 2019 GORR, Wakeman wrote, "Plans are in place for a new collaboration with Sir Tim Rice and also Alfie Boe which all being well should come to fruition next year" [2020]. Wakeman and Rice (worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Björn Ulvaeus/Benny Andersson, Elton John) previously collaborated on Wakeman's 1981 album 1984.

Wakeman, with Boe guesting, was among those performing at the Grand Order of Water Rats Annual Ball, a charity event on 25 Nov 2018.

Collaborations & guest appearances
Jon Anderson, Wakeman and Trevor Rabin are working together as Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman, with touring and recording in 2018: see here.

My Labrador Eats Poo (HaGaTaS) is a 2017 book of poetry by Charles Garland (worked on Blue Peter, Terry and June, Hi-De-Hi!, 'Allo 'Allo). The accompany audio book, read by Garland, also includes musical inserts by Wakeman. Wakeman said it was due Aug, but it doesn't appear to be out yet. Garland has also been touring England with an evening of humour, including readings from the book and Wakeman's recorded music. There were 5 dates in Jun/Jul, with 9 due Sep-Nov 2017. Wakeman also appears to be involved in the publishing company, HaGaTaS.

"Home for My Heart" (video) was a single released Dec 2017 by The Fizz ft. Rick Wakeman; tracks: "Home for My Heart [Festive Mix]" (3:14), "The Land of Make Believe (Christmas Version)" (3:37), "Home for My Heart [Festive Mix Instrumental]" (3:14). The Fizz is a Bucks Fizz spin-off with three of the original members, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston, plus Bobby McVay (ex-Sweet Dreams). The single was produced by Mike Stock (ex-Stock Aitken and Waterman, worked with Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, Donna Summer, Robson & Jerome), and written by Stock, Aston and Dave Colquhoun (Aston's husband; works with Rick Wakeman, Downes Braide Association, worked with Francis Dunnery, Paul Young, Ozzy Osbourne, T'Pau, Bananarama). The original versions of "Home for My Heart" (without Wakeman) and "The Land of Make Believe" were on The Fizz's 2017 album The F-Z of Pop (while the original original "The Land of Make Believe" was a 1981 single by Bucks Fizz, with lyrics by Pete Sinfield (ex-King Crimson, worked with Chris Squire)).

Wakeman also guested on a piano intro for the charity single "Bring Me Sunshine" (video) by Alfie Boe and Michael Ball with the Rays of Sunshine Children's Choir & Friends, a cover of the song made famous by Morecambe & Wise. The single (3:53), recorded 1 Dec 2017 and released 15 Dec, raised money for the Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity. Other vocalist guests included Bryn Terfel, Gareth Malone, Imelda May, Imelda Staunton, Mel Giedroyc (ex-Great British Bake Off), Angela Rippon, Mark King, Kelsey Grammer, Miranda Hart and Seal (worked with Trevor Horn).

Wakeman guests on Shatner Claus: The Christmas Album (Cleopatra Records) from William Shatner (ex-Star Trek, worked with Billy Sherwood), due out 23/6 Oct. Tracks:
  1. "Jingle Bells", with Henry Rollins, streaming audio
  2. "Blue Christmas", with Brad Paisley
  3. "Little Drummer Boy", with Joe Louis Walker
  4. "Winter Wonderland", with Todd Rundgren (guitar solo), Artimus Pyle (ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  5. "Twas the Night Before Christmas", with Mel Collins (King Crimson, Dire Straits Legacy, worked with Chris Squire)
  6. "Run Rudolph Run", with Elliot Easton (The Cars)
  7. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", with Wakeman
  8. "Silver Bells", with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull, works with Jon Anderson)
  9. "One for You, One For Me"
  10. "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top; guitar solo)
  11. "Silent Night", with Iggy Pop
  12. "White Christmas", with Judy Collins
  13. "Feliz Navidad", with Dani Bander
  14. "Jingle Bells (Punk Rock Version)", with Rollins, bonus track, possibly not on all editions

Wakeman described how "on the 30th [May 2017]....I will be recording with Erik [Jordan], a track or two for the wonderful Harry Shearer". Shearer has now released a 14-track album as Derek Smalls, his character from "Spinal Tap", entitled Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing) (Twanky Records/BMG), out Apr 2018 on digital, CD and LP. Wakeman plays organ and synth on the final track "When Men Did Rock", also with Shearer (bass, vocals), Michael League (bass), Joe Satriani (guitar) and the Hungarian Studio Orchestra. Other guests on the album include Steve Lukather (Toto), Jim Keltner (ex-George Harrison), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters, worked with Jon Davison), Donald Fagen (vocals), Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Steely Dan), Peter Frampton, David Crosby, Dweezil Zappa (worked with Billy Sherwood), Steve Vai, Gregg Bisonnette (worked with Ringo Starr) and Richard Thompson. The album was produced by CJ Vanston (worked with Toto, Prince, Ringo Starr, Tina Turner, 'NSync).

