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Last updated: 27 May 02

There are many different discographies for Yes and the individual Yesmen on the net, varying in their intent, coverage, presentation, detail and commentaries. There are a number of sites which try to cover all Yes-related releases:

Many Yesmen have inspired their own discography projects, which are detailed below.


Yes members (in chronological order)

Jon Anderson

Chris Squire

Bill Bruford

Tony Kaye

Peter Banks

Steve Howe

Rick Wakeman

Alan White

Patrick Moraz

Trevor Horn

Geoff Downes

Trevor Rabin

Billy Sherwood

Igor Khoroshev

Bands associated with Yes


The Buggles

King Crimson

Others associated with Yes
Tony Levin

Jimmy Haun
Steve Porcaro

Peter Sinfield

What hasn't been done...

I have been unable to find discographies for various musicians associated with Yes, like Eddie Offord, David Foster, Matt Clifford, Julian Colbeck etc. If you know of such or would like to start one yourself, please get in touch with me.

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