Wakeman guests on grand piano on 2 tracks of a forthcoming world music/progressive folk album by Kilty Town, consisting of Daniel Engle (composer, octave mandolin, mandolin, guitar, fiddle) and well-known Yes fan Nic Caciappo (worked with Jon Anderson; bodhran, dumbek). The 11-track album Kilty Town (video sampler) is out Jan 2019 on digital platforms and CD; details in Yescography. It was produced, recorded and mixed by another well-known Yes fan, Tim Morse (author of "Yes Stories", in Yes tribute band Parallels), mostly composed by Engle and mostly arranged by Engle/Caciappo. Also performing are Morse (keys), Michael Martin Murphey (vocals), Maurya Murphey (Michael's niece; whistle), Ray Frank (guitar), Bret Bingham (vocal on "Norwegian Wood"), Iwan Hassan (Celtic harp guitar), Oisin McAuley (Danú; fiddle), Robert Lunceford (SonoMusette; accordion), Annbjørg Lien (Hardanger fiddle) and her husband, Bjorn Ole Rasch (ex-Secret Garden; pump organ). Wakeman appears on "September Waltz" (dedicated to the victims of September 11) and "Never Ending Journey". Wakeman described the tracks as the most unusual he had ever played on. Art is by Brian McDonagh. Tracks:
  1. "Good News/Gipsy Flight" [Engle]
  2. "Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)" [Lennon/McCartney; arr. by Caciappo]
  3. "September Waltz" [Engle]
  4. "(Reels) The Last of Maggie/Cathy Tonkovich's" [Engle]
  5. "(Jigs) The Handyman/Work's All Done" [Engle]
  6. "The Maid of Kildare (Song/Waltz)" [Engle]
  7. "(Reels) Creel of Perches/Curragh Races/Beauty Spot" [traditional]
  8. "Chicago Rag/The Speakeasy" [Engle]
  9. "Celestial Waltz" [Engle]
  10. "The Milky Way" [Engle; arr. by Morse]
  11. "Never Ending Journey" [Engle; arr. by Morse/Kilty Town]

Wakeman is guesting on an album from Rodney Matthews, as is his son Oliver: see under Oliver for details.

From 21 Sep 2015 onwards, Wakeman (with Erik Jordan engineering) was recording piano and organ on tracks for Armando Peralta (Twitter).

Wakeman is playing on all the tracks of La Bambola di Pezza, the debut full studio album from Italian singer Valentina Blanca. The album is largely written by Bruno Rubino (Fiaba) and arranged by Wakeman. Two digital singles have been released so far, both as by Valentina Blanca and Rick Wakeman (written by Rubino, arranged by Wakeman). Title track "La Bambola di Pezza" (4:30; with Blanca on vocals and Wakeman on piano) was released in Jan 2013, while "Volano le Farfalle" (4:32) followed Aug 2013. An album sampler is on her website and a video for "La Bambola di Pezza" is on YouTube (filmed & edited by Pierluigi Cavarra; directed by Cavarra & Rubino). Wakeman described working on a track for the project in Jan 2012 with engineer Erik Jordan. Cavarra said in Jan 2013 that a number of tracks had been recorded, but he did not know when the album was due. It is unclear what has happened since.

Re-releases/archival releases
"G'ole!", FIFA's official film of the 1982 World Cup, with music by Wakeman, is being released on DVD through PledgeMusic. There is a limited edition box set (250 copies) with the DVD, 2CDs and various knick-knacks. 1 CD is the original soundtrack album, the other, exclusive to this box, is billed as "Hero Soundtrack + G'ole! Demos" and all previously unreleased. The CD and DVD are available separately and in various combinations.

Wakeman's Piano Vibrations was re-released on 2 Mar 2018 by Nova Sales.

Wakeman's 8 albums with A&M from the 1970s—The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Lisztomania, No Earthly Connection, White Rock, Criminal Record and Rhapsodies—were announced as being remastered by Universal Records for a staggered re-release, usually with bonus material. Six Wives, Journey and King Arthur came out 2015-6, followed by No Earthly Connection.

However, Wakeman then re-released The Real Lisztomania through PledgeMusic, due early Apr 2018. The original 1970s release of the album was put together by A&M having rejected Wakeman's soundtrack master. This full score was released some years ago but just within the limited edition Treasure Chest boxset. The score has now been re-mastered from the original tapes and interspersed with narration by Paul Nicholas. This is available on CD, download or in a deluxe box set with a DVD of the film and various extra. Tracks:

  1. "The Scene" (0:34), narration
  2. "The Metronome" (0:58)
  3. "The Country Sword Dance" (4:05)
  4. "Free Song"
  5. "The Freudian Dream"
  6. "Dante Period" (2:31)
  7. "Orpheus Song" (4:04), vocal by Roger Daltrey (The Who)
  8. "For the Chop" (2:38)
  9. "Hell" (1:57), vocal by Linda Lewis
  10. "Wagner's Dream" (0:29), narration
  11. "The Dream of Hell" (1:12)
  12. "The Inferno Ride" (0:51)
  13. "The Master Race" (0:48)
  14. "The Ride of Thor" (3:17)
  15. "Excelsior Song" (2:37), vocal by Paul Nicholas
  16. "The Guardian Virgins" (0:19), narration
  17. "Rape, Pillage and Clap" (3:24)
  18. "Loves Dream" (3:47), vocal by Daltrey
  19. "The Suffering" (0:14), narration
  20. "Peace at Last" (3:52), vocal by Daltrey
  21. "Loves Dream" (4:26), vocal by Daltrey, alternate mix not previously released
Out There was re-released digitally on Gonzo Multimedia Ltd. on 26 Dec 2017.

The 2CD Martyrs and Cowboys (The Atlantic Recordings 1974-1975) (QECLEC22691), due 27 Sep, compiles Wally's two albums on Atlantic, Wally (1974) and Valley Gardens (1975). The former was produced by Bob Harris and Wakeman. Each disc includes an unreleased track: "The Life You're Living" on CD1 and "Right by Me" on CD2.

Media work
Wakeman guested on Car SOS Special: 7 Day Challenge on National Geographic Channel on 14 and 21 Feb. (I'm uncertain if Wakeman was on just one of those, or maybe both.)

Wakeman narrated three children's stories for CBeebies' The Bedtime Story, with recording at the end of Sep 2018.

Wakeman appeared on BBC Radio 4's Inheritance Tracks on 12 Jan 2019. He appeared on Radio 4's Saturday Live on 15 Sep 2018. He wass also being interviewed by Cerys Matthews for BBC 6 Music and various UK local radio stations, for broadcast in late Sep or beyond.

On 2 Jul 2018, Wakeman was in conversation with Colleen Murphy at London's Royal Albert Hall discussing his interest in space, with recorded music selections played, including from No Earthly Connection, Out There and Beyond the Planets. The event was recorded for a podcast.

On 25 Jun 2018, Wakeman was doing filming in London for 2 documentaries, one on David Bowie and another on the influences of classical music on pop music.

Wakeman was interviewed in episode 2 of BBC4's Oh! You Pretty Things: The Story of British Music and Fashion about his cloaks in the 1970s.

In Nov 2017, he was filmed for a documentary about Bob Moog by his daughter Michelle. On 8 Jan, he was due to be filming for a new series of When Television Goes Horribly Wrong.

Other news
Wakeman appears in "Electronic Voyager", a forthcoming documentary film about the late synth inventor Robert Moog, by his daughter, Michelle Moog-Koussa. Other interviewees include Jean-Michel Jarre and Gary Numan. There is a crowdfunding campaign to finish the film.

He did recording for a documentary about Trident Studios in Jul 2019.

He is a judge at the National Cat Awards on 8 Aug 2019.

Wakeman has previously written "Grumpy Old Rockstar" and "Further Adventures of a Grumpy Old Rock Star". Some years back, he talked of working on a third volume. In his Jul 2011 GORR, he said he was close to finalising a deal for this third volume; and in the Oct 2011 GORR, this: "Whilst away on all overseas trips I like to keep myself occupied as I loathe hotel rooms and so the plan is to finish the third book in the Grumpy series which has a working title of "Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old RockStar Rants". I've been working on it for most of this year [2011], (and some of last year [2010] too), and, like the first two, contains ludicrous stories but with added rants along the way!" In Nov 2012, he tweeted about the need to finish writing the book. However, no further news followed until a 7 Sep 2017 tweet in which he said, "Decided it's time for the 3rd Grumpy Old Rockstar book & have already started on it."

In the Jul 2005 interview, he said that he is going to write a book about Yes ("Grumpy Old Rockstar" only has a small amount of Yes content)—see details here.

Wakeman is a columnist for Prog. In the RWCC Winter Newsletter 2007, Wakeman said, "I'm very much looking forward to producing various music books with duets for piano as well as music for other instruments accompanied by piano. This is very much a long-term project and hopefully by Easter , the first books will be available."

Wakeman has two record companies, Ambient Records and Hope Records. Fintage Music have announced a publishing and neighbouring rights administration deal with Wakeman covering the administration of his rights outside of North America, among other services.

Wakeman has been managed since approx. 2013 by Brian Lane (previously managed Yes, ABWH). Lane also manages Yes featuring Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman: see main page for details. Roger DeCourcey is Wakeman's agent for TV, radio and corporate work (but not music).

